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Karing club and school-kart

At present there are 13 in Moscow kartodromov, 5 of which are located on the indoor venues. The main participants of the market, offering its clients services in indoor karting venues in the daily operation are: Club "10 inches", the club «Frezo», club "Silver rain" club "Karting 100%."

The main differences from our competitors' data of the project are:

  • lack of specialized children's route;
  • lack of joint visit one of the parents with their child;
  • monotonous, almost does not change the configuration, the track;
  • short length of the track;
  • high pricing in the financial crisis;
  • lack of go-kart school for children from 5 years to 8 years;
  • lack of recreational hookah;
  • poor quality of customer service;
  • heavy wear and technical resources and the absence of its timely replacement;
  • inconvenience of the location of the club;
  • lack of comfort to customers (poor ventilation in the area of ??the road and out of her, the poor quality of repair facilities and equipment set-up profile).

To run the project requires investment deal in the amount of 15000000 rubles, or $ 500,000 for up to 2 years.


Business plan for the project "Karting Club"

Moscow March 1, 2011


1.Tsel business plan

2.Potrebnost in financial investments, their applicability

-The size of financial investment, their form and terms of return on investment.

-Conditions for investment (loans, equity)

-Description of services project

-Distinctive qualities and uniqueness of the project

Technology and skills needed in the project


3.Kratkoe project description and target customer

Clients of the project

And competitors (the difference, advantages, disadvantages)

4.Prioritety project for financial investments (reported materials, qualification of the head and the working group, the advantages of location)

And marketing alignment (comparison of services provided to competitors and giving customers the project)


Diagram (plan) development and dissemination of project services

Methods to stimulate sales service project

-The main leaders of the project

Planning count and composition of staff groups

5.Kratkie financial calculations

1.Tsel business plan

The purpose of a business plan is to attract investments into the project "The Best

Karting Club of Moscow "(a sports and entertainment, indoor go-kart Club on

in Moscow)

The purpose of the model is a go-kart-club:

- Making a profit by meeting consumer demand in the field of leisure and entertainment of the population on a commercial basis;

- Capture the leading position in this market segment;

- Promotion of karting is not only a sport but also as the best form available

rest for almost all age groups;

- Development of infrastructure (cafes, shops, hookah, etc..)

- A cozy atmosphere and excellent service;

- Quality systems;

- Carrying out of advertising and PRaktsy;

- 100% security infrastructure;

- Possibility of purchase, preservation, education and personal service card;

- Corporate events;

- Personal work with clients;

- Racing School;

- Good accessibility;

- Easy parking;

- A flexible system of discounts m bonuses;

- A vivid, memorable brand;

- Sale of souvenirs and merchandise with the logo kartodroma;

- Own racing team.

2. The financial investment, their purpose

To start the Project references "Best Karting Club of Moscow" for its further development and increase profitability requires financial investment of

15 million rubles.

Terms of return of investments in the project are:

minimum - 8 months

maximum - 12 months.

The form of financial investment needed to start the project:

65% of non-cash +

35% cash / for the purchase of building materials and so on /

To run the project addresses two forms of financial assistance:

Lending to the terms and conditions:

- 25% per annum of the amount of the loan for a period of 12 months, secured 99% share of the business project to complete repayment of the loan (with the possibility of early repayment).;

Investment project under the 85% transfer of profits from the project during the maturity of the investments (the maximum return on investment 12 months after launch), charge the investor during this period 30% of the remaining net profit, below - 85% of the profit on the project for a period equal return on investment, then to 30% of profits throughout the implementation of the "go-kart-club"


The main service provided by the project:

- Hire karts for single runs.

- Rental of children's and double karts for occasional trips to a separate,

specialized highway

Additional services provided by the project:

- Services to corporate and public events;

- Time-based rental kart club;

- School-kart;

- School of driving skills;

- A cafe-bar;

- A hookah;

- Conducting of competitions;

- Rolling auxiliary equipment;

- Organizing photos and video, including manufactured directly from the card to the time of arrival and the subsequent transfer of recording on the disc and its implementation to the client.

