Engine with an external supply of heat


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Engine with an external supply of heat



Torque is produced as follows. We have a ring and a ring of the disc. Between them spanned 32 cylindrical with conical tips of the spring tension with a force of 7 pounds, which in the area of ??heating-cooling continues beams of thin steel wire or steel plates tokostennyh with a large coefficient of thermal lengthening.

When assembling the drive shaft bearings and ring set with an eccentricity, which creates a distortion of the pictures of these tensions. Springs, which lie along a line passing through the axis of rotation of the eccentric disk and rings are tension: 7 3 pounds and 7-3 pounds.

These springs on both sides along this line may be one, the other springs have angles to the line, increasing from 0 * to 90 *, and this difference of 3 kg to 90 * practically disappears. These two springs have a difference in tension at 6 pounds, and all the other less and less - on average for all springs is no longer a 6 kg and 3 kg. And while on the torque springs 32 do not work, and their half - 16 springs. 16h3 kilogram = 48 kilograms.

But when there is no heating, then those 48 pounds are the vector that passes through both the axis of rotation and the system is balanced. To scroll through the shaft, you need to do work to overcome the tension force of the springs. But as soon as we start to heat up one of these counterbalancing halves, once there is a resultant vector no longer passes through these two axes and the rotation begins to restore that balance. But if we are warm springs, and the shaft will not be brought to the starter of the angular velocity of 1,000 revolutions per minute, the wire or plate immediately poimeyut plastic deformation and fail, since the heating may be at 1500 * C.

These wires or plates moving from the hot zone to cold should be at idle to have a heater at 1-5 * C, which in the cold zone the fan removed. Special fan is not present - the ring is connected with its two bearings (installed in the housing and having a large diameter cage to pass through them with the eccentricity of the shaft svom drive) through the plate, in which the slotted plates and the body of the slots on these bends in the form of a fan blades.

Sami wire or plate of the working body set up so that they too are fans and blades themselves are heated, cooled. The largest heating in the hot zone to a maximum of 50 * C wire or plate, these will be, when the load is maximum. Since the working fluid, solid, then the forces acting and the power efficiency of resistance are balanced by the working fluid. There is no need for a gearbox. And there are no systems other than blocking heat transfer in the spring to 1,000 rpm. From the hot zone hot air goes into the furnace. Efficiency can be up to 85%.

Torque is the greater, the more leverage the resultant force when heated. All of these are pulling for low power, for more - more power for trucks, and 100 or 200 pounds, a number of springs 500. The springs are working outside the zone of heating and cooling can be purchase-in standard.


Over the engine with an external supply of heat I have been working long, 7 patents and 11 applications, there are many options and some are very different from each other. The last option is the simplest in execution. I have drawings for a prototype.

The device is simple enough there. For the size in order to demonstrate his work (on the table) is sufficient to light a large round tablets of dry alcohol. I understand that you techies, it is hard to understand many of my devices (I spent years on them a lot, but you need to quickly find out), and investors generally fall into a swoon.

Among the investors can be very well proven themselves in the production engineers. But production engineer for the production itself will not go with your speculation that some change and faithfully comply with that tested in the laboratory and in practice, but it makes it completely immune to something new, not for nothing often write that Ford, when took on something new is always with honor fired their chief engineers in its entirety.

That engine, which I now propose is a prototype so. We have two U-shaped rack that less is more set on a platform, a plate, they installed 2 pairs of ball bearings, which are installed on the shaft drive and a ring through ventelyatornye plate. The ring is connected with the inner clamp bearing through his hard tonkotelye plate with radial L-shaped slits, which are made of the limb plates in these sections on the form that they are fan blades on both sides of the disc, rigidly connected with its shaft passing through internal cage podshinikov ring (they are the same for both sides and selected large-diameter), which makes the whole structure is not involved in some unfavorable bending moments - the rotating parts have support on the pairs of bearings, not located on a strontium from the rotating parts on both sides .

Ultimately, what we have. The disc is connected with the ring of stretched springs (they are twisted into a cylinder with cones on both sides, the ends of the wire out of the tops of these cones, so that no bending moment in the spring from its extension) and the picture is symmetric with respect to these extensions plane passing through these eccentric axis rotation of the disk and rings. Springs themselves powerful, but short and not in the heating zone.

This system is balanced - if you start to rotate the shaft drive, the rotation is with resistance, as this place of springs and elastic deformation of this work is spent. When we warmed up one of these symmetrical halves, then this equilibrium is disturbed: heating of the spring expands and the increase of their length by changing its tension.

From this, the system begins to seek the return of the disturbed balance of warmth and the shaft is rotated from this already own. As you can see, the principle of completely different than the internal combustion engine. There are only a furnace (or any other heat source, such as heat goes to the battery in the engine, communicating through a pipe with "direct " and "feedback " pipes in heating system, with another battery located somewhere the source of some heat: the geyser or in the ground to the base dymoprovode smokestack at the plant, heat-insulated pipe and the coolant is selected a good example, as in the nuclear industry, the metal melts at room temperature for about "sodium-potassium ".

