"Highly competitive business of fattening cattle ordinary Russian meat and dairy."


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"Highly competitive business of fattening cattle ordinary Russian meat and dairy."


"Highly competitive business of fattening cattle ordinary Russian meat and dairy."

Requires investments or loans   on   reconstruction of the farm for fattening cattle on its own technologies,   repeatedly proven in industrial environments.

Pledge - the future of the property with a / c company.

  The main parameters of the business:

= 100% environmental safety, waste-free, low energy consumption, feed and feed additives of their own making, with a land / agricultural land for the production of feed is not required.

= ADG = 1.2 kg. and above (comparison: 0.62 kg. in the Krasnodar region). In meat breeds live weight gain   = 1.4 kg per day and above.  

Fattening = 600 head of cattle from 100 kg. up to 540 kg. for 365 days.

= Cost of 1 kg of beef, live weight to 50.00   rub. (Calculated as the market value of feeds). Already there is a new development of technology to reduce the cost of beef as well as pork and poultry.

= Expected net profit of more than 19 million rubles. (Excluding the processing of beef slaughter and processing).

55pt; "> = Amount of capital invested (loan) 40 mln. To 60 months. Investor to 50% of the equity, depending on the financing scheme.


= In the long term business - recycling of construction waste, solid waste and energy RTI (gravel, sand, metal, fertilizer, feed,   diesel oil, gasoline, heating oil, carbon black, etc.) and   third-party processing biological waste animals and birds in the mineral-organic dry fertilizer with the saturation of digestible nitrogen and   water-soluble   mineral supplements.

= The project area - Krasnodar region, as well as possible foreign Southern European version of the business (moving to permanent residence).

Parameters business confirmed acts of experiments and examinations of safety and quality.

For savvy investors - the technology - it`s becoming   Russia`s competitive at   WTO beef production   and without subsidies.

High competitiveness (return> 100% on feed at market value) and high efficiency (average live weight gain   =   1.2 kg. and more for the whole fattening period) is achieved by combining many energy, biological and physico-chemical processes in a single process unit to reduce costs in the production of highly productive forage and   maximize profits.

Manager   the project;

The project for fattening 600 head and 3,000 head of cattle are sent to everyone.

Dolgushin Vladimir Markovich


€ 1.000.000


Краснодарский край

Project specialization


Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: Initial growthThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 60 monthBusiness competition: Иностранные поставщикиAudience: Народ
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