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flying skateboard

Offer equity participation in existing businesses and new technologies in the production of the following Hi-Tech products:

1. Floating bags, suitcases, backpacks (activated voice dial on the remote control on the basis of "quantum" levitation);
2. Shoes for magnetic levitation (floating in the air when activated) for people with limited mobility;
3. Soaring (lateral flight) rollers, skates for children and adults;
4. Surfboards on the magnetic suspension;
5. Snowboards magnetic levitation;
6. «FLYBOARD» - skateboard magnetic levitation for extreme sports;
7. «WOWFLY» - Children flying skateboards (with speed limit);
8. Bearings based on quantum capture (without friction);
9. Wheelchairs magnetic levitation (activated from the sound set on the remote control);
10. Flying skate over the solid, liquid and a porous surface (above the snow) with a mini-jet "nanodvigatelem» - «SNOWFLY»;
11. Skateboard flying at high altitude and distance, manage the voice commands on the remote control - «SKYFLY». Scientific patents, technology, business plan, financial and investment plan Hi-Tech Project is attached only at bilateral interest.
Copyrights for technology development and manufacturing of skateboards, snowboards, surfboards and soaring polymer balls (in the tunnel) magnetic suspension - Meissner effect - "quantum levitation", as well as the technology of production of the above products are owned by the flying skateboard
possible sale of the idempotent (complete assembly) for an invention and product name ready to skate 200 magnetic base are also possible investments (50 000 $) to expand production while controlling stake in 51 percent of the firm remains

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Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: Initial growthThe partner: The sponsorBusiness competition: 0
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12 February 2014
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