Knitting is one time investment; it encourages large production in less time


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Knitting is one time investment; it encourages large production in less time

Knitting is one time investment; it encourages large production in less time.

We intend to take a loan for our knitwear project of a $ 1.000.000 USD.

Plant allocation could be left to our Investor, but we have considered this and actually like two places - Dubai or Turkey. We plan to buy knitting machines from NINGBO ZHONGCHENG KNITTING MACHINE CO., LTD.

(Their address is provided below), Chinese producer. Along with knitting machines we plan to buy some sewing machines, overlocks and coverlocks from European factories, especially in Germany. During factory set up we would like to ask Investor personal participation, to make all transaction transparent and clear. As soon as we set up the factory and production has started, our Investor can leave the rest of the job to us and we will provide for his funds repayment along with monthly and annual reports.

Every transaction will be followed by accountant documents, to avoid anything fraudulent. We are multi-national environment company and plan to work hard toward project success. We plan to work hard and our experienced staff will do an effective job. During summer period we plan supply garments to Australia and other southern-hemisphere countries where the winter period starts. Our project is in the pre-start stage.

Together with Project / Executive Director - Mr. Phillip Edser, we work on new developments for the project until we can find our finances. We want our Investor to see the real picture and decide for himself if he sees that can be a very profitable project. Our Investor can be of any status, we don't mind a silent partner or personal involvement. We can accept even few Investors. That way we shall form BOARD OF DIRECTORS, where all investors will be involved.

Profitability of this business can be read by simple mathematic calculation provided below:

In the case of buying seven computerized knitting machines, we can make a profit of: 50 pcs / day * 30days = 1,500 pcs - produced by one knitting machine per month 1,500 pcs * 7 machines = 10,500 pcs - produced by seven machines per month 10,500 pcs * 50 USD = 525,000 USD - sales amount per month In the case of buying 20 knitting machines, it makes: 50 pcs / day * 30days = 1,500 pcs - produced by one knitting machine per month 1,500 pcs * 20 machines = 30,000 pcs - produced by 20 machines per month 30,000 pcs * 50 USD = 1,500,000 USD - sales amount per month Profitability of knitting business can be taken form an example - you buy a wool 1 USD each yarn, to make a set of two garments it needs 10-15 yarn, thus you spend max 10-15USD for 10 yarns. When the production is finished you sell it 50 USD, thus you get a net profit of 50-10 = 40 USD. Raw materials we plan to buy in Turkey.

I am ready to give investor 70 percent ownership rights and 30 remains mine, thus you will be sure its your property until I will pay your funds and interests Ready to accept personal involvement of investor initially when we set-up that factory, than you can be silent or work actively with us. Looking forward to hear from you soon Mushtary



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