Construction of townhouses (semi-detached houses) in the suburb of Saransk


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Construction of townhouses (semi-detached houses) in the suburb of Saransk

I am looking for an investor for the short-term project to build townhouses (semi-detached houses) in the suburb of Saransk, Resp. Mordovia. Owns land with a privileged location in a settlement from the city of 6 km, 0.23 ha (LPH), initially planned to build a four-section townhouse with the subsequent implementation. The area of ​​each section of 110 m2. Construction period and connecting communications 5-6 months, the estimated term of the real estate 1-6 months. Required an investment of $ 4.4 million rubles, perhaps investing in stages within 4 months, in equal installments, as the project. The minimum cost of sales of real estate rub/m2 25 thousand, the total cost of 11 million rubles, of which 50% go to the investor. So for 6-12 months the investor makes a profit of $ 1100 thousand rubles (25%). With communications and get one. Formal agreement with the company. Minimal risks.

€ 90.000



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Project type: Renewal of circulating capitallType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: StartPayback: 6 month
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