Creating a logistics complex class "A" volume of 15 000 pallets in Crimea


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Creating a logistics complex class "A" volume of 15 000 pallets in Crimea

Brief description of the project.

The result of this project is the construction of a new logistics complex in the Republic of Crimea and on its basis the provision of logistics services. The project envisages construction of storage buildings 1 Class "A" area of ​​10 000 sq. m. (15,000 pallets) with different temperature regimes "18" and the possibility of further arrangement under any temperature conditions, such as "2 0" or "-18". The warehouse complex will be equipped with leveling platforms, allows you to handling operations with different types of vehicles, without dusty floors and rack systems. The complex provides accommodation of staff and staff in offices (3,000 sq. M.), Arranged over the area of ​​the expedition.

The initiators of the project.

The initiator of the project is a group of top managers specializing in the creation of logistics centers and systems management. The initiators of the portfolio is the construction of several logistics centers in different regions of the Southern Federal District with a different level of class and temperature, as well as various applications. Also, under our direction has been established logistics system is one of the largest distribution companies in the SFD. In establishing the system at different venues (Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Volgograd, Sochi, Stavropol, Astrakhan) had to solve various problems of an economic, social and legal issues inherent in this or that region. But as a result of logistical system was recognized as one of the best in Russia according to Nestle Russia. We have worked with major clients like PepsiCO, Wrigley, Nestle, Mars, Philip Morris International.

An analysis of the potential market and the benefits of the project.

Republic of Crimea has a population of 2.3 million. People that is comparable to the population of nearby regions such as the Voronezh, Volgograd and Stavropol. And during the summer season increases the flow of tourists, which is variously estimated from 2.5 million. 5 million. Per year. Since 2014 in the Crimea significantly increased the purchasing power of the population.Experts say that this year has shown a sharp jump in retail trade in the peninsula - an increase of 60%. Next will only increase this figure. This is mainly due to the increase of welfare. On the territory of the Republic of Crimea, a free economic zone that allows you to receive significant tax preferences on the main taxes such as income tax, corporate property tax, an accelerated depreciation, exemption from land tax, and reduced rates of insurance premiums for a long period until 2040 year. Also Crimea can become a logistics transit point for the Black Sea countries, and as a consequence of the -pereraspredelit cargo flow between St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk and Sevastopol. Another important factor is the problem of transport links between mainland Russia and the Republic of Crimea, which affects the deficit product and, accordingly, the growth in consumer demand for products of those companies that keep their wastewater directly on the peninsula and can fulfill its obligations to customers regardless of the situation on ferry. All of this leads to the fact that there is a shortage of quality warehouse space. Also at that time the Crimean market of warehouse logistics is like a blank sheet on which you can write anything you want, as high-quality warehouse space is practically absent in the country, resulting in a very strong competitive advantage in our project. Now there was the most favorable situation for the project due to the impact of the above factors. The new logistics center is to replace and exceed the existing storage capacity - logistics operators represented in the republic, the technical condition that does not allow to meet the demand of international and Russian industrial companies and distribution solutions that require high-quality services. The period of construction and commissioning of the complex is 2 years. Construction of the complex will be carried out its own construction division.

The attitude of investors and the initiators of the project.

It is planned to create a new enterprise, whose founders will, is an investor and project proponents. Control over the flow of funds is conducted in accordance with the approved budget.

Project cost

The total cost of the investment costs of 342 721 thous. Rubles and includes the development of technical project of construction, construction of facilities, purchase and commissioning of the equipment and software of the company to run a logistics complex.

Sources of financing

Funding for the project is expected to raise funds by investors:

• Investor's funds - 342 721 thousand. Rubles Terms of investment:

• The amount of investments - 342 721 thousand. Rubles

• Use of installments for 2 years

• The investor's share of 50-70%

• Return on investment within 6 years from the beginning of investment.

Estimation of economic efficiency and financial viability of the project:

• Cash income at 90% output power 179 million. Rubles per year or 15 million. Rubles per month.

• Net profit of 125 million. Rubles per year or 10 million. Rubles per month. • The capitalization of the company after the launch of the project will amount to 480 mln. Rubles;

• Simple payback of investment costs of the project - 6 years from the start of the project;

• Discounted payback (at a discount rate of 15.84%) - 9 years;

• Internal rate of return of the project (IRR) - 14,62%; • Profitability index (PI) - 46,34%;

• The break-even point is reached at 42% loading capacity of the warehouse; • The loss ratio is achieved at no minimum price rubza 466 pallets per month, the price used in the calculation of the project ravnoa1000 rubles. for pallets ,.

Investments in the amount of 342 721 thous. Rub., Due to the company's other income, fully cover the needs of the project financing.

€ 4.275.000



Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 6 year

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