Investments in woodworking enterprise


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Investments in woodworking enterprise

We invite investors to participate in construction of a factory in Belarus for deep processing of timber capacity of 100 thousand cubic meters. roundwood per year. This project will allow investors profitable and safe to invest in a modern, thriving industry.

The most important features:

  • Required investments: 16.8 million euros
  • Profit for investors: 50% of the profits;

Dynamic payback period (after commissioning): 6 years This project involves the construction of a modern enterprise high level of automation, with a waste-free and environmentally friendly production. Products will be sold on the domestic market of woodworking, construction and furniture companies and individuals, and on the foreign market - construction and furniture businesses of the EU countries.

Wood Products - Timber is the most popular in the domestic and foreign market types: board, block-house, an imitation of timber, decking, skirting, beam.

The same will be the fuel wood chips and pellets that are highly effective and at the same time environmentally-friendly fuel, increasingly popular in the EU.

The use of modern equipment will produce world-class quality of lumber with a moisture content of not more than 10-12%, which will be beneficial to distinguish plant products from competitors' products.

Planned indicators of activity:

  • average annual revenue from sales of products - 8 350,4 thous. EUR,
  • net profit - 2 173.2 thousand. EUR,
  • Net Income - 3 333.2 thousand. EUR,
  • Return on sales - 26 percent.

A preliminary calculation of the efficiency of the project at a discount rate of 9.5%, equal to the maximum rate on deposits in foreign currency for legal entities at the time of performing the calculations showed that the project is bankable and effective.

Key performance indicators of the project:

  • Dynamic payback period o since the first investments - 8 years 5 months o since commissioning - 6 years, 5 months
  • Profitability index - 1.34
  • Internal rate of return - 11.3%;
  • Net present value - 5 398.7 thous. EUR

For any questions please contact:

  • Skype: filoxsee
  • Email: filoxsee@yandex.ru
  • Call: call 8 904 175 7770
€ 16.800.000

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 6 year

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30 September 2016
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