Dickgreber Heizungstechnik Limited


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Dickgreber Heizungstechnik Limited

The company was established for the production of drones for civilian use for the global market. We mean it and proved it, we got more active members in the fascinating world of aero modeling in the last couple of years than has been the case in recent decades. We export our products directly from manufacturers around the world, thus ensuring value for money for our Aero modeling fraternity. Started in India only Specialized electric RC hobby shop seven years ago, we have developed to be India`s largest Electric RC Hobby Shop. Just a hobby shop in India developed their own RTF Airplane Mr. MOSS, which sold about 1,000 claims for about 5 years. MR MOSS gave wings to dream more aircraft designers in India than any other model aircraft Aero India ever. Innovative products and advanced technology at affordable prices are available right at your doorstep was our guiding principle up to date and in the future. · The concept of remote seminars Aero modeling in technical education was the main driving force of our "engineering practice" Workshops and stazhirovki.Tolko hobby shop with mainstream radio in the WPC approved an affordable price for students for projects and competitions.

€ 6.000.000



Project specialization


    Project type: Upgrading of operating manufactureType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: ExpansionPayback: 24 month
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