Create Project production of quality pre-fabricated houses


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Create Project production of quality pre-fabricated houses

Looking for a partner-investor of the project to create a production-quality prefabricated houses made of wood, based on several technologies in the private construction, wooden construction. Almost immediately, this technology allows you to work with some waste timber within the lower cost of raw materials, with no loss of quality.

The idea of ??the lay panel-frame, frame-panel method of construction, but full of solid kiln-dried wood glue and without any chemistry with the intersection of horizontal and vertical "windproof" layer of boards at a special universal finger jointed. A similar scheme (more simple) cross sections of dried boards have long been successfully used in Europe, a time-tested.

The proposed mixed technology invited to make the production base panel (blocks) and boards (walls, foundation, floor, ceiling, roof) are ready for rapid and accurate assembly at the construction site, without resorting to the need for large trucks and cranes. On weight and size, no finished part to the assembly should not be greater than it would be unable to cope with 2 people and the ability to deliver the car if necessary, such as gazelle to the construction site.


- An environmentally friendly house from an array of natural wood without glue and chemicals
- Minimum construction time on site
- Does not require large trucks to remote construction sites
- High-quality error-free assembly
- The minimum set of tools on site
- The minimum number of workers for assembly 2 people
- Free planning
- Very strong "breathing" walls without shrinkage
- Use a special finger connections ensures high durability and stability of structures and the "windproof" layer of wood
- High fire resistance
- The possibility of using virtually any material for exterior and interior finishing
- The possibility of up to 80% of the material to work with waste wood and various wood species, increasing profitability
- Ability to vary the size of timber output by increasing the useful cutting
Customer-options to choose the thickness of the walls, including the quality of performance and price, respectively, plus combining with other materials such as (layers), as expanded clay, etc.
- Ability to work in different price categories of construction
- As an option in the future to sell the product as a kit, a designer and work with outside engineering firms
- Possibility to start a business with minimal operational and financial capacity

At the moment there are already small production (sawing) of the area for testing this technology and launch.

Business Plan NO! As still a lot to do before you start writing it. Poor quality, no waste product to market is not interested in how to run and swim poorly prepared business! The quality of the priority!

In the case of real interest, preferably a personal meeting, the arrival of a potential partner in place. By phone, e-mail did not really show, not tell, do not discuss, etc. (In production until there is no connection, so pre-write an e-mail or sms, if you want to phone, etc.)

Meaning attached photo ideas minimatyure. All the details, the information in the event of real interest.


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