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First, the basic part of the game will consist of the major capitals of the world powers, Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow. More cities will be connected as they become investors, buyers, tenants. In each city, the location of buildings, economic, social and public life with all laws will be the same as in real life. All the processes within each city will manage the players, that is, users of the project. As in real life, players will interact with each other to improve their character, to expand opportunities for a more comfortable life within the project. Politics, economics, social life will grow at the expense of players that will give the project is really an interest of any player, because each of them can achieve great heights of fame and gain, the popularity of millions of users, but it should go a long way to personal development. The main highlight of the project is that we do not pretend to advanced IT technologies, for which can not keep, we keep to the basic idea of ??the game "LIFE " human relationship that never expire as of the program and will always be relevant.

Monetization and Marketing:

The main profit of the project is provided through the sale of virtual goods and services. Almost all that is on the project can be bought, rented, from apartments, to clothing and gifts. In 2011 a report was published Digital Goods Report, compiled by the staff and marketing agency VGMarket developer's decision to monetize social networks PlaySpan. It says that about 64% of the users of virtual games make at least one purchase per month. About 9% of the players makes them every day. Results of the study was interviewed 2221 respondents aged 13-64 years. The survey was conducted in the United States and showed that the average American spends on online games 23.7 hours per week. Some have brought the figure up to 50 hours, then there are more than work. In the world of online games played by about 250 million people, and this number is growing rapidly. In summary, all these people spent to participate in them in 2010 about $ 5 billion and the average check one American is $ 80 per year.


To create a single software platform the project requires an investment of $ 4 million rubles. All work will take nine months, at the expiration of this period, the project will work with five world capitals, each of which will be all for a comfortable and interesting stay, players: flats of different designs, cars, clothing, personal profiles, the most important objects, a huge gift shop will also run a variety of ministries and departments, in which anyone can try to implement an effective employee, and even receive a salary from the actual sales.

The most expensive of the proposed goods and services of the city will lease for a year. In this case, one who leases the city, you will automatically receive 30% of all parishes in the city. Rental price depends on the size of the city and the average is about 2 million rubles. a year. More apartments in 20, 40, and $ 100., Cars and their repair, gifts, clothes, status changes, the state duty for registration of marriage, adoption, etc.

In the first year of the planned profit will be at a rate of about 32 million rubles. This amount is calculated on the basis of independent market research with a view to connect five world capitals of the project.

Costly part of

- Work on the project: 4 million rubles. (9 months)

- Advertising of two million rubles. (1 year)

- Salaries and maintenance personnel 1 million rubles (1 year)

- Purchase of equipment, licensed programs, to obtain the necessary documents (legal framework of the project) 1.5 million rubles (3 years)

- Dedicated servers 50 000 rubles. (1 year)

Total cost: 9 mln.

€ 9.000.000

Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: Business ideaPayback: 12 monthAudience: пользователи интернет от 16 до 45 лет

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