Investing in commercial real estate in St. Petersburg.


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Investing in commercial real estate in St. Petersburg.

Investing in commercial real estate in St. Petersburg.
Our company FBLS, whose goals are the implementation of commercial real estate and charity, is currently implementing a plan of "Development and charity". We want to make the world a better place! Live in a better and live well - it is for us! The company has attracted investors for joint implementation plan of the company, namely the purchase of commercial real estate in the city of St. Petersburg and its implementation to the community. Objects of commercial nedvizhimsoti will be purchased and implemented as a financial platform for the company, which would then make further plans for the company and as support for the entertainment industry, according to our plan, or the development of the entertainment industry and charity (if the plan is broad, with large cash investments), it is for society. We have good experience in implementation of commercial real estate for a long time doing it, retook for rent large room and led them to their business, tourism. But now this is not enough and you need to develop even more, of course it would be desirable not only to develop and maintain the industry, in this case entertainment, but to do something good and good for nothing. We have a plan with a budget of two million euros, but this amount may be increased to 100 million euros. In this case, all the money will go towards the purchase of commercial real estate with the development objectives of the entertainment industry, support, or the opening of new restaurants or luxury fashion shops, so the money will go to charity and the development of the company. A very important thing for us is charity. We plan to create a new entertainment complex banquet of the existing palaces of St. Petersburg, one of those who is not rebuilt or not now used as architectural and historical landmarks, but these are. And show the world that a new elite of St. Petersburg. The complex will hold banquets, graduations, weddings and receptions, and all the money will go to his service and to charities, children and animals.Now the company: Active offer: - The interest of private investors. Active content:-Internet-Site Business Plan We are also interested in creating the image of a high standard and the further development of the company in the field of philanthropy. We're going to come to an adequate financial level in the near future and further implement our plan - the development and charity. Hesitate to contact us, make proposals for cooperation, together we will make the world better. We welcome letters and phone calls. All the best and good.

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