Entertainment kompeks in Barnaul


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Entertainment kompeks in Barnaul


The basis of the project was taken by the concept of "all in one place ", namely to build a complex that will meet the latest requirements of a technologically and services. The complex will be built in the Russian Federation, Altai Territory, Barnaul city, near the most migratory routes in the city street. Pavlovsky truck and street. Malakhov. The land area is 7 hectares. The project cost is Euro 46,000,000.

In this complex include:

1. Waterpark

2. Hotel

3. Restaurant

4. Strip Bar

5. Night club entertainment


7. Multilevel parking

8. Diagnostic Clinic (location not far from this center)

After analyzing the market was evident that not enough consumers just rest that meets their demand.



1. a) The water park was not accidental, since the closest water park is located in Ekaterinburg

b) In the city of Barnaul acts only 3 pools, the price is too high on the frame data waterpark players (competitors do not compete)

c) Location on the city of Barnaul red Linney makes it more competitive for these players.

2. The hotel was chosen as the connecting link between all the selected complexes. As guests of the city who come for holiday to somewhere to stay for the night.


a) Not in a restaurant there is no diversity of cuisines in the world, typically these restaurants are concentrated in one, two kitchens. This restaurant will offer guests almost all cuisines of the world.

b) Pricing of overpriced restaurants due to many factors, namely power consumption, rent, taxes. Restaurant which is part of our complex functions on its own both in principle and the entire complex. Heat, electricity hot water will supply gas turbine.

4 Strip Bar

a) In the city of Barnaul is not acting a lot of strip bars and they are constantly filled. Guests do not have this service.

5. Night club entertainment designed for 2000 visitors from 18 to 40 years.

a) In this club on a plan is established and the latest high-quality lighting and audio equipment. For example REELS "TESLA " firecrackers gas, Peno generators, etc.

b) The internal architecture will be made in the style of the castle (a stone finish)

c) Miscellaneous equipment included in the beer club, restaurant, bar. Since in only one restaurant brews its beer fresh.

6.GTES-gas-turbine power stations will supply the full range of electricity, heat, hot water. GTPS Why? It's no secret that Russia has worn out the network. Do not grip capacity. And most importantly savings.

7.Mnogourovnevaya parking.

a) In the city there is no parking.

b) The location and capacity of parking will meet the needs of visitors of the complex during the day, as well as residents of nearby neighborhoods at night time parking spaces.

8. Diagnostic Clinic.

It's no secret that in Russia, namely Medicine Hospitals and Clinics in need of refurbishment and repair. Clinics such direction is not enough.

From all the above it follows that the project is viable and economic benefits.


€ 46.000.000



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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: Business idea

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