Former shop premises 654 square meters. m


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Former shop premises 654 square meters. m

Former shop premises 654 square meters. m under any use. Detached brick two-story building. Free assignment. Tambov region, Rasskazovsky district, village Platonovka. All the amenities - gas, water, electricity, heating, drainage, hot water. Two garages nearby. Earth is one hectare. Fruitful in the center of the village in close proximity (60 meters) from the train station. Can be used for production, warehouse, store, recreation, ¬ office, ¬ representation, ¬ hotel, ¬ hostel, ¬ bank. for fitness, ¬ dance studio, ¬ sales office. We will solve all the issues with the licensing documentation. Good access roads. Price 3500000 rubles.


платоновка рассказовский район тамбовская область

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03 October 2013
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