Investments in operating industrial complex.


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Investments in operating industrial complex.

Advertising and production company currently operates production facilities leased approximately 1,600 square meters. m. Lack of possibility of rational allocation process areas constrains the growth in production volumes. There is also no possibility to place additional equipment required. Planned acquisition of commercial real estate (in Vol. H., And a mortgage) in Moscow or in the field and equipment acquired building for efficient production process. Company in the market since 2002, has a good reputation, demonstrates sustained growth - turnover from 2009 to 2013 increased by 4 times, from 30 million. Rubles. up to 120 million. rubles. The main consumers - large domestic and foreign companies. Discusses the various forms of cooperation with the investor - the credit, equity, participation in company management. Alexander Tel. 925 844 33 17 E-mail: alex8443317@ya.ru

€ 4.000.000



Project specialization


Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: ExpansionThe partner: The supplierPayback: 3 yearBusiness competition: средняяAudience: РФ
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