Manufacture of food products soy "Sojka"


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Manufacture of food products soy "Sojka"

Project Information:

Project title: "Jay"

Project location: Orenburg region, p.Novosergievka Str. Tralivalnaya 13

Description of the proposed project activity:

The project involves the establishment of processing plant soybeans using the apparatus of the SM-30 ("Soy Cow"), corresponding to the TU5151-020-07530056-98-10148844-96 and secure the hygienic certificate number from 061RTS 28.08.98g. In order to obtain natural soy products, and with it, "Soy Family Club".

As a result of processing of soybeans will be made, "soy milk" and soy product "tofu" with hygiene certificates and number number of 24.09.98g. issued by the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Also, soy food dresser "Okara" and the grain (bezmuchnoy) bread "tone" in the soy milk, which has concluded № 72-715 of 10.12.1997, the Institute of Medical Sciences of its nutritional and therapeutic and preventive role.

A soy milk. Soy is a natural liquid product produced from whole soybeans after grinding with water and heat treatment at 100 0 C, by extraction of the liquid phase and its branches, followed by filtration and the addition of salt and milk sahara.Zamenitel "Soy milk" intended for sale to the public and industrial processing. "Soy milk" - a single fluid white-cream color, is allowed a small amount of sediment at the end of shelf life. Has a sweet taste, with weak soy taste.

2 cheese - tofu. Has the consistency of soft cheese, almost odorless, sweet-tasting, cream-colored. Refers to a light meal. Prepared from the soybean milk by precipitation of a protein followed by pressing. Is rich in valuable vegetable protein, comparable in its amino acid composition and biological value of protein from meat. It is easily absorbed by the body, the perfect protein product for people with weak stomachs. Perfectly absorbs taste of different foods, fine with them being combined, consumed in uncooked, fried, pickled and smoked.

3 Dietary soy dresser - Okara. Natural soy product with a uniform mass of pale yellow color with a weakly expressed soy flavor, produced from whole soybeans after grinding with water, heat treatment at 105 0C and the resulting after extraction of the liquid phase and its affiliates. Intended for sale to the public for culinary purposes and industrial processing. Contains 4.5% protein, 4.0% fat, 80% moisture. packed in consumer containers made of polymeric and composite materials.

4 Bread "tone." created by Russian scientist Vladimir Mikhailovich Antonov. Made from sprouted whole-grain wheat with soy milk. He has more than twenty-positive findings, observations and studies of various Russian research institutes.

Institute of Medical Sciences is included in the range of foodstuffs intended for supplementary feeding of students of educational institutions, and approved by the Interdepartmental Scientific Council on Pediatrics and the Interdepartmental Scientific Council on the hygiene and health of children and adolescents in the Guidelines protocol number 4 of July 2, 2002

At the workshop, "Jay," plans to organize a "Family Soy Club" along the lines of the club open during the "Regional public foundation promoting social innovation" in Moscow.

Program of the organization and functioning of the "Family of soy club."


The club is not subject to registration with the Justice and will operate under the Russian Constitution and Federal Law "On Public Associations" and the charter of the Club.

The program is aimed at providing real assistance to all categories of people Novosergievskogo area, especially disadvantaged in dealing with their family and social issues important:

improvement zdorovyalikvidatsiya deficiency of protein in the family budget pitaniiekonomiya

2. The theoretical rationale:

According to statistics, the consumption of protein in the diet of the Russians is below the average for normal health maintenance. Not every family has the opportunity to improve the quality of food in mind the modest family budget. One solution to this problem is to introduce the natural diet of soybean products. Especially stress, "natural " and not textured soy products. Experience in many countries around the world and primarily developed for hundreds of years has proved the consistency of this approach.

In Moscow, Otradnoe was organized by Russia's first soy Family Club, in which organized its own production of natural soy products: "milk ", kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, mayonnaise, pasta and various food products. All products are diabetic, due to sverhlechebnym properties of soy protein, which in this case is a complete substitute for animal protein. In short it can be described as: the best is good, that is, animal protein, is present in soy, and all harmful, it is inherent in soy protein is absent. The best proof of this is the awarding of soy Family Club Grand Prix and 2 gold medals ( "Best Eco - a product " and "for the best eco - technology ") at the National Dog Show "EkoProdEkspo - 2003 ". After all this work was evaluated 16 independent research organizations of Russia head for food safety. Currently, about 10,000 people, including More than 3000 children who use the services of SSC.

3. Program Goals:

To enable every household to have a balanced diet without losing taste and improve the health of their family members to achieve significant financial savings (up to 1,000 rubles. Per month per family member).

4. Program Objectives:

improving public health and especially children and the welfare podrostkovuluchshenie semiorganizatsiya jobs

5. Measures to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the program:

creation of a "Family Club of soy" in the village Novosergievkavklyuchenie in diets of organized groups (child care centers, schools, businesses and organizations) soy natural foods and cooking

6. Stages of implementation of development programs:

Stage 1: acquisition of equipment, its installation and commissioning, organizational issues

Stage 2: training, production start-up

Step 3: synthesis of CCK experience is gratifying to familiarize them with area residents and organizations

The complexity of implementing the production of an average of 30 days.

