Construction of 3 *** hotel with bar, restaurant, conference hall and a SPA-center in the city of Ivanovo.


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Construction of 3 *** hotel with bar, restaurant, conference hall and a SPA-center in the city of Ivanovo.

Investment project Construction of a hotel 3 *** with a bar, restaurant, conference hall and a SPA-center in the city of Ivanovo.

Project title: Posadskaya Sloboda (Sloboda Assumption)
Location: Ivanovo, Frunze the house number 7 in the park area next to the Church of the Assumption, one of the attractions of the city of Ivanovo and Ivanovo region of all, an outstanding monument of ancient Russian wooden architecture, dating from XVII-XVIII centuries.

Future hotel is within walking distance from the center of culture and recreation Ivanovo "IVTEKS " on the stage which are landmark events of regional and city level, concerts and performances by famous bands and artists of the country.

Frunze street leading to the departure from the regional center, in the direction of Reach, the next point of the tourist route "Golden Ring of Russia '.
Type of land: land settlements.
Permitted use: for the construction of the hotel
Type of right: rent a land plot for FIC.
Land area - 4400 m2.
Built-up area-850 m2.
Total area of ??variable height: 1800-2200 m2
The composition of the project:
• Hotel for 70-90 seats. From 30 to 45 rooms. Built-up area 640 sq. m, total area of ??1200 sq. m .. m, the effective area of ??1020 sq.m.
• SPA-center with a total useful area of ??480 square meters, consisting of 3-5 separate isolated wetlands and recreational facilities (sauna, hydro massage showers, baptismal font, a Jacuzzi)
• Bar and restaurant with 100 seats. total area of ??450 kv.m.s summer terrace
• Meeting room with 100 seats. total effective area of ??140 sq.m.
• underground and surface parking for 25 cars.
• Elements of an accomplishment of territory of small forms, collapsible design for commercial use.

Conceptual solutions:
The building of a variable number of storeys to 4 storeys with a basement and the attic floor is made in the Russian classical style, with elements of wood and stone decor, good harmony with the surrounding birch and linden grove and monument of ancient wooden architecture of the Assumption Church.

Prerequisites for success of the project:
A.Regional center is not enough high-quality modern mid-range hotels, located in parks with a full range of services and are close to the central transport communications.
Two. Positioning of the hotel as a "business hotel", the presence of the SPA-center, conference - hall will provide a uniform average annual occupancy rate of 75% - 80%.
Three. Being in walking distance from almost TsKiO "IVTEKS", the largest exhibition and concert complex in the region, the hotel will be provided by its customers.
4. The presence of a 2-km away from the railway and the new (planned) auto-station, will also help increase occupancy.
5.Sosedstvo with one of the most valuable monuments of ancient Russian wooden architecture, style and architecture of the hotel, landscaping adjacent park area, will perform at the nearby territory of the massive popular celebrations in the Russian national traditions, attracting tourists and residents while receiving additional income.
6. The ability to create the necessary level of safety and comfort for our guests to meet modern requirements, at the expense of quality design and construction, will position the hotel as a "business hotel" with elements of Relaxation.
7. The project is distinguished by the fact that he was having a low (for a hotel of this level) construction costs, shows a fairly high yield and an acceptable payback period.
Investment costs for the construction and commissioning of the hotel:
• 91 million - 112 million rubles
Payback period:
• Up to 5 years
The project will be on the terms and conditions:
• Corporatization
• Loan funding
• Project financing
• Full rights of redemption for this project.
The developer of the Project, in coordination with a future investor, willing to stay in the project and serve as project management, as well as to conduct the full range of design, survey and construction works.

€ 2.800.000


г.Иваново,Ивановская обл.

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 5 year

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