Creating an effective oil company


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Специализация - технологии интенсификации добычи нефти

Creating an effective oil company


I suggest the investor to participate in creating the most efficient oil producing business.

In the Saratov region, 59 companies produce oil. A large company - and one of more than 58 small companies engaged in oil production. All these companies are owned 121 oil and gas deposits. The choice is. Some of these deposits can be purchased.

What is the meaning of this? I am the author of several technologies to increase oil production. The application of these technologies makes it possible to increase oil production at all fields. All these technologies have been tested in the wells, with their help I win tenders for the intensification of oil production, declared oil companies.

I designed, tested the wells and implemented a number of unparalleled technology of oil production that have proved effective. For the first time in 2002., Ahead of major companies in this market - PetroAlliance, Tyumen service company, Oil Technology Overseas, RMNTK "Nefteotdacha" and others, I took first place in the tender for the intensification of oil production at JSC "Saratovneftegaz." On all wells with 100% success I was assured increase in production rate by 2-3 times.

Over the past 5 years I developed and tested technology of intensification, running on the logging cable with the use of explosives and gidrovibratsii. These technologies are much cheaper and technically more efficient than previously used.

Developed and applied technology, I cover the whole range of problems with oil.
Now is a good opportunity to buy cheap new field and to provide it due to my high level of production technology and very high profits.

Or you can buy inexpensive deposit with declining production and therefore cheap. Then use my technology and increase production. Then you can own or produce oil, or to sell mine as much.

I was engaged in such business, but not as the owner field, and as servismen. To purchase a small field with geological reserves of 2 million tons of oil should be about 5 million dollars. Moreover, the new field wells will not be, they need to be drilled.And if we consider the version of the old field, there will be about 3-5 holes.

This is not new wells, but productive. Oil can be extracted from them. For example, drilling a new well to a depth of 1000 meters worth 0.8-1.0 million dollars. Average depth of oil reservoirs have = 2 000 000 meters. The average cost of drilling a hole approximately 2 million dollars.

And the rising cost of oil at the expense of my technology = 30-50 thousand dollars per 1 well. As you can see the difference in cost is - boring is 50 times more expensive than the use of technology of oil production. The result of the same oil!
For example, a large company Rusneft (RUSOIL) was created through the purchase of many small fields and companies and combining them under common management.

The company is now worth billions of dollars.
To begin this activity you need to create a joint venture. Management hire - 3-4. Obtain a guarantee from an investor in the amount of 5-10 million dollars. Begin negotiations for the purchase of deposits. Collateral or the required amount may be nominal state license for subsoil use in the field.

I have been commissioned by the owners of the works on preparation for the sale of several small oil companies with my technology production intensification. As a result, the company successfully sold at good prices.

For successful implementation of this project, I have everything you need - experience in leading oil producer, the company leadership experience to the intensification of oil production, effective in practice, enhanced recovery technology, experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for the intensification of production - and hydrovibrator drills, a personal agreement with the best in the region experts - geologists, geophysicists, etc. cooperation.
Need investor to start oil production at the new high-tech level and create a highly profitable company.
If this offer you're interested, ask me questions.
Rodionov, Sergey O. - the initiator and leader of the project.

Phone: 8-927-221-67-17
E-mail: arsenal-geo@yandex.ru





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