Construction of Cement Plant in the Trans-Baikal Territory


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Construction of Cement Plant in the Trans-Baikal Territory

To date, the Trans-Baikal region is the only one not having its own cement production. Need edge of the cement is approximately 350-400 thousand. Tons per year. Of these 100-120 thousand. Tons of Argun Mining and Chemical Combine (PIMCU) Krasnokamensk, 55-60 thousand. ZabZhD, production plants - 20-25 thousand. Tons, wholesale and retail trade -25 th. Tons. The main customer - construction companies - 80-100 thousand. Tons. Since 2000 to 2008 the growth of cement consumption in the region increased annually by 12-15%. In 2009-2012. consumption fell somewhat due to the crisis. This figure increases significantly with the start of construction of the railway "Lugakan - Gazimursky Plant - Margutsek - Naryn" and the development of a number of fields southeast of Transbaikalia. Rapidly developing frontier zone between China and Russia as well will require a considerable amount of building material. The main supplier of cement in the Trans-Baikal region holding "Sibirtsement", namely: Timlyuysky cement plant (800 km from Chita) and "Angarskcement" (1100 km from Chita). Far East for the last 3 years to cement Chita does not deliver, or in very limited quantities. The pricing policy is the same in both plants, transportation cost of 1 ton of cement in Chita cost about 5800 rubles. In peak periods July - September price increases to 6-8 thousand. Rub. and cement picked up dramatically. Chinese cement of poor quality in Transbaikalia comes extremely rhythmically and in small quantities at a price of 3600-3700 rubles. ton. A brief analysis of the dynamics of cement consumption and the forecast for the next 5-7 years show that the construction of a cement plant in the region, namely the capacity of 250 - 500 thousand. Tons / year is considered essential and justified. Design construction of the plant is expected to lead to a modular scheme, if necessary, may increase the capacity of the existing plant for the next 300 th. Tons per year, and so on. D. Attempts to revive the construction of Ust-Borzinsky cement plant with capacity of 1.5 million. Tons per year (1970 .) with capital costs estimated 12-15 billion.rubles inappropriate for several reasons: first of all, the lack of market for such a large volume of cement shortage of funds in times of crisis, the need to build a complete infrastructure and so on. For the production of cement in the region has all the necessary natural resources: high-quality limestone, clay and large stocks gliezhey. 2BR-grade coals and higher quality. Deposits of carbonate resources occur almost throughout the Trans-Baikal Territory. In the central and southern part of the region is well developed rail - and road network, there are, to the extent necessary, the free energy capacity (Transbaikalia sells electricity). Location cement plant itself is available in two versions: - in close proximity to places of limestone - a suburb of the city of Chita, or first option reduces the cost of transporting the main component - limestone, in the second case does not allow caused environmental problems. In our opinion, the most rational distribution of cement production near the station. Tin. Comfortable bedding high carbonate rocks (7 km Hugochinskoe deposit), clays (Sotsolskoe) directly to the village, quality coal (section "Urtuysky") - 85 km. The presence of well-developed utilities: 1. Railway in 7-10 km road passes near the mine, 2. Human Resources - n. Tin, the regional center, the staff is trained on the same production - lime, 3. Energy power (Kharanorskaya TPP) - 15 km., as well as the ability to use its slag in the process, the section of the deposit and the proposed site of the cement plant are power lines, 4. Water - p. Onon and groundwater. The equipment for cement plant may purchase in China. Our own market research shows that at relatively the same quality and production characteristics of the equipment (1-1.2 million. Tons) price in China for about 15 - 19 million. $ Against 45 - 50 million. $ In Germany.The ability to use Chinese specialists for the installation, commissioning, and subsequently work (learning Russian specialists) of this equipment. Further service units, components, consumables and other greatly simplify the installation and commissioning of production. China, in turn, is ready to deliver the equipment with any degree of environmental protection, under our specific deposits or deposits of limestone, under our chosen production technology. However, the quality of Chinese equipment, serious administrative, bureaucratic and customs aspects nullify the benefits of the Chinese version. The design and construction of the new plant must go from the traditional method of production of cement using clay and gliezhey more technologically advantageous methods. For example, the use of technology in the production of clinker zeolites Shivyrtuyskogo deposit (40 km from the station. Tin) or slag Kharanorskaya power plant. In the subsequent sale of finished products is possible not only in Transbaikalia, but also in the Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk Oblast and Khabarovsk Krai. Not dependent on holding "Sibirtsement" pricing policy, as well as the quality of cement (Cement Research Institute made a mathematical model of cement from the existing resource base) will be able in a short time to refocus cement consumers in these regions. For this project we have taken concrete action steps. Bought at auction and the license for further exploration and production Hugochinskogo limestone deposits with total reserves of more than 11 million. Tons (that is 40 or more years), and other components for cement production (Sotsolskoe clay deposit), Research Institute of Cement made a full package of project documentation cement plant , the financial model and business plan, passed the stage of study and prior approval of the most promising site for the plant. Signed an agreement on the pilot tests of the feedstock. Decorated 5 hectares of land in the city of Chita for the construction of production facilities, supplied railway line.Purchased and put on the design capacity of the equipment for manufacture of metal sandwich panels, which will be used for the construction of a cement factory shops. Negotiations with a number of German factories producing equipment for cement production for its acquisition. There are specific design to delivery and launch the production of cement for a specific field Hugochinskoe capacity of 300 - 500 thousand. Tons per year. Possible purchase of equipment for the integrated development of the deposit - receiving from dumps and substandard raw materials scarce gravel, lime, and some blocks 2 plots Hugochinskogo high quality limestone deposit of decorative plates. Cement Research Institute calculations made, according to which the use of zeolites Shivyrtuya may receive bariynogo cement used in the construction of nuclear facilities. In concrete figures mining and cement plant cement production capacity of 800 - 1000 tons per day, or 300 thousand. Tons per year is as follows: 1. The design and environmental impact assessment for the plant construction, mining, coordination with local and regional authorities the site for placement Production equipment order for a specific field and other authorization activities 2.5 - 3 months. 2. Construction of workshops, equipment installation, creation of infrastructure priority 6 - 8 months. 3. Setting up equipment, the Project Output 3 - 4 months. In total (with appropriate funding) the construction, commissioning and the designed capacity of 12 - 18 months. Price complete set of (German and Russian) equipment for cement plant 700 million. Rubles., Quarrying, purchase appropriate equipment - 130 - 140 million. Rub., Design, matching 120 - 130 million. Rubles. fixed assets 500-550 mln. rubles. Unaccounted and other expenses 100 mln. rubles. TOTAL: 1750 - 1880 Mill. 260-280 rubles Planned profit mln. Rubles. per year, net cash income of 240-260 mln. rubles. per year. The cost of 1 ton of cement -1200-1500 rubles.Payback plant, after reaching its design capacity, according to our calculations and the calculations of experts NIICEMENT is 15 - 20 months. Contact addresses and telephone numbers: 672040, Chita, Chernovskaya, 6, / I 307. Tel. (3022) 20-41-77, 24-36-78. cells. + 7924-279-50-09 E-mail: mishagudz@mail.ru Contact Hutz Mikhail.

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