Investments are required


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Investments are required

"Orion" Ltd from Krasnoyarsk offers production of prefabricated buildings for various purposes including residential buildings according to the Canadian technology. Administrative buildings, shops, restaurants. Warehouse and industrial premises. Apartment (up to 4F), town houses, country houses. High-tech bathhouse-style, suburban and garden houses. Guardbooths and e.t.c. Great experience and training lessons in the Krona concern. Certified production of structurally heat-insulated panels (KTP or SIP) for various thermal insulating materials from economic to VIP as well as E1 hygiene class patterns. We DON'T practice of separately erected frames, foam plastic, polystyrene foam, Chinese and unknown materials. Sending of "constructs" to the Russian regions. Produce any (not limited to architectural features of various styles) designs up to 4F (under the support of building institutions)! Warranty bond. Profitable conditions for partners. www.orion24.ru Our team has a number of 11 people, young (22-35), educated, motivated and purposeful.

It is planned to provide another 60 working places according to the production expansion. I shall mention it once again; we use non-polluting materials (Knauf and Rockwool) in our production.

The SIP panel technology which we use is exclusive in Russia so that's why we have no competition here.

Required investments RUB 10 000 000-15 000 000:

1). To implement the building plan of cottage settlement "Scandinavia" www.24skandy.ru.

10 building plots have been granted by our company.

2). Some part of the investments is needed to purchase premises for production, at the present moment the production is carried in a rented area.

3). 2 high-speed machines for SIP panels assembling (for enhancement works) are required for increasing of production process.

4). For outdoor and media advertising.

€ 350.000




Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Extra financingProject status: ExpansionPayback: 2 year
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26 June 2013
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