Historical regional natural system "Polar Urals - Aniyah"


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Historical regional natural system "Polar Urals - Aniyah"


Project Planning


    Name of


    Search for funding


    Conducting research in the field of museum work in the direction of the project, the continuation of a list of the dead builders of the railway. Study on the commemoration of the builders of the railway, "Chum-Labytnangi"


    The extraction area for tourist destinations, Spatial Planning and Housing place in tourist destinations


    Installation of memorials at places of memorial tombs and in the territories of the location of the colony Ob ITL.


    Creating a museum complex in the village of Polar


    Publication of materials on the history of Geology of the Polar Urals and the history of the construction of railways in Yamal


    Carrying out research work and the area of natural reserves of the Polar Urals, conservation of water bodies from pollution and historically significant objects and memorial cemeteries and holy sites of national.


    Organization of tourist camps in the areas that need more protection


    To promote the tourist centers of mass events: rallies, conferences, youth summer camps.


    The work of the complex


    Protection of historically-significant area and places

The aim of the project:

  • Restoring the historical truth about the crimes of Stalinism and the preservation of the public memory of the tragic years of repression within the county and country as a whole

  • Protection and use of natural places of memory of the Polar Urals

  • Scientific - research activities on the theme: "The Story of railway construction Chum-Salekhard-Igarka, cause and effect";

  • Restoration of objects of historical significance

  • Protection of memorials and burials

  • The formalization of historical monuments located in the Ob.

  • creation of scientific information and educational center with a public archive and library;

  • Creation of tourist facilities and its items


Relevance of the topic:

In the history of our organization. It was clear that the topic was very interesting to many. Therefore, we decided that the creation of the Memorial Complex of the Polar Urals, will save from the attacks of 'tourists' disposal and historically significant sites and areas.


The main part of

Museum - Memorial Complex includes a community location, historically significant sites, including Camp Divisions Ob ITL. But the main object of the complex is preserved buildings in the Village Polar.

For tourism - education complex to be repaired and equip the premises tur.bazy, PUGRE office, kindergarten, core library, museum room and arrange accommodation for tourists. One of the main complex and interesting objects in this museum. In one of the huts can arrange an extended exposure.

  • The first section will talk about surveying expeditions.

It is planned to give a complete picture of our latitude studies prior to construction. The exhibition will be provided with material on the expedition, studied the Yamal. The exhibition can provide a map of the war years with a mark of our troops fighting against the German invaders in northern latitudes. It is known that one of the main tasks of building a railroad, "Chum - Labytnangi - Igarka" was the strengthening of the northern ports. Also draw pictures of the stand with the following: Economic Department of Arctic scientists of scientific - research institute, which prepared the report, "Perspectives on the Northern Sea Route in 1944. Stalin liked the construction project, so we need to hang a portrait of the leader of the peoples with his statements about the project "The Russian people have long dreamed of reliable access to the Arctic Ocean in Obi!". It should be placed on exhibition and documentary fund, which will represent the orders, decisions about organization design - surveying expeditions. Also on the stand to hang pictures, telling about the conduct of such operations. Closed the exhibition would showcase the tools of geologists, geophysicists, designers, etc.

  • Life Builders has been a challenging. This was repeatedly expressed by many researchers of the Gulag. So we need to show the life of the prisoners as he really is. To do this, one of the chambers decided to beat the way it was in those years. Bunks are attached to the ceiling and floor. You can lay on their bunks an old sweater, in those terrible years of personal clothing of prisoners served as their bedding. Not far from the wooden bunks put a rickety table on which are aluminum bowl, spoon and mug. This picture was reconstituted according to the memoirs of one of the builders of the railway vagina Feodosia Ivanovna.

