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Recreation center "Radamir "

The project proponent MCHP "Welcome " gene. Director (founder) Stan NS Mirgorod 2011.

Dear Sirs!

We offer for consideration a proposal to build a nursing home or rehabilitation center for recovery of the thyroid gland, after cancer, the center of a healthy lifestyle.

Construction of the center is designed for the recovery of functional disorders of the thyroid, goiter, metabolism disorders, weakened immunity, including after cancer. Center will be located in a purely ecological zone of Ukraine. The treatment used vysokokachestennaya-enriched water, technology is patented in Ukraine in 2001. Total mineralization is not over 1000 mg.na dm.kub., The chemical composition of sodium + potassium, calcium 150, magnesium 100, hydrogen 600, BA 20 mg / dm.kub. Indications for use of water;

Endocrine: thyroid dysfunction, goiter, impaired metabolism and heat exchange; Immunodeficiency: frequent infections and colds, weakened immunity;

Cardiac atherosclerosis (resistant to treatment with diet and drugs), and arrhythmia, in which the use of special preparations do not give a tangible and lasting effect, improving the diastolic (lower) pressure caused by swelling of the vascular walls;

Anemic: lower hemoglobin level at which iron therapy offers modest results leash;

Osteohondroznye: weakness and muscle pain in the arms, chest and lumbar radiculitis, and kotoroyh conventional treatment is not effective; puffy: swelling around the eye or general reception at which diuretics usuglublyaet state, creating dependence on them; Bronchopulmonary: swelling of the airways that leads to chronic bronchitis and acute respiratory infections;

Dermatologic: hair loss, change in appearance and properties of hair and skin, prolonged healing of skin lesions:

Gynecological: menstrual function, irregular periods, sometimes their absence, infertility, breast, irritation and cracked nipples;

Systemic: fatigue, intolerance to heat and cold, diarrhea or constipation, weight changes, tremors, drowsiness, lethargy, headaches, frequent occurrence;

Psychiatric: nervousness, depressed mood, forgetfulness, unexplained bouts of depression, lower intelligence, depression, inner restlessness, mental instability, poor memory and attention.

Slowing of physical and intellectual development in children.

In the treatment includes: climatotherapy, a complex of physical training programs, awareness of environmental diet on diet 1,2,5,8,9, with technology developed and approved maps meals, spa services, swimming pool, bromine, Zalmanov, aromatic, travyanye bath glinolechenie, relaxation, school mental health, physiotherapy, lazaroterapiya, EHF-therapy, magnet therapy, ultrasound, denas-neyroadaptivnaya therapy, therapeutic teas, massage (fat, cupping, reflexology).

Author combination of techniques: the first category of physician - therapist, nutritionist, endocrinologist, a psychotherapist, where his experience in the medical fitness centers is - 31 years.

When applying this approach to a complex individual patient, there is improved health for 82% to 12% a significant improvement.

The center is proposed to use mineral water inside of a doctor. Spa services are produced with pure water from a depth of 120 meters from the springs of the Mesozoic period, which has healing properties, and crystal clarity.

The center is located in the pristine deciduous parkland on the lake, where the percentage of oxygen, according to the method of professor Chizhevskogo over 15 tys.m.kub. "Active ions, " over the city (4-6 tys.m.kub).

The center has a natural complex, where you can get a psychological balance and restore in nature contemplation, exercise, walking outdoors, watching and feeding birds and animals, fishing on the lake (winter, summer), collection of medicinal herbs, berries, mushrooms, cycling , tours by Gogol places, winter sports: ice skating, skiing, sled, snowboard.

The property is located in the central part of Ukraine, Poltava region, Mirgorod district, village Kibintsy, which is located 235 km. from Kiev, 100 km. from Poltava, 40 km from Khorol, and 12km to Mirgorod. Near the village is run Lubny - Mirgorod. Ecologically clean area, there are no factories. Obtained land 21 - hectares of which 9-hectare park, a 6-hectare lake and 6 hectares for the construction of buildings, which will be located 50 houses WRI - a class in the style of the Ukrainian village, nevrologichno-relaxation center and a private clinic for the restoration of the thyroid gland (no analogues in Ukraine, this know-how) an inn, pump room, sauna-bath complex, a sports complex with gym and sports fields, parking, security, will be located on a lake house with the Fisherman's beach and the boat station in a quiet, cozy corner of Ukraine, tourist complex s business center, health spa (medical), pension (this holiday-food-health) cottage village (the center of Ukrainian tourism) in Poltava region, where we have 84 tourist routes, for example, Mgarsky monastery, nunnery Kozelschansk, Dubrovsky stud Opishnya-Ukrainian ceramics, Great Sorochintsy-home-museum-N.V.Gogolya Sorochinskiy fairs, etc.

