Gas pistol


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Gas pistol


The gas gun is made on the basis of the present invention "Pistol Izmalkova " under the patent number 1804589 USSR (description and drawings can be seen on the site for keywords "Izmalkov Herman " and must specify the journal, "Guns and hunting " № 7 for 2000 ) by removing the mechanism of opening the breech and the introduction of a braking device for a gas container at the time of his vystrelivaniya Boikova spring (he removed the firing pin) gun. The gas container has a 2 position lock his disclosure. The first position is triggered when a shot, and the second - when the container loses its speed to zero. This weapon is very advantageous in its application: an attacker can not hear the shot of the container and can get it at a safe distance for the defender - the gas cloud after opening the container will place the container opening. The defender can not hurt (now used in gas guns likelihood of hot particles of powder into the eyes of the attacker is very high) striker, as he shot the same as in children's gun - there is a spring vystrelivanie container.

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