  • Flesh up to 1948 builders of the railway, "Chum - Labytnangi" had to do everything by hand. It is only then came excavators, dump trucks and other modern technology of those years. Old-timers recall 'village was filled with cars just different modification techniques, even trucks come across the legendary mark "Ford". Therefore, a large part of the exhibition devoted to the story about the conduct of construction. Against the background of paintings depicting figures of prisoners at work, on a small hill located tools: types of shovels, pick a small and large, all rail companies, formed a triangle; sleepers, which scratched the names of the prisoners (of Harbeya) car. Talking about the hard work necessary to recall the prisoner The way - the town, who were engaged in laying the rails. Here remembers one of the handlers Marutich Valentin: "The way - the town was engaged in laying of rails and sleepers. We were divided by product of eight-ton wagons. The way in total - the town had thirty cars. In each of these there were 24 workers and an orderly. We are mainly engaged in stretching the rails. The rails come across various manufacturing, even with the date 1904. The way in - there was a small town and its equipment. About five studobeykerov and about six rail car. We worked on laying the railway and the river. First laid long Balan, then and only then cross was made ??by dumping of snow. Thus excluded roughness of the ice. Naturally a lot of snow and gravel, we added, and then lay ties and rails. Through the river basically went "lamb." The way of the head - the town was fellow by the name Kravetz. His wife, a middle name I do not remember, was a nurse in the infirmary. In the course were about 30 people, and guarded them just one person. We work and he sits by the fire side. The way in - the town in general and 300 prisoners lived somewhere around 20 employees. We worked 12 hour shifts. Our responsibility is to: stretching the rails, rail layout, and sbalchivanie Rooms' rails. They were fed three times a day. I would like to note that feeding was a hundred times better than in the colonies. Basically, in a constant menu The way - the town was soup, buckwheat, and most importantly it is two hundred pounds of bread. " Therefore, the exhibition is to be provided a booth photos with views of the city, where there has been the location-The way towns. You can also organize a photo exhibition about the inhabitants of the city, worked in "The way the town." This exposure can be placed in a room in the style of cars 40 years.

  • Since the beginning of prospecting activity along the mountains, begins large-scale exploration of the Polar Urals. In 1948, construction settlement Polar, whose inhabitants were geologists and other employees of the Polar - Ural Mining and geological expedition. This part of the exhibition is devoted to PUGRE: tools of geologists, geologists, photos, pictures Harbeya, maps Harbeya, kinds of ores and minerals.

The museum is a monument which author was a member of the Tourist and local history club "Horizont" Maria Proskurjakova. According to the author monument should be dedicated to all the builders of the railway, "Chum - Labytnangi - Igarka." The monument will be a man with a pick, bent at the knee, all emaciated and weakened, weary from the hard work, but believing that this nightmare to end sooner or later. He embodies in itself all the prisoners who worked on the construction site, of any nationality and origin. The Cross and the road: Many researchers believe that under each sleeper of this road lie the skulls and bones of prisoners. Cross - a kind of symbolic of grief and memory of the dead. Meridians underscore the breadth of construction. After Stalin's project, the road should be a tour around the world, sweeping the distance from the western borders to most of Kamchatka. This monument will be dedicated to the builders of the railway, the people who are alive now, and people who remember all the horrible nightmare of those years.

This exhibition is an excursion into the history of railway construction in the Yamal Peninsula, conducting a kind of perpendicular between past and present. On the territory of the so-called museum is already underway on dumping ground for the memorial stone dedicated to Ob ITL. But this project can be realized in full only with adequate funding. In addition, it is possible for historical museum complex to organize tourist center, which would pay all expenses of the complex.

With regard to the whole complex, then in the village and the complex will be located fur farms and other premises. Also for the tour surfers will be built five cottages prefabricated building materials from the village, so that you can save on construction.

The acquisition of horses will expand opportunities for tourism sector. Necessary to organize accommodation in tourist destinations.

Outreach is one of the major on - the importance of each museum's goal, whether it's local history and a memorial dedicated. Each museum community is engaged in education and promotion of their work in a particular context. Such work at the memorial complex, can be carried out as follows.

If you organize a small publishing center in the complex, thanks to him it will be possible to fill future budget MC. You also need to publish a book on the history of the Ob station, so that future visitors IMC were at least a general idea of this place. And be prepared for publication of the monograph the following regulatory.

  • History of Ob station;

  • The history of the erection of w / e "Chum - Ob - Cape Stone";

  • Guide 501 - construction;

  • Female contingent in the gulag;

  • Children's contingent in the gulag;

  • Historical monuments Labytnangi;

  • History of the Polar Urals;

  • The development of railways in the Yamal Peninsula;

  • Tourist routes Polar Urals;

Through the documentary movie may tell about the history of Yamal in the repressive years. TV and Radio Company Yamal - Region already filmed the first 7 - minute story on the history of the Ob ITL. In addition, in the next year is scheduled to begin work on a film that touches the history of construction of two roads, "Chum - Ob - Cape Stone" and "Ob - Bovanenkovo", "Geology of the Polar Urals," "well-known geologist," Encyclopedia of the history of the Russian North.

Promotion of local history and have spread to the general educational institutions under the means of talks and lectures, affecting the historical moments of the repressive era of Yamal.


РФ, Полярный Урал

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