To ensure that this engine worked enough temperature difference between the first halves of symmetrical: 1-5 * C - at idle and 10-50 * C - at the operating loads. But the heat source can be heated up to 5000 * C (the higher the temperature, the greater the speed and heavy load, we can have), so if you start at the beginning of the starter speed was adjusted to 1000 revolutions per minute, and then serve warm, or the inertia of rest will take time and cause the springs to overheat and instead they will give the elastic strain plastic deformation and fail, do not tighten the shaft. To avoid accidentally staff did not violate these instructions, the engine must be unique for a system - a system of blocking supply heat to the thermal zone to reach the shaft 1000 rpm.

COMPARATIVE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ENGINE WITH EXTERNAL HEAT SUMS Izmalkova GI and conventional internal combustion engine


  1. ICE has a 19-37% efficiency, and the engine Izmalkova (DVPT) to 85%.
  2. ICE has all the processes (and cold and hot) are in one volume - in the cylinder, while the DVPT these volumes are completely different. This provides efficiency gains DVPT by 20-40%.
  3. We have a system for internal combustion engines: oil system (pump supplies oil under pressure in the main bearings and plain bearings such as connecting rods, which squirt oil on the cylinder mirror) to the radiator, water cooling system of the cylinder to the radiator, the system cam shaft with stiff springs, valves, system oil purification filters, fuel-air mixture preparation, the system will mute the exhaust pipe, the system conversion speed - speed transmission and a variety of automatic devices, and in all this there is no DVPT, which increases its efficiency by 30-60%.
  4. Transport in the presence of engine conversion system of rotation required, and at DVPT there is no need, that makes very interested in DVPT drivers of road transport, as they did not have to be distracted by switching in a transmission in this system while driving vehicles.
  5. Each engine is running on your grade and type of fuel and in case of any deviation from these rules engine works very well or may come into disrepair, while the fuel burns in DVPT ordinary furnace under any type of fuel or you can use any source of heat.
  6. ICE has a lot of sophisticated devices and systems that require large capital investments in their startup and production service for repairs and maintenance also mnogozatratny, which is not in DVPT.
  7. Since the engine runs on special fuel, it can not be used in energy-saving devices and power plants based on them are very costly to the consumer of electricity, which is absolutely contrary exists in DVPT, it can be used to generate electricity by burning garbage and other wastes that can reliably to work on cheap liquid fuels, including crude oil of poor quality, which has accumulated a lot of ready-to-production in dormant wells, but it is not used in the Manufacture of fuel, as in the recycling process can not get rid of kompanentov that when burned in internal combustion engines are left on the mirror cylinder abrasives in the form of carbides.
  8. DVPT production will be much cheaper, and the DVPT much safer to use and much easier to repair.




  1. CI has the power to volume ratio at a rate equal to 0.15-0.25 l / kW, this ratio decreases as a function of power and can be indicative amounts: a) 10 kW - 2.2 liters, and b) 100 kW - 20 l, c) 1000 kW - 180 liters. CI engine has a disc-shaped and the ratio of the diameter of the disc to its width, equal to 2-3 and set CI to the vehicle horizontal axis of rotation of wild and rings are vertical and are in the plane, which lies along the vector of the vehicle. CI engine has a specific gravity of its total volume equal to 3-5, depending on the proportion of used alloys.
  2. The prototype desktop demonstrantsionnogo type (as it will run on low-calorie fuel - dry alcohol, will give no maximum capacity for its size) with a capacity of 1 kW can cost $ 100,000, since the lion's share of this money will go to manufacture springs, whose work has not has a global practice of laboratory research. You will need to spend a great job of finding the optimal geometric data (the thickness of the wire shape and diameter of coiling) and the best data on choice of alloys for the wire, as well as methods of manufacturing these springs: role as a hardening spring will play their treatment of the metal hood and all details hardening. Approaching this spring working conditions, laboratory tests are available in professional journals over the past years and will require the need to wade many of them in search of necessary data, although without its own practical justification can not do, given that not all the data in these magazines actually tested in full extent practical. Then you need to do is design and obtain a patent. Industrial design will be produced in bulk and therefore require the solution of many questions: for what a buyer is calculated, what power, the conditions of its operation, perform a full konsruktorskoy documentation and working drawings. You can simultaneously execute multiple designs under the articles of this engine, which will correspond to different niches of the global market, under different operating conditions and so on.
  3. The prototype can be performed within a year, and everything else a lot of time will not take (from 1 year to 2 years, depending on which team will all this preparation for production) and it will happen fairly quickly, because this engine is very simple and CI does not compared with internal combustion engines are no systems at all, he does not even liquid lubricant. Will run on crude oil of poor quality, which has a lot of suspended wells.


€ 100.000




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Очень интересно - с вашими изобретениями знаком очень давно. А что у вас с реализованными изобретениями?<br /> Г де они применяются?
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Интересует двигатель для автомобильного подъемника, высота подъема - 18 метров. Важна скорость и КПД.
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