On the site there are two mothballed wells with a depth of 120 meters, Kharkov horizon. It is possible to equip the barn and put the horses to recover health. Any options for the rehabilitation of medical insurance. Family tourism.

For the construction of a nursing home, with full correction techniques of the thyroid gland have a unique concrete and practical results with mineral water. Analogues of this technique in the world. It opens up to people a new path to guaranteed health improve theirs. If they have:

  • condition after surgery for thyroid
  • Hashimoto's thyroiditis,
  • goiter 1-3 degrees including a hub,
  • thyroid disease and metabolic disorders: obesity, diabetes, impaired emotion, sleep, memory, concentration, psychogenic,
  • children with hyperactivity,
  • menstrual irregularities, lack the cycle, the impossibility of pregnancy,
  • frequent variations in pressure, sugar, mood,
  • weakening of the body after heavy operations, radiation,
  • natural food.

Sanatorium will have year-round environmental food with thermo-greenhouses, gardens, berries, krolikovyh farms.

Estimated cost:

On the construction of the center of the development of rural green tourism, which will be located 50 houses WRI - a class in the style of the Ukrainian village the cost - $ 1.5 million, an office building, $ 0.2 million nevrologichno-relaxation center and a private clinic for rehabilitation thyroid function, 2.0 million dollars., inn - 0.3 mln., pump room, 0.2 million dollars., sauna bath complex -0.1 million, a sports complex with gym and sports fields - 1.0 million dollars., parking -100 000 dollars, security - 1.5 million dollars., will be located on a lake house fisherman -0.5 mln. the beach and the boat station = 0, 1 mln., a helipad - 3.2 million dollars. in a quiet, cozy corner of Ukraine - $ 300 000, assignment of rights to the lease, bringing the lake and park in the respectable-2, 0 million, contingencies, 2, 0 million dollars ..

Pre total investment is about 15 - million dollars. Regarding this project, I inform you the following information:

1. Availability of land. Rental value. 21 ha. a lease for 10 years with option to purchase or renew the lease after the start of construction for 49 years or more. Rental price of UAH 200. 1 ha. per year.

2. Access road: asphalt directly to the gate area.

3. The site with painted communication (gas, water, substation), the railway station, 800 meters from the site.

The proposed site has historical value - because it was the estate of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Tsarist Russia, state councilor of Catherine-2 Dmitry Prokopyevich Troshchinsky, which at one time assisted in the training of Nikolai Gogol. His name was the first scene of the theater with his father Nikolai Gogol.

Why is this resort has to be in demand? Because these techniques do not have to Ukraine to restore the thyroid gland. How many potential customers who are they? More than 40% of people in the Ukraine suffer thyroid gland. After all these resorts, even in the world is, for the rehabilitation of the disease, and people needed. . Equity participation are considered. Other changes are discussed.

We consider a variant of the construction of the sanatorium for roominess, at 100.

Take account:

Permit cost 300 UAH. per day per person. Duration 15 days.

Turns: 300 UAH. 15 days = 4500grn. in the month of arrival, 2 = 9000 grn.umnozhaem for 12 months = 108 000 USD. with one person, multiplied by 100 = 10.8 million USD. per year. It turns out 60% of the costs, 40% of net profit. This version of the Ukraine.

For foreigners in insurance medicine, by analogy, and the cost - $ 300 per day with one person.

For the construction of the sanatorium for 100 people need investment $ 600 000

Stas NS 1955g.r. with 2001g.po 2004. led and successfully worked in the private medical health center in Mirgorod. Was trained in Moscow for the diagnosis of human health, has successfully worked with pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine, has experience with health center staff, has the qualifications and experience of organizational work that is guaranteed to implement the relevant tasks to build and operate the center.

From SW. Stas NS e-mail: stas2501@gmail.com No .. tel. +38 (067) 99-00-243

€ 400.000




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