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The relevance of health has not been canceled, but the children's interest in the traditional physical education declines, despite the presence of teachers and trainers.
To implement the project requires staff, software development, acquisition and maintenance of servers.
Please help to implement and support the project.

About 24.3% of teens three hours a day spends behind a computer screen, and on weekends - up to 41%, to the detriment of motor activity and active walks. Therefore, even any such thing as a computer and Internet addiction.

In this case, the content that is viewed by adolescents consists of computer games (different shooters, hodilok) with elements of violence, the sight of blood, and various "monsters" and so on.

All negativity from this way of life affects later - mental and physical diseases, the failure of many social norms, non-perception of the realities of the world, poor physical development and more.

  Project KiberFit

will combine the functions of social networks, games, and learning multimediaproekta aimed at:

- To overcome the above-mentioned negative;

- Increasing interest in physical education, and help in the work of school teachers, parents, animators, etc .;

- The study of the school curriculum, sports and will easily adapt to extracurricular forms of physical education.

The project will develop an integrated computerized system of physical education, which will combine the interests of today's children in the field of computer and Internet technologies with the means and forms of physical education. If implemented, the project will bring together children, parents and teachers around the world on a single platform, which stimulates the minds of children and adults to care about their health.

  KiberFit allow children:

  1. Reduce the time they spend in a negative content, and instead of bloody hodilok and shooters, triple virtual competitions between classes of sports, followed by transfer into real life.
  2. Due to "upgrade" in reality to score points and reach a new level in the virtual world.
  3. Quests in the virtual and the real world.
  4. Blogging health and perform theoretical homework in the form of a game in a band.
  5. View elements of the exercise equipment.
  6. Acquainted with their own results and ratings of "achievements" and "rated health" and so forth.

  Stages of the project

The project consists of several stages, which will be implemented within 1.5 years.

The first stage - by December 2015.

Creating an Internet platform KiberFit (currently under development) and promotion of the network.

Goal: to create a social network.

Optional features:

  1. Work platform in multiple languages ​​in the world.
  2. Creating personal blogs as diaries of children's health and physical education.
  3. The possibility of a statistical comparison of the results of children on standardized tests Evrofit in different schools and countries (statistical database).
  4. Creating a personal account and blogs for parents and teachers with the ability to fill the video trainings, photo and video equipment for sports, guidelines, useful information.
  5. Creation of social groups on the basis of belonging to a class, school, section on sport for the formation of the competing teams.
  6. Fill video and photo reports on a variety of sports and recreational activities (tourism, events, sports events, new forms of games for children, etc.).
  7. Section discussions and advice for the project participants.
  8. Other possibilities.

Second stage: January 2016 - June 2016

Formation of platform-based network games.

Objective: To develop rules and game software (name in development).

Optional features:

  1. Deleted competition between children from different schools and countries on the basis of their actual achievements in physical education during training in schools.
  2. Execution of quests and upgrades hero game (and keys) on the basis of physical fitness of children in life (according to scientific and pedagogical criteria).
  3. The opportunity to play at the international level.

Third stage: July 2016 - December 2016

Development of applications for the game on sports.

Purpose: development of additional gaming opportunities in the real and virtual world.

Optional features:

  1. Job applications sport for personal computers and smart phones based on Android.
  2. Carrying Championship Game developed on the basis of the Regulation in real life (from the lowest level to the final part).
  3. Conducting final first championship game in the summer of 2017 with the involvement of sponsors and patrons.

Running an Internet platform "KiberFit" 100% is planned for December 2016- January 2017.

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