I am looking for an investor - partner. Gold mining.


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I am looking for an investor - partner. Gold mining.

I offer to businesses and individuals to participate in the profitability of the project mining of placer gold as an investor. On the conditions: - The occurrence of the founders; - Production sharing or funding from the sale of products; - Return on investment in the approved conditions. Profitability of the project: zero investment risks, the possibility of objective monitoring of project implementation, a professional team of artists. Investments in precious metals today are quite popular. And most importantly, what they are attractive - is that such contributions are not tied to any whatsoever currency. On such investment does not affect crisis or decline of the dollar. Our project has good prospects. This is not working out on an industrial scale, but it is much safer and more profitable projects among other small businesses. The plots have good stocks, locate the Orenburg region. Showing interest only "comfortable" sections on the organization of production (sand and well- srednepromyvistye, maloglinistye, shallow, high metal content). To organize the mine site at the start of the investment will be required in the amount of 10 million. Rubles to 20 million. Rubles. The financing includes purchase of machinery, equipment, working capital for the first season of production (fuel, salary fund, depreciation). Experience in mining areas available, well-coordinated team of experts and workers specialties. Project payback period - 2-3 years. Guaranteed solution to all possible administrative, licensing and environmental issues at the regional and local government. We are looking for a serious and reliable partner. If successful, an understanding on the implementation of the project, we are committed to maximum assistance in business development and continuation of the work on several parallel plots and fields of the region. Access to all relevant information, important personal contacts and experience in this field are available.

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: Business ideaThe partner: Joint venture
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