Partner or investor for the implementation of projects in the subsoil


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Partner or investor for the implementation of projects in the subsoil

A). "Additional exploration and development of manganese ore (Krasnoyarsk region), with further processing of manganese concentrate "
A preliminary resource of manganese
39.5 million tons of ore.

The project provides for the production of 100 thousand tons. manganese concentrates on innovative X-ray radiometric separation.
Annual net income from the sale of
U.S. $ 9 million
The annual net profit of 3.8 million y. is
The total investment 240tys 7. a. is (in prices of 2006).
Payback from start of the project - 3.4 Year Payback from start-up - 1.4 years discounted payback period - 4.2 years NPV (6 years of the project), thousand $ - 2548 Internal Rate of Return (IRR ) - 50%

2). Explores and develops gold-ilmenite sands on the river. Kimbirka (Krasnoyarsk Territory).
volume of sand-12 894 m3.,
resources of ilmenite P1-335 thousand tons.
gold resources R1-3650 kg.
Placer 20 km length.
km.2 area 24.
the extraction unit is planned to use 1.2-drag, you can expand the site, the need for phased project in the media
3-5 million USD (Depending on the number of modular drag).
Payback period for 2 years.

3). 2). The development of the copper ore
Investment Proposal
,, Cuprous sandstones,,

Project Objective: Create an attractive investment, highly liquid business of mining and geology.

The essence of the project: The basis for creating an attractive investment and business of mining and geology, is the development of little known occurrences of copper ores legkoobogatimyh cupriferous sandstone formations in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Project location: Russia. Krasnoyarsk Territory.
The stage of the project from scratch.
Minerals: Copper.
Project time: 40 months.
Necessary Resources: 300 million rubles.
Probable reserves (resources) of copper: copper Inferred Resources 10.0 million tonnes in t.ch category P2 2.0 million tons, the P3 category 8.0 million tons.

Expected results: Inventories of copper B + C1 + C2 340 thousand tons, the resources of P1 1200 tonnes. Estimated cost of raw materials in the depths of 8, 816 billion U.S. dollars (the object of the first stage).

Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: The business plan, the feasibility report
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