The project is unique in the following:

- Providing comprehensive customer service for all family members and clients of all ages.

The project envisages the creation of a separate children's tracks for hire Deena 270 m (this service in Moscow has neither a card club) and children's school-kart;

- Expanded, a unique track 920 meters long! (All covered card clubs of Moscow route length of 300 to 450 m);

- Maintenance on a commercial basis of personal video recording of arrival, and then create a disk for the client (the service also does not have any card club in Moscow);

- Taken under special control of the highest quality of customer service club (this requirement is the cornerstone of management of the club!)

- Flexible pricing policy with the use of bonuses and discounts;

Karting Club - a structure which does not require separate registration activities with the exception of a cafe-bar. For a cafe-bar, a permit San.Epid.Nadzora Moscow and permission to carry out activities catering points.

In the development prospects of the project incorporated:

- Open platform for testing and control techniques kontravariynyh / m in extreme conditions;

-Creation of the route for the drive-test vehicles, rally-cross,

(This service in Moscow, there is no one club);

management training and / m in extreme conditions;

- Organization of commercial driver training courses kontravariynoy;

- Organization of business and management courses / m in extreme conditions

on unique author's technique, the results of which are tested and confirmed by people of whom at one time refused the majority of driving schools of Moscow in mind unfit for training and driving / m;

- Providing additional summer routes;

- Rental services and education for children from 5 years! (This service is not provided by any of the card club in Moscow);

- Creation of a custom cab on the basis of the club;

- Free shipping customers from the nearest metro station to the club in a van;

3.Kratkoe project description and target customer

Clients of the project "go-kart-club" are legal entities (holding number ures) and individuals aged 5 years to 55 years.

The most active customers are aged between 23-45 years, ie person having a stable core earnings, which took place as a person and know the purpose of their needs.

At present there are 13 in Moscow kartodromov, 5 of which are located on the indoor venues.

The main participants of the market, offering its clients services in indoor karting venues in the daily operation are:

Club "10 inches", the club «Frezo», club "Silver rain" club "Karting 100%."

The main differences from our competitors' data of the project is:

- The lack of specialized children's route;

- Lack of opportunities for joint trips of one parent with the child;

-Monotonous, almost does not change the configuration, the track;

-Short length of the track;

High-price policy in the financial crisis;

Lack of go-kart-school for children from 5 years to 8 years;

-Lack of recreational hookah

Low-quality customer service

Wear-strong technical resources and the absence of its timely replacement.

Nuisance-location of the club;

-Lack of comfort to customers (poor ventilation in the area of ??the road and out of her, the poor quality of repair facilities and equipment set-up profile)

4.Kratkaya market assessment of the Moscow-kart, project priorities for financial investments

At this point in the Moscow region has 13 kartodromov, 5 of which are located on the indoor venues.

Turnover of the Moscow market-kart services, according to market participants (and confirmed by market research), is about 15 million dollars. This figure represents the profit-kart clubs only on rental karts, excluding revenue derived from additional services, as well as the activities of cafe-bars.

The popularity of this type of entertainment is increasing every year by 30%, thus allowing for the influx of customers for all market participants carting services.

Kart on the market of services is possible to distinguish three types of kart clubs:

"Economy class", "middle class", "premium class".

"Economy class" increasingly represented in the regions and is a paved area with a small number of CMV machines. In the Moscow region, this type of kart clubs is virtually absent due to lack of consumer demand.

"Middle Class" - This is a club with open areas, but a specially equipped track and a large number of CMV machines. Such clubs in Moscow begin their work in late spring to mid autumn. These clubs are less in demand, in the absence of an adequate level of customer service, poor range of services and strong wear karts.

"Premium Class" is a go-kart clubs for indoor venues, in which the customer a wide range of services, high quality service and technical support for customers in a competitive leisure capable of pricing.

