Effective fishing in the open ocean.


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Effective fishing in the open ocean.

Hydrobiontes extraction from the World Ocean nearby seamount at depths of 0-2000 meters with means of a serial large-tonnage trawler, stern trawling adapted for usage of various tools and deep processing fishing output: fillet, canned goods, preserves, biologically active food supplements, medicines, high-purity fish fat (on closed loop basis), zero waste production.

The project can be implemented anywhere in the World's oceans, in seamounts and rises beyond any economic zone. The point is to achieve a highly profitable manufacturing with means of a serial large-tonnage trawler in the open ocean, seamount regions as well as extraction of high-valued hydrobiontes and transboundary nominations with usage of traditional tools of fishing (trawler) and completely new (patented) fishing tool.

If we consider to the traditional fishery approach then the point is in fishing expedition (concentration of fishing fleet in various places due to spawning period and offshore coastal zones of different states - "continental upwelling").

I use a different way and propose sending of a multi-purpose vessel to fish concentrated area (where fish dwell all year-round). A ship will operate in a profitable cycle even with small extraction rates because of high prices.

Moreover such areas are places of oceanic upwellings (upwelling is a blending of cold water streams with warm streams). It is a cross-border migration point of fish which are planned to be collected instead of "blind" and expensive search in large ocean waters.

Conversion of multi-purpose trawler into a multi-purpose complex is only possible with means of my KNOW-HOW!

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25 June 2013
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