7. Expected results:

  • Cost recovery - 6-9 months
  • Coverage of the services residents SSC - 5-7 thousand
  • Saving the family budget - 500-2000 rubles. per month
  • Improving health

Description of the proposed project products:

Soybean molokoOkara (soybean "porridge," Fiber) soy cheese "tofu" soy cheese "tofu" with napolnitelyamiSoevy tvorogKotletySoevy kefirSoevy yogurtSoevy mayonezBlinchikiSoevye syrnikiPelmeni hand lepkiVareniki hand lepkiPonchikiHleb grain (bezmuchnoy) on soybean in soy molokeHleb sdobny molokePirozhki in stock (potatoes, cabbage, Okara , steamed vegetables, spices)

Logistical resources used to implement the project:

· Set CM-30 for the production of hot soy milk and its products. Meets the requirements of TU 5131-001-10148844-96 and ensured hygienic certificate number 963-17Testomes Rasstoechny shkafPechDispergator

Strengths of the project:

The project conforms to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 25, 2010 N 1873-p, Moscow

Project is consistent with the concept of the "First Global Conference on healthy lifestyles," held in Moscow on 28 April 2011. The conference covered topics such as balanced nutrition, prevention of noncommunicable diseases, including cardiovascular, innovative technology, treatment and prevention of noncommunicable diseases and others. Participating in the conference, Prime Minister of Russia V. Putin raised the question of how to feed the people of the country healthy and inexpensive food, do promote the idea of ??a healthy lifestyle. Increasing production is not textured natural soy products have been accepted as one of the decisions on the matters raised in the conference.

Soy-based products are recommended for the prevention and treatment of many diseases:

· Overweight · cardiovascular · liver cancer · (cancer) · kidney · cholelithic · diabetes · allergic to animal protein +, and many other diseases

"The medicine should be with food, medicine and food" - Hippocrates.

Why is there an avalanche increase in the number of sick people on the planet? Why such a huge number of different manifestations of allergic reactions in people of all ages? Why is it such a terrible disease became younger as myocardial infarction, stroke, cancer?

What has changed in our life, because man as composed mostly of water and proteins, and is a member. He just eats, drinks and breathes, how many centuries ago.

The answer is simple - change the quality of our food, water and air.

According to statistics from the WHO (World Health Organization) 80% of human diseases, today is directly linked to food and is a proven fact. Over the past 50 years due to the aggressive use of the soil, the amount of vitamins in the plants decreased in 2 times.

A pioneer in the complex decision of problems of health through healthy eating, with a scientific approach to the problem, with the involvement of clinical and scientific bases, Europe's best minds in the field of health has become Lars Hoye.

The best product was recognized by soybeans. Lars Hoye created a balanced food - "Nutripro", "Nutrifamm" and "Nutribar." But their main component - soy.

Thus, soybean

The composition of soy include: beautifully balanced combination of fat (85% of which are poly-and monounsaturated fatty acids), high-value vegetable protein, dietary fiber, enzymes, minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus) and vitamins (A, B, C, D, E).

Soy in processed form acquires the highest degree of digestibility, which generally can be sverhidealny product - 98-100%. In other words, soy - the product is practically not giving any waste product with no ballast. Soy is cholesterol harmful to blood vessels and heart. In addition, binds soybeans already existing in the body, cholesterol and removes it. It is very important for heart and high levels of potassium in soybeans, which plays an important role in reducing the heart muscle. Soy contains the optimum ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. That is why the soy-based food is the best in terms of prevention of cardiovascular disease, and hence in terms of longevity.

One of the most important and useful components contained in soy is soy lecithin and choline, which are essential for the functioning of cell membranes, are responsible for functions such as thinking, learning and memory ... With the help of these substances are treated diseases such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, gall bladder and liver, muscular dystrophy, glaucoma, atherosclerosis, memory problems, and, finally, premature aging.

One of the most important and useful components contained in soy is soy lecithin.

Lecithin and choline (phosphatidylcholine, acetylcholine), contained in it, plays a critical role in the body. These substances are involved in the repair and rehabilitation of brain cells and nervous tissue in general. Responsible for functions such as thinking, planning, concentration, learning, memory, recognition, seksfunktsiya, physical activity, etc. Also helps in fat metabolism, regulate cholesterol levels. With the help of these substances are treated disease: the disease and Parkinson's Huntingtona (diseases of the aging organism), diabetes, gallbladder disease, liver, muscular dystrophy, glaucoma, arteriosclerosis, memory problems, and, finally, premature aging. The level of choline as high in infants. With age, the same concentration of choline is falling, which largely determines the aging process. In the experiments, mice treated with choline supplements for the rest of life, much longer than usual retained many features of the organism. Thus, soy lecithin, which contains the most important matter for the body of choline, is able to maintain for a long time many of the functions at the level of a young body.

Soy fiber, mixed with water, forms a gel. Gel, getting into the large intestine, it stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria from complex carbohydrates saharoneperevarivaemyh.

