Growing strawberries remontant


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Growing strawberries remontant

The "CX" is comprehensive and is designed as a development strategy for sufficiently large agricultural. Enterprise (former collective 4 - 10tys.ga) The main priorities in the development of the project were: - the achievement of competitive advantage (especially for the price), mainly due to technological solutions; - Modularity and scalability without the need for large areas; - Focus on a concentrated customer - linking the cities of over one million people; - The creation of additional opportunities of the enterprise in the domestic market; - Reducing the impact of seasonality and expansion period of productive activity; - Creation of the underlying technology, which will enable to respond quickly to emerging / create demand for the current season; - Requirements for the project - to create value in the earliest stages of development; - Implementation of projects in the idea of ​​avoiding "price floor"; The project "Strawberry" As part of the project "Strawberry" were worked out the following tasks: - the technology of strawberry varieties for day-neutral strawberries and wearing a single fertile; - Articulated and formalized requirements for the organization of industrial sites; - Carried out the selection of varieties for industrial use; - Worked out a full range of application of pesticides; - Conducted hundreds of experiments on the use of pesticides, pochvoformirovaniyu incentives - tion and selection, yield management fruiting ... .; - Advertising and sales is almost entirely focused on the Internet; - Worked out the logistics: requirements for accommodation, storage and packaging of goods; - All the facts noteworthy photographed, documented, analyzed and investigated; The results of the test strip of open ground strawberry yields obtained over 300kg with weave.Annually grown to half a million units of high-quality seedlings and its quantity is limited only by the capacity of the market, as well as the importation of smuggled large amounts othodovoy seedlings from Europe. The average yield of bush in the control plots was more than 700gr. Products have passed the test successful application in all regions of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. We have built a harmonious system of research, selection and introduction of the best varieties and methods for their production. Stages of the project Project "Strawberry" is ready for implementation. The "Liquid sowing fine seeds" - agrotechnical part of the project worked out completely in many cultures and at different scales; - The technical part is being tested feeders of different designs; The "Growing with the use of DBK" at this stage, 90% focused on the strawberries with the aim of lengthening the period of fruiting.


Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: Expansion
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