Gold mining in Latin America, processing technogenic dumps.


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Gold mining in Latin America, processing technogenic dumps.

It takes from 500 000 to 2 500 000 dollars for the extraction and processing of gold and later silver and copper in Latin America. Republic of Peru. Yield per year by 30%. The planned initial production of 1,300 ounces per year. The gold vein where mining is carried out according to geologically service 10,000 ounces with possible increase after further exploration geologichskoy to 50 000-60 000. There are other projects on exploration and refining of secondary ores to extract gold and copper.

Advantages of the project

1. Gold can always sell. Cost of gold extraction and taxes range from 300 to 650 dollars per troy ounce (depending on the composition of the ore and the amount of investment). The current price for July 2015-1100 dollars fixing in London.

2. In the Republic of Peru, the warm climate and production cycle lasts 12 months.

3. The country-laws acceptable to freely export and import of capital, sparing nalogoobolozhenie for small mining companies with turnover of up to $ 3 million per year.

4. There is little support from the side of Russia in Peru.

Cons project.

1. Very far from the Russian-tickets cost between $ 1,200 round trip. You can take and in Argentina, but then have a bus ride through Argentina. These tickets cost $ 500-600.

2. There is sometimes some confusion on the part of local authorities, not central. They are flashy and love bribes.

3. The lack of skilled workers, technicians, repairmen of machines, hydrometallurgy, chemical engineers, mining engineers-Bomb. All of them will have to be from Ukraine and Russia appear.

4. Byuroktaticheskaya red tape in obtaining licenses for the use of water resources and the blasting-technical work.

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Латинская Америка

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