But for the most part in the Moscow-kart clubs that identify themselves as clubs with premium, there is no good quality of customer service and a wide range of additional support services.

Our project is consistent with the classification of "premium"!

The main components for customers of all categories are the length and complexity of the route, high-quality training equipment, the possibility of leisure activities by all members of families with high levels of comfort and perhaps the greatest range of services with the highest quality service, reasonable pricing policy.

Pricing of our project not only provides a flexible system of discounts for regular customers, but also a flexible system of discounts depending on time of day, day of the week, count the rented rides customers, etc. ....

It is also a significant difference in our project from the competition in pricing - it's low cost rental card (7% -10% lower than the basic positions of competitors).

The main methods of promoting sales of services of the project are:

System of accumulative discounts in the form of sale of membership cards

System of personnel motivation for expansion of sales in dealing with customers

-Introduction of incentive races or customers for discounts depending on the club in the results shown in participating in races

-Integrated package of services for buying a certain count of arrivals

-Encouraging clients by holding raffles and other promotions.

5. The main leaders of the project.

To launch the project "Karting Club" matched skill composition of persons with experience in the development and launch similar projects.

Managing Director of 'Karting Club "

Belyaev, Alexander A.

The formation of a higher legal

Experience in development of business areas of entertainment and leisure for over 5 years.

Age 29 years

Main projects:

Fitness club "Arena Fitness" was created with a zero phase and developed with a view to further sale of the business. Club class: "The average family class".

Fitness Club «GFS», club in operation since April 2003. Started managing the club in the post crisis manager in January 2008 when the club was on the verge of collapse. During the first 9 months of work in this capacity has increased profitability by 57% of the club, the club increased customer base by 49%, expanded the range of services, including running on the basis of a fitness club and spa beauty studio complex, major repairs of the premises without additional investments .

The project "Economy taxi." Launched in May 2008 with zero phase without investment. At the moment the project has 52 driver with personal vehicles and 20 cars on the leasing program. The project has a client base includes: Number of over 500 regular customers. This project has not reached the maximum level of profitability and is under development.

Executive Director of the project "Karting Club"

Andrey Belyaev.

Age 58 years.

Higher technical education.

The owner and developer of the individual methods of driver training and counter-emergency driving training and ways to control the car in extreme situations.

Master of Sports of rally

Two-time champion of Moscow atoralli

Ex-Soviet champion in rally

Experience of coaching and individual training to drive a car 11 years.

Karting Club team consists of:

-Managing Director

-Executive Director

-Mechanics of sports cars and motorcycles (with experience of more than 10 years in the national teams in Moscow and the Soviet Union for technical sports)


And professional photographer

-Bartenders and waiters, past high school art Barmen

In the regular structure karting club includes:

- Managing Director;

- Executive Director;

- Manager of corporate events;

- Accountant;

- Receptionist, Administrator - 3 people.

- Mechanic kartodroma - 3 people.

- Marshal the route - 8 people.;

- Cleaner - 3 people.

- Ext. Security - 2 people.

Nominations for all positions kart club (except for cleaners and security) are available. In the selection of candidates is taken into account work experience, personal qualities, team work, healthy fanaticism idea of ??creating a better kart club of Moscow. From all the candidates obtained the consent of a job created in karting club.

5.Kratkoe description of the financial costs and accounting

For opening and further development of karting club, you need a covered, heated area of ??6500 square meters space, 7,000 square meters. For these purposes, perfect production facilities or factories warehouses located in the city and distance from the subway less than 10 minutes transport, which would have been customers of the club is easily accessible to places of entertainment.

Any industrial or warehouse space, is an area with supporting pillars, the distance between them is 6 meters and a ceiling height of 8 meters to 12 meters. Work zone-kart club, that is, location of the route itself is not necessarily finish on office style. In our kart club will create a working area in the style of HI-TEC, which allows us to provide customers with complete comfort route with minimal investment in a modern style.

