Innovation project (pharmaceuticals and entertainment), is not unique


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This project implies setting up a diversified company including serpentarium, exotarrium, vivarium, animal clinic , Moscow.

Innovation project (pharmaceuticals and entertainment), is not unique

1.1 The purpose of the Serpentarium: a) company profit from the sale of snake venom (salivary gland secretion) pharmaceutical plants produced from those contained in the serpentarium poisonous snakes (viper, viper, copperhead, cobra, totaling up to 10,000 individuals); b) The company will sell, purchase, poisons of animal and vegetable origin. Selling and buying animals. Produce, sell, buy, drugs c) profit from the joint production of medicines with the Russian pharmaceutical plants in our raw material (the poison of snakes); g) should become the core Serpentarium rallied scientists in Russia and abroad in the field of pharmaceutics, zoology, veterinary medicine; d) Project on time, in connection with the task of the Government of the Russian Federation about the revival of the domestic pharmaceutical and care dependency of imported drugs. 1.2 The purpose of Exotarium: a) profit by demonstrating the many poisonous snakes from around the world to the population, including tourists, foreign visitors; b) profit from the sale of exotic snake venoms (in some cases the cost of 1mg may be several thousand dollars); c) the profit derived from the sale of the serpent (the cost of some specimens can reach 10 thousand US dollars). d) To conduct research work on breeding rare snakes in the laboratory, and their subsequent implementation of zoos in the world and specialized enterprises (cost of some snakes up to 10 000 dollars per individual); e) Promotion of the profession biologist, herpetologist, veterinarian, pharmacist, serology. e) Educating the younger generation respect for nature. 1.3 The purpose of the vivarium: a) Given that the demand for feed (mice) is huge (depending on the season 5-10 thousand per week) and high wholesale price to them (85 p / pc), create their own vivarium is essential to significantly reduce the cost of content snakes which in turn significantly reduce the cost of the venom. Cost of a mouse line will be 25-28 p / pc. 1.4 The purpose of the veterinary clinic: a) The purpose of the veterinary clinic is profit from the treatment of domestic animals.It's worth noting that in Moscow and the Moscow region is an acute shortage vetklinik equipped with the latest technology (X-ray rooms, ultrasound room, kardiokabinet, ambulance vetpomosch). Knowledge and experience of the staff vetklinik not always correspond to the requirements; b) profit from the sale of city programs for the sterilization of stray animals (all previous attempts have been made "successful failure" because of the bad faith of veterinary firms); c) Under the law of the Serpentarium, vivarium, exotarium shall be assigned a staff veterinarian. With enterprise vetkliniku if we can fix veterinarians for each division, which will affect the reduction of the cost of the poison. I consider it appropriate to open and farmlaboratoriyu for scientific research in the field of pharmaceuticals based on snake venom. For studies will provide an unlimited amount of material from the different types of poisonous snakes. 2. The uniqueness of the project. 1. In the Russian Federation (since the Soviet collapse) No Serpentarium, except for low-power Novosibirsk Serpentarium working only viper venom and potentially they can not meet the needs of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. a) My project involves working with viper, copperhead snake, viper, cobra; b) the ability to quickly readjust to the needs of pharmacists. 2. It is envisaged the creation of the largest in Russia exotarium (more than 500 species of reptiles (mostly poisonous snakes) from around the world), with a total of up to 2 thousand. I stress that such enterprises (in this form) is not in RUSSIA or in Europe.

€ 600.000.000


Россия, Москва


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: Business ideaThe partner: The supplierPayback: 6 yearBusiness competition: НЕТ
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