Investments are needed in large industrial enterprise


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Investments are needed in large industrial enterprise

The company is one of the leaders in its market segment and has been operating for over 20 years. Holding serious federal contracts in 2013 actively and fruitfully worked with the Sochi facilities.

Brief information about the assets:

Production area in the property - 12 132 m2. Capital structure with ceilings 14 meters according to independent estimates - only the cost of the real estate - 147 million rubles.

Land ownership - more than 25 000 m2.

Machining equipment - about 460 units, the carrying amount - more than 20 million rubles, the real - 4 times more.

Dynamic balance of goods in stock from 11 million to 16 million rubles.


Leased space - more than 10 00 m2

The company is in a unique proximity to the largest Russian metallurgical and rolling mill.

With the modernization of equipment and installation of its own mill, the company will be available to new and promising market segments.

Investment needed - 90 million rubles.

Possible way of assignment of the shares.


Project type: Upgrading of operating manufactureType of investment(s): The buyer of the projectProject status: ExpansionBusiness competition: один из лидеров своего сегмента рынка
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