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Football Online: search for investors

Football Online - broadcast football matches and news.

Invite investors to participate in the development of low-cost sports Internet resource (stable attendance in the top search engines on the basic needs).

Web resource for the time (2012, 2013.) Showed - a good and stable attendance, which is one of the main factors of demand. Also, sports (soccer) theme - she speaks for itself.

The plans:

- Update design, make branding (a stockpile).

- Transfer playground for new software technical support, ie content management system to update the latest relevant technologies (in the framework).

- Create a more complex and at the same time convenient structure site navigation, competitive ability of existing monsters football news (there are developments, analysis, charts).

- Run a series of unique sections associated with the video material (a stockpile), as well as textual news.

- Run the "shopping section" (sports theme).

- For further promotion, as well as to create a sports portal usability, to develop applications for mobile devices (Android, iOs).

Practical monetization of several kinds.
Exit to return - 9m. Long-term project.
Perhaps both full partial funding.

Under partial funding may simply sponsorship (the sellers and manufacturers of sports goods) on the rights of advertising on a certain date in the most favorable positions.

Detailed description: Sports Online Resource - Football Live. Restructuring and promotion of the project creating your own prodakshen Video channel: 1) Issue DAILY SCHEDULE about football. There is a video authoring program "Football Online", 2) Recording and display series. There are a number of authoring software know-how advancement. Plus, as a project, an online store sporting goods, sports and resource services.

Description of the market environment: Competitors project concept - no! But as you can see ordinary competition requests: * football online, football online broadcast *, * online football matches, * live football matches online * football * football matches, football broadcasts * online * online football broadcasts, * football online broadcast, * Live broadcast of football matches, * live football matches online * online broadcasting football, football online broadcast *. - Also, the resource itself on the same request is in the top search engines, along with competitors.

Monetization: 1. Advertising + Internet sporting goods store. 2. User (client) area of ​​paid services: sport.uslug ads (trainers, sections, etc.). 3. Showing paid broadcasts: SMART TV, Cable, Specialized resources viewing paid content subscription. 4. Sale shows on TV (the second stage).

Promotion: 1) Create a video channel promo gears on the project and demo translations (YouTube, rutyub, and other video sites). 2) Internet advertising: Google advords, Yandex Direct, promotion social networks.

Incurred costs: Over the entire period (2012-2013.) Was spent 1 million: Finding a unique concept, analytics competitors. Development of the visual environment and the formation of the final project ideas. Parallel: Payment news copywriters, promotion (on the old version 2013.). In 2014. costs were only shooting test trial videos. search video format programs.

Credits and debts in the project - No!

Purpose of this round of investment are:

- Run a series of unique sections associated with the video material (a stockpile), as well as textual news.

- Run the "shopping section" (sports theme).

- For further promotion, as well as to create a sports portal usability, to develop applications for mobile devices (Android, iOs).

Implementation period of this round, months 9 months.

Expected annual sales of goods and services after the implementation of this round of investment: 42mln.rub.

Target Audience Size: Millions

Appropriateness and relevance of the project: 100%

Practical likelihood of achieving the goals of the project: 100%

Transparency: The testing of the process of reporting.

Probable rate of return of the project: 87%

Dependence of success of marketing: 30%

Stability of existence (the probability of growth) industry targeted by the project: 100%

Liquidity successful project: 100%

Percent cover the costs: 45%

Not least, a clarification:

- The main idea was implicit approval of large numbers of people with a business, as well as their understanding of the principles of attracting online audience to the project. This assertion is based on the fact that the restructuring project in "Channel" Football Review was announced in a wide circle of business, and among those who are involved directly with sports, including football itself, and those who are not connected.

For this project showed not only interest, but also expressed a desire to direct and active participation as a creative person - producers, actors, writers, directors, and persons from the world of sport - current and former players, coaches, commentators, and various media persons and athletes.

Under "Video Channel" means a real full-TV-production for the production of a number of news programs, thematic programs, movie serials, including artistic cinematography with all relevant genres (humor, sitcom, documentary). And all of this will be based on a thematic basis "real events in the world of football!"

Based team now and can provide technical support and creative production, and needless paperwork in general. In the composition is: programmer, designer, and pr specialists seo, analyst, director, producer and administrative management. There are a number of like-minded people and support (see above about "interest").

Trite, but a standard fact, everything boils down to funding.

€ 330.000




Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: StartThe partner: Joint venturePayback: 1 yearBusiness competition: Конкурентов по концепции проекта - нету!

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