The very same route, for better and more comfortable ride, it is necessary to cover a special rubberized coating, as heavily on a simple asphalt wear rubber map, and the client can not get the pleasure of driving on asphalt, as card does not have rubber tread, and therefore adhesion map with the route would be redundant.

To track the results of the race at the track timing system installed, which allows you to track the total number of laps, best and worst time of the route is automatically set participating in the race card in the table according to the arrival time of passage of the road.

The track for safety, equipped with old tires, which are fastened together protective tape that can significantly reduce the risk of injury and damage to customers' carts in an emergency.

The zone starts and stops created in a separate pocket adjacent to the main road. Throughout the track on its perimeter lights shall stop signal and the signal of an emergency on the road, and the kick-zone creates space for waiting customers.

Directly next to the track you want to create a block repair shop.

In the studio almost does not need repair, the main thing - the repair to fence off the area from working because mechanic should not interfere with or distract customers from the races, as well as customers should not interfere with the mechanics of carrying out repairs to the cards.

The entire work area and workshop, must be equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation system, as All cards work on fuel as you release the exhaust gases, which have a detrimental effect on human health.

In the various clubs and interior layout of the premises are different from each other. In our club we plan to combine the reception area and changing rooms in a zone. Thus, the interior of the zone must be made in a single club style, ie, walls and ceilings should be finished by redecorating. In other words, these facilities are designed to directly find the people in them, and therefore must have a clean, bright interior, equipped with a ventilation system and fire alarms.

At the reception zone is necessarily the reception desk, directly next to which should be kept safe deposit boxes. In contrast the reception must be large mirrors, as after the races, which are necessarily in helmets, customers must bring ourselves to order. After passing through the reception, the customer enters the locker room area where you plan to accommodate 50 racks for clothing, as well as a rack with simple pilot coveralls, helmets, baskets with balaclavas and gloves, as well as a shelf with disposable socks and shoes for a replacement club clients.

Sanitary Protection Zone (WC) will be located in the general corridor. Finishing is the toilet tiles and has two cabins, without division into male and female sections, as well as a wash basin and hand dryer.

Since the ceiling height in a rented room at least 8 meters, it allows you to mount the second floor and a second floor cafe-bar, without the rent

what has been agreed with the landlord.

Putting the cafe-bar will be divided into four zones:


-Seating area for customers

Zone bar


Hookah bar and lounge are executed in the same style of the club, creating a quiet, relaxing atmosphere for clients of the club. In this zone will not only arrange the chairs and tables, and sofas with coffee tables, ie, an enhanced range of comfort for the customers of the club.

Bar equipped with a bar, a cash register connected computer, music equipment, displays of timekeeping and two LCDs.

Kitchenette must comply with fire safety and sanitary standards, equipped with a hood and water, as refrigeration for food storage pitaniya.Tak as a cafe-bar is located on the second floor of the club, the wall cafe-bar, adjacent to the highway will be equipped with double-glazed windows, that would be customers could watch the races and activities going on at the track.

Entrance is equipped as well as track-style HI-TEC, ie platforms from reflennogo iron with chrome railings and walls are finished plasterboard for painting, for which further information is placed club, photos of famous athletes and competitions, etc. ....

At the entrance to the club, is a guard with a metal detector system as often there were times when fighting flared up in the conflicts between clients of the club. With this purpose in the post of system installed metal detectors and safe deposit boxes.

The calculation of the estimated costs for the opening of karting club

See Appendix № 1 to resume the business plan.

Approximate calculation of the monthly cash flow kart club for a period of investment return

See Appendix № 2 to resume the business plan.

The calculation of the maximum monthly (not counting the cost of opening the club) the cost to maintain the health and development of the club

See appendix number 3.

We will show minimal turnover in the financial crisis, and the maximum is up to you and to us as the organizers of the project.

We look forward to your suggestions.

Sincerely, the project team "Karting Club"

Phone: 8-925-074-91-92

E-mail: econom-taxi@yandex.ru

€ 450.000



Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 2 yearBusiness competition: Всего 4 клуба в МосквеAudience: жители Москвы и области

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