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The project consists of two phases and includes:

-1 Stage: the redemption of the communal property of the former noble mansion built in the late 18th century (building area-600 sqm plot of land is 0.9 hectares) located on the existing tourist routes in the north of Belarus, 30 km from the border with the Baltic states, temporary connection to utilities, fencing of the estate to the organization of its protection; redecorating temporary premises catering for tourists and trade souvenirs.

-2 Stage: design work on the reconstruction of historical and cultural sites, the implementation of cosmetic reconstruction of the building with equipment giftshop, artgallerei, catering facilities, hotel rooms, implementation of the entire complex together with the company-owned real estate, as the whole business.

With the start date of the project (approximately-15.03.2015g.) In parallel with work on phase implementation contracts: a travel agency to visit the complex tourists, with specialized entities to carry out trade and catering services, as well as the organization of auxiliary rooms (brick cellar) own licensed production of the Belarusian national alcoholic beverages.

* Note.

-In View of the fact that the building until the end of the 90s of the last century functioned school deoevyannaya floor with a loft manor is in satisfactory condition and requires just a cosmetic reconstruction.

-Initsiatorom Project during 2014 made all pre-contract work for the redemption of the estate and contracting with outside organizatsiyami.Vykup the estate will be carried out on a company resident of Belarus, the property of the project initiator reissuance 50% stake in it to an investor.

-Initsiator Project will implement a private management of all works as a director of the company-implementor of the project.

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Республика Беларусь,Витебская область


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