I am a co-investor in the business without risks, the monthly income of $ 40 000


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I am a co-investor in the business without risks, the monthly income of $ 40 000

Good afternoon. I am looking for a business partner (co-investor) in the ready-made business without risks, planned monthly income of $ 40,000. I was funded development project http://userclick.su/, conducted tests of the project as part of the program, and revenue side, the project has shown excellent results and is ready to start. The essence of the project: attracting visitors to online resources, with enormous savings for webmasters (owners of Internet resources). There is a free mode and two toll. Two-tier affiliate program. What makes our project attractive for owners of Internet projects. Undoubted advantage for us as owners of the project is as high need clients in the project (which proved tests and analysis of the market), and that payment be made in US customers, we do not sell or buy, so these funds are used exclusively in the the expense of our profitability. Suggest a potential business partner to chip in 50% and invest in the promotion of our project 15 thousand. $ (Or the exchange rate in rubles). Investing in stages. Return on investment is a business partner with the profitability of the project in full within 4 months from the date of investment (first investor returns your investment, then the profit share according to the shares of each of the parties), after the return on investment -only profit. Form relationships negotiated (conclusion of the contract between the parties). The possibility of renewal and billing project in favor of a business partner for business transparency and bilateral guarantees. For more information you can find on our presentation page http://partner.userclick.su/

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13 April 2015
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