In soybean was the highest content ginestina that stops the formation of new capillaries - those blood vessels supplying the tumor and provide it to grow. Ginestin prevents the development of new cancer cells.

Due to the high pectin content of soybean acid is a potent antioxidant. Pectic acid capable of binding the atoms of heavy metals and free radicals and remove them from the body.

Soy protein

Status of protein metabolism of the whole organism depends not only on the amount received from food protein, but also on the quality of its composition. Organism builds itself from proteins derived from food. Protein entering the gastrointestinal tract is split to amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which make up our body. And if we give the body a bad patient and protein, it builds itself from the bricks and patients as a result gets its protein sick, and we get all sorts of diseases. Today, scientifically proven - Soy protein contains all the vital and nonessential amino acids. Soybeans in their amino acid composition does not yield proteins of milk, meat and fish.

Phytoestrogens are needed to prevent all the problems of the elderly: heart disease, dementia, cancer, osteoporosis, depression, etc. Synthetic estrogens used in hormone replacement therapy significantly increases the risk of some cancers. These include breast cancer, tumors of the uterus. Phytoestrogens such side effects do not possess, but rather reduces the likelihood of the formation of tumors. Phytoestrogens have attracted, and attracted attention primarily as a potential natural antitumor agents. In addition to the therapeutic effect of phyto-oestrogens have a general beneficial effect on the skin, mucous membranes, hair. Reduced estrogen levels leads to disruption of collagen, hyaluronic acid and, consequently, a decrease of skin elasticity, ie to the appearance of wrinkles. Phytoestrogens soy help to preserve the necessary minerals that can not break down bone tissue. In addition phytoestrogens enhance elasticity of arteries, contribute to expansion of blood vessels and reduce high blood pressure.

Regional Public Foundation for promoting social innovation studies were conducted, whose main task was to study the experience of specialists in the use of soy.

To this end, funds have been studied Storage State Central Scientific Medical Library in Moscow. Almost all selected works (two hundred) on the effect of soy foods on human health. The earliest work dates from 1885. The largest number of papers on the study published in the 30s. In the 20-30 years in all parts of our country's medical institutions at different levels and in-depth profile studied the effect of soy on human health, developing new food products from it.

As a result of the Foundation for Research of the publications did not identify any of the local specialists, which would set out information about the negative effects of soy on human health.

All authors are unambiguous in their assessment: when properly cooking soy products are absolutely harmless and have a pronounced therapeutic and preventive effect.

Of particular interest are the work of Russian scientists dedicated to studying the effect of soy on health of children and adolescents. According to the authors of all soybeans not only beneficial to the development of children, but was indispensable for allergic diseases associated with intolerance to cow's milk and mother.

Products made from soybeans much cheaper animal counterparts, as a rule, do not give them the contents of mineral nutrients the human body, and in some cases exceed what is undoubtedly the strength of the project.

In short, soy products are quite useful and help fight aging and many diseases. Of the products based on soy huge set. It is dressed with soy and very different sauces, cheeses, burgers and even soy milk and ice cream. It is possible that soybean seedlings or embryos are most useful. Researchers regularly extend the list of aspects of the beneficial effects of soy on human health.

Weaknesses of the project: Individual intolerance of soy produktov.Osnovnaya problem to be solved by the project aims: introduction to the market with cheap food produced from whole soybeans, consumption of which is good for the body of people of all ages. Also, implementation of social charity work by organizing a free lunch and suhpaykov of soy foods to the poor.

Current status in the industry in the municipality of Orenburg region: at the present time in the Orenburg region there is no business of processing soybeans to produce soy-food consumer goods.

The main characteristic of consumers and marketing policy: consumers will be the entire population, regardless of age, and material support. Soy foods are equally beneficial to children - to support the growing organism, adults - for the maintenance and preventive health care, older people - for the prevention and treatment.

3. Payback period: 6 - 9 months in the calculation of earnings below the average, in the worst selling products no more than a year.

Solving social problems for the municipality of Orenburg region:

improving the quality of food products, an additional opportunity to disease prevention and treatment of people of all ages, beginning the development of production is not in the region and growing in other areas throughout the world.

Indicators to assess the impact of the project (please specify indicators (LEDs), which can additionally be used to evaluate the project):

In the future interaction with the social service. Preparing for the poor suhpaykov based products made from soybeans and a free lunch.

Concluded a preliminary agreement with the Central Novosergievskim general store on the implementation of soy products among the population Novosergievskogo area. Management also Novosergievskogo general store leases space to accommodate the production of appropriate standards of production.

Production and distribution will be carried out on the Rights of the purchased technology from patent holders.

Production will be improved by a patented domestic equipment that improves the quality of its products compared to foreign analogs up to 20% on energy and nutritional indicators, and reduces the energy used to produce up to 30%.

The project incorporates the latest technological advances and development that has not yet been distributed en masse in Russia. In the Orenburg region such production is absent. The project is helping to solve social and economic problems of the population, does not require long-term implementation and quickly pays for the costs. The project is innovative.

The reliability of any information guaranteed.

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