Development Larin deposit of white marble


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Development Larin deposit of white marble


1. Summary
Project: Development of Larin deposit of white marble, Chelyabinsk region. Kasli area. Larino village.
Initiator: LLC PF "Quarry"
Characteristics of the organization:
№ Name of organization performance characteristics
1 Name of organization Production Firm "Quarry"
2 The legal form Limited Liability Company
3 Form of property Private
4 The average number of 38 persons
5 The authorized capital of 10 000 rubles.
6 Turnover for the last year 5.1 million rubles.
7 Postal address, telephone Kasli district, village Larino, Lenin, 19, 79,127,928,188
9 Name, qualification project manager Anastasia O. Dudin, municipal and government
LLC PF "Quarry," based on market research and designed equipment, identifies itself to two areas (product):
1. Production and sale of blocks of marble (raw material for the manufacture of tiles, Archi-tekturno-building, memorial and other products)
2. Production and sale of marble rubble and dust, as well as the production and implementation-tion of marble flour.
The quarry is fully prepared for industrial development. Market research indicates the demand for the product among consumers.
Sales are planned in Russia.
The results of calculating the project shows its efficiency:
№ Property Value Rate
1 Net present value (NPV) 55,576,184> 0
2 Index returns 1.83> 1
3 Discounted payback period 2 years 3 months
4 The need for more investment there is no
The required amount of investments 30.7 mln.
The condition number value
1 The amount of investment, thousand rubles. 30 700
2 Term, 5 years
3 Interest rate% pa 10%
4 Other conditions moratorium on interest payments of 1.5 years, then the amount of interest capitalized during the period and joins the amount of debt. From 2 to 5 year - rebate of interest, in the last period of the 5th year - a return of investment of the body. In agreement with the investor may prepayment
The security deposit may be required to be purchased for investment equipment, two land plots in 10ga, located on the same field Larin, followed by pine forest.


A detailed description is given in the attached file.

Calculation of payback and financial plan can be sent on request


Челябинская область. Каслинский район. Село Ларино


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 3 year

Files project


Инвестиционный план Карьер_версия декабрь 2011.doc
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