Investing in existing companies


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Investing in existing companies


Several firms, declared himself on the construction market as a reliable Artists, created a group of investment and construction companies (GISCO) "SoyuzSTROY-Etta." Accumulated experience allows the joint, including the services of an agent to perform successfully in the selection and scrutiny - economically promising projects for investment (if necessary, support); - The financial viability of natural and legal persons who wish to serve investors in various construction and other projects. With our help, the investor may advantageous to invest in investment projects (residential and commercial real estate, manufacturing (plants) and agricultural enterprises, food production).

We offer as an option to invest money in the current Russian companies, enterprises, interest for: - investing, choose from our recommended list, or after our checks (using an elaborate technique - checking that businesses large markups on products, collateral, etc. .) of the proposed search company, under 50-80% per annum.

We cooperate with business partners on the terms of the verified service agreement. Terms of collaboration are flexible, however, an essential condition, which in our opinion, should be announced soon - that is our financial interest in the amount of 1-3% of the amount of financial mass. We are ready to hear from you (probably in the form of the offer) about their opportunities to participate in projects.

We are ready to proceed immediately to a close and, I hope, mutually beneficial cooperation. The preferred form of communication - e-mail response. mail.

Sincerely, Michael Larionovich.

€ 20.000




Type of investment(s): Mixed
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