I am looking for investment or recreation Recreation Centre France


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I am looking for investment or recreation Recreation Centre France

France Seeking investment or selling. Investment of 2.7 million euros, 1.7 million euros for sale. French operating company: the cultivation and breeding of trout, recreation, fishing. Picturesque valley in the French Alps, Thorens-Glieres, 40 km from Geneva. In an area of ​​2.5 hectares is currently located fisheries growing trout. There is a house, 4 lakes, farm to fry, shop for processing of fish pools. On the territory of its source plus a mountain river. All private sobstvennosti.Tsel project: Recreation and leisure center, increase in the territory, construction of restaurant, hotel and individual houses for accommodation, spas, camping, horseback riding and hiking in the mountains. There is an agreement with a number of travel companies. Also great interest businesses and residents in the surrounding areas, recreation. Perspective: the bottling of natural drinking water, water analysis correspondence. Minimum power supply 40 liters per second at a temperature of 7 degrees year round. Can simply be used as a family residence for the estate. Ready to discuss any options. All the information you need more complete business proposal, description, photos, give. +33624140289 Alexander.

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12 February 2014
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24 July 2014
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