Property Investments Overseas with great return up to 35% per year


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Property Investments Overseas with great return up to 35% per year


We are an international development company and develop projects in Brazil and the Great Britain. 

Our company is developing a huge complex in Brazil (Natal) with 244 plots of land near the sea.

It is very profitable to invest into real estate of Brazil because of its rapid economic growth.

Brazil has attracted investors from all over the world. Our prices are 20% below in comparison with the market prices (compared to competitors in the same sphere) and house prices growth is about 20-25% per year.

Our lawyers can also help with purchasing of real estate, a client has no need in to go to Brazil to make a deal.

We are looking for partners and investors in Russia.


"Sun City"

 Natal is known as the City of the sun and as the capital of Rio Grande do Norte. It is popular with its natural beauty and pristine coastline. This is a shining city of incomparable festive atmosphere.

There are a lot of beautiful historic buildings and monuments such as the Forte dos Reis Magos, Alberto Maranhão Theatre and Newton Navarro Bridge. The weather in Natal is always hot and average temperature is about 30 °C which allows you to enjoy your holiday all year round. You can find many famous places on the coast of Natal including the pristine white sands known as Genipabu. This region suits perfectly for relaxing and sunbathing in the sun or enjoying of snorkeling on the Maracay reef. The Genipabu is one of the most famous beaches in Natal and attracts with its paradise strip of beach and sand dunes. If you like to ride on a camel, dine at fine restaurant, ski from the dune, ride buggy or just relax in the warm lagoon - come to Natal!

Now foreign investors are aware of that the main secret of Brazil - it is the Natal.

Natal is much closer to Europe and America than any other Brazilian region. Flight time from Europe is 7 hours and from Miami - 8:00. Natal becomes a favorite tourist destination very fast.

Tourist indicators are growing at a tremendous speed - the number of visitors increased by 400% over the past 5 years. Number of tourists grow extremely fast they come from Portugal, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

Such increase of tourism has caused building one of the largest airports in the world in Natal. It will be completed in the 2012 year according to the building plan. The Newton Navarro Bridge built in 2007 makes it possible to get from city to the White Sands country club less than 25 minutes.


There is a huge demand for real estate in this area and in case of offer insufficiency house prices may continue to grow.


The White Sands Country Club is located in Natal in the prosperous north-eastern coast of Brazil.

The Club is fanned with fresh sea breeze from the pristine white sand dunes of the Genipabu coast. The club offers not only first-class land with a possibility to build a beautiful building but also opens up fantastic opportunities for investors.

The exclusive Country Club is located in one of

modern residential suburb of Natal and comprises 244 residential buildings. The Country Club offers also sports facilities, including football, tennis and mini-golf course and outstanding center of

equestrian sports. Guests can also relax in the spa club, swimming pools, whirlpool and saunas.

Resort & Spa create a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation in which you can immerse and enjoy the exclusive care and massage in a beautiful environment.

If you prefer outdoor activities the White Sands Country Club gives you an opportunity to walk, jog, ride a bike, but if you want to have fun more seriously - you can drive buggy in the sand dunes. If you have awaken the competition spirit inside of yourself - visit the facilities for football, tennis, mini-golf and equestrian sports.

The Country Club has several restaurants and shops also.

The splendid Club Restaurant is open all day offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests can enjoy dinner outdoors overlooking the shining pool. Gourmet menu may satisfy every taste

and includes a special Portuguese cuisine and foreign cuisine for gourmets. Impeccable and friendly service and freshly prepared food will make the White Sands Restaurant a favorite place for all our guests. The main bar with sofa and hilarious entertainment every night will create a true celebration for our guests .



July 2010 - Starting sale of 244 parcels of land in the White Sands Country Club

January 2011 - Release of 100 villas in the  White Sands Country Club

February 2011 - Clearing and zoning of the area

September 2011 - Start of construction

December 2012 - Opening of the White Sands Country Club

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