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Dear Investors!

We present our new investment project of Today & Tomorrow Holding Ltd called ENERGY. On the basis of cooperation with Abu Dhabi National Energy Co (TAQA) and Texaco-Tankstelle (TEXACO) created the opportunity for large investors who wish to organize a joint business with the company Today & Tomorrow Holding Ltd (franchise network for our investors)

We offer a unique opportunity to safely invest your money in trading unleaded gasoline with octane 95 in Evrosoyuza.Vy get 48% of the company (for the first year, and later becoming the owner of the business) have full control at any stage of its operations and stable earnings . We get the opportunity to work together to make money.

Brief Description: At point A (the port of Rotterdam, South Holland ... EU country) gasoline purchased and transported to the implementation to point B (a network of gas stations and Texaco-Tankstelle REVOIL ...    Belgium, Germany, Holland, Greece, Bulgaria EU countries). The purchase price of raw materials at point A is lower than at point B. (... as we campaign TAQA sells crude oil in barrels, which we, as commissioners, will be able to
determine to refineries. Then we get a ready-made fuel for delivery to the service stations.
The difference between the price at point A and point B in the price is the sum of net income, net income of zatrat.Vsya system the ENERGY composed of opportunities
have income at each site traffic business from raw material to its
of the consumer.


Shipping is a licensed Belgian transport company to transport fuel and explosives. According to EU regulations, transportation, cargo and the carrier are insured in one of the Belgian insurance companies on the transport of these goods.

Transportation is controlled by the European legislation and the EU Customs.

Investment - 110,000 euros .... Profit for the first year 568,628 euros
Profit for the second year 1,537,508 euros
Profit for the third year 2,506,388 euros

With investors concerned the project will be carried out on personal contact and, as a result of negotiations, signed the agreement. After signing the contract the investor receives the technical characteristics of the project.

The sequence from the signature of the contract:

Getting the technical characteristics of the project investor ENERGY, full table movement of funds and work order.
The transfer of funds.
Departure investor attorney and a copy of the passport in the name of the President of the company.
The opening of the joint venture in Belgium to conduct activities related to the project.
Signing of contracts for the supply of (agreement already). The contract and are prepared by Today & Tomorrow Holding Ltd.
The further procedure is detailed in the annex to the contract.

€ 110.000



Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Mixed Project status: StartThe partner: The franchiser/franchisee Payback: 8 month

Files project


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