Construction of apartment houses


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Construction of apartment houses


Project Info

The initiator of the project is CHAO "Dniprozhilbud" - Customer

Legal address: 02 121, Kiev, ul.A.Verbitskogo 32-a and / I 121

Fakt.adres: 02660, Kiev str. Raskova, 19 office 21

Code EDRPOU 32344898

Certificate fees. VAT number 100334695

The main activity of PJSC "Dniprozhilbud" are the construction of apartment houses in Vyshgorod Kiev region, as well as built-in and attached buildings, premises for business use.

PJSC "Dniprozhilbud" acts customer - builder, subcontractor and co-investor in various residential projects in residential real estate in Vyshgorod.

Shareholders and employees of PJSC "Dniprozhilbud" (they are also the owners of PJSC "Dniprozhilbud") have experience in residential construction and successful implementation of large-scale projects in Vyshgorod. One of them is a residential complex "Olzhin Grad" Vyshgorod.

Organizational and legal form of a customer - Private Joint Stock Company. According to the Constitution is the supreme governing body of the general meeting of shareholders. Shareholders are the two individuals and one legal. Individuals control 97% of the shares. (More information about the founders, shareholders CHAO "Dniprozhilbud" provided when entering the draft).

The company has highly skilled engineering expertise in construction, finance, accounting, experts have years of successful experience in residential construction and sales of commercial real estate.

The project concept

On a site of 2.4 hectares of land. It is planned to build five 16-storey 180-apartment, cast-frame houses in the central part of Vyshgorod.

Residential homes will be built on the historical hills Vyshgorod.

Two variants of the designed homes:

Number of apartments - 180 pcs.

The first version of the 150 one-bedroom apartments, 30 two-bedroom;

The second option: 120-bedroom, 30 two-bedroom, 30 two-bedroom.

Two-bedroom apartments with a large area are not claimed.

Technical equipment of the house

Centralized ventilation; Autonomous roof, gas heating system and modern heating system, modern elevators, "Karat-Lift-Kit", the system VyshgorodAvtonomnaya energosohraneniya, fiber optic telephone line Internet; equipment on account of electricity, water;

Civil finishing house:

- Metal doors;

- Glass;

- Entrance doors;

- Screed on the floor;

- Plaster the walls;

- Divorce utilities to shield the apartment;

- Installation of radiators;

- Set the metering of electricity, hot and cold water;

- Finishing of common areas

The advantages of object:

Pacific Green Center Vyshgorod; beautiful view and a decent view out the window with the height of the right bank of the Dnieper River, Kiev Sea on the other side of the timber array, clean air (not in a hazardous industry) Convenient transport by road and rail interchange, delivery of city residents The nearest metro station "Heroes of Dnepr", "Minsk", "Petrovka" Kiev (distance of 10 km.) Availability of advanced socio-cultural infrastructure in the city, social environment inherent in the small satellite city metropolitan of Kiev.

Current project status

Customer CHAO "Dniprozhilbud" to date on the project, the following work:

- Made the project land acquisition was approved by a notary and signed a contract to lease the land area for construction of residential houses a 2.4 ha to g 01/20/2013.

- Get all the technical conditions for electricity, water supply, sanitation, gas supply;

- Made the design documentation stage "P", fifteen volumes;

- A positive conclusion, "Ukroblinvestekspertizy";

- Fifteen volumes of project documents under "P" is forwarded to the Ukrainian State Scientific-Research Institute of Urban Design "UGNIIPG" to produce documentation.

- Signed an agreement for the manufacture of documentation;

- Partially demolished dilapidated private homes, and residents relocated from the site area;

- Now you can begin construction of two houses;

- One house has already made the project "Working documentation" on

- Pit

- Pile field,

- Plate.


A plot of land allocated for construction CHAO "Dniprozhilbud" size of 2.4 hectares is located in the second tier construction Vyshgorod. That is, between the existing nine-storey residential buildings in close proximity to the city's central square, 200 meters from the city executive committee in a specified section of partly demolished and partly will be demolished during the construction of private houses dilapidated.

Private traders are especially interested in the demolition of virtually uninhabitable and you have new apartments.


In the area adjacent to the site area available:

- Transformer substation;

- Drafted a temporary power;

- Moved old power;

- Completed laying 300 meters running sewer;

- In and near the gas supplying network.


- Reconstruct "TP" - to lay a power cable (approximately 300 linear feet) water supply and sewerage system in part.

Analysis of residential real estate market Vyshgorod.

PJSC "Dniprozhilbud" serves as a Developer, Customer Vyshgorod.

Over 7 years of work built and put into operation:

- One 16-storey residential building at 145 apartments residential area - 15 000 m2 (commissioned in 2007);

- Four cell house 450 apartments - 22 000 m2 of living space (commissioned in 2010);

- Three-cell house 350 apartments of about 20 000 m2 of living space (due date - first quarter 2011).

Currently Vyshgorod not being built by other developers and other construction firms, and no immediate plans to enter any dwelling. Given the above experience in the construction and sale of apartments the most important information is the factor that in this region in great demand one-bedroom apartments malometrazhnye.

All houses built and put into operation no demand from the population and two-level bedroom apartments large.

That is why a planned homes provides one-bedroom apartments 120-150 (of 180), others are designed with a free two-bedroom layouts.

Over the past years on the market in this segment there is a steady demand for one-bedroom apartments malometrazhnyh.

Consumers in this segment serve as a rule, young families, immigrants from other regions and other buyers with a small amount of income from the local population become malometrazhnye apartment with a view to putting them out.

The demand for such apartments is determined by the market land sales in the area of ??Kiev-Vyshgorod.

Pricing Policy

The practice of selling new homes over the past three years has changed dramatically. Changed the geography of sales of the elite and malometrazhnogo housing (with the elite and elite housing all clear).

Malometrazhnyh market apartments in the historic town, with a better environment than luxury housing in Kiev gas pollution are in constant demand.

It's practically a vacation home, apartment, ie a new, country, affordable housing for the average consumer.

As of the first quarter of 2011:

- Selling price of 1 m2 in one-room apartments Vyshgorod range 9100 - 9500 UAH (1100-1200 dollars), against - 8900 USD cost per square meter in one-and two-bedroom apartments.

Cost of 1 m2 of commercial property (in all houses handed) I-th and ground floors of approximately U.S. $ 1100-1200.

Project finance

The project is financed from the funds of commercial banks and equity buyers (investors). The need to finance the construction of a dwelling house means the bank is 7-8 million (50-60 million USD. Incl. VAT).

Planned date of construction of the house 18 months.

When the project is planned to use investors' funds. Practice shows that potential buyers posleizvestnyh crisis events much "vizhidayut" with contributions of cash until the house "closed" from the outside. Only a few make the full amount before the main volume of construction works on the subject.

The customer for three years, performs design and a number of preparatory works on site.

With the development of the project should be considered:

- Design of "documentation" is in the process of building the facility;

- Binding the finished project for each subsequent home areas.

- The period of execution of construction works is 14 months;

- The existing external engineering networks are located in close proximity to the building site.

Customer CHAO "Dniprozhilbud" concluded the contract for the project "documentation." Design Institute began to design "RD" of the I-House, the total amount of design work 1.2 million UAH.,, Cost of the project each subsequent anchor the house to the area is 300-400 UAH.

The forecast performance of the project.

The project is attractive in the construction of 60% or more one-bedroom apartments in the house.

Start Project II quarter 2011

- The total investment budget of construction of one house is about 60-70 mln. VAT included

- Sold residential floor area 11 100 sq.m.

11 100 * 1200 = 13.32 million U.S. dollars;

- Sold the first floor area - 680 sq.m.

680 * 1200 = approx. 820 000 U.S. dollars;

- Sold the basement area - 950 sq.m.

800 * 1000 = U.S. $ 800 000.

The projected total sales of all 14-15 000 000 USD (110-120 mln)

The average cost of square meters construction over the past four years amounted to USD 4500-4800 / m2

The cost of engineering systems, based on five houses - is negligible.


existing relationships of the project participants

Customer - PJSC "Dniprozhilbud"

General investor -

Bank determines that:

- General contractor;

- Control-group estimate of their number of proxies.

All members (including subcontractors) only open accounts in the bank.

Customer trust issues bonds for each apartment.

General investor buys back the bonds to become more familiar with construction work, but not at a premium, that is, the construction costs.

These funds are earmarked and sent only to fund development assistance (net of 2.5% for the maintenance of customer service).


1) control group for an estimated price policy development;

2) serves as securities trading over the building, through Brokers Bank;

3) serves as custodian.

Cash flow occurs within the same bank.

In a further group of sales to end customers of the Bank sells securities (bonds) that are presented at maturity in exchange for the construction of apartments.

PJSC "Dniprozhilbud" for 7 years to make three emissions target bonds.

Ultimately CHAO "Dniprozhilbud" receives its share of securities that is equal parts of square meters of residential and non-residential area of ??the house.

The proportions of the relations of square meters of residential and nonresidential areas of the project participants are established in a separate agreement, and are constantly changing throughout the building as needed funding for current activities of the Customer.

Notes to the Bank-Investor

Cash and settlement services of all participants of the project is within the same bank.

They are:

- 30-35 businesses and organizations performing subcontract work on construction of homes (serviced by the bank);

- 180 potential buyers from among the population, some of which are in need of loans (serviced by the bank);

- If the bond issue by the Customer, the Bank redeems them for the cost of construction per square meter, while controlling the use of funds;

- Has the ability to freely resell without tax and securities transfer law requirements for the construction of investment funds and other financial institutions;

- Owns the right to bring the bonds in exchange for the apartment after receiving a certificate of conformity Gask and registration of ownership in BTI).

€ 10.000.000

Project specialization


Files project


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