Construction in Finland


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Construction in Finland

Initiator of the project: AO Yuan Holding, Finland, Helsinki. Registry code 1811684-5

Purpose of the property: 1-2 inline-storey residential building of 4 apartments with a terrace and parking

Object location: Finland, Helsinki, str. Larin Paraska d. 29

Land area: 1111 m 2

Projected surface:

  • Total area - 278 m2
  • Utility rooms - 9 m2
  • Parking - 50 m2

Expected cost of the project:

  • Stage 1 - Development and coordination of the project - € 20,000
  • Stage 2 - Purchase of land - € 260,000
  • Stage 3 - Construction - from € 1500 to € 1800 m2, depending on the level of development
  • Total - € 760 000

The projected revenues from the project:

  • The cost of square meters sold like objects of this district - from € 3800 to € 4200
  • When selling an estimated market in July 2014 - from € 296 000 to 407 000
  • When renting an estimated market in July 2014 (annual) - € 30,000

The construction period of the project: 10 months

Stage of the project: Development of the project. Made initial calculations and approval. Studied soil

Required funding:

  • Stage 1 - Development and coordination of the project
  • Stage 2 - Distribution of land on shares
  • Stage 3 - Construction

Financing Terms:

  • Loan secured by the project;
  • Investor - financial partner;
  • The buyer of the project;


Construction involves the construction of terraced residential building height of 1-2 floors of 4 separate apartments with a private courtyard or terrace. Distribution includes the ability to balconies width up to 1.6 m., Basement, as well as functional insulated attic. On the site provides a children's playground, parking for motor vehicles, as well as small domestic warehouses.Free layout of apartments and an adjacent private courtyard with terrace apartments make popular and attractive.

Factors of high profitability of the project:

The land is located in the city of Helsinki, in a residential area, which is distant from the city center. In the vicinity is a large shopping center Kaari. Location of the property has convenient traffic interchange at the intersection of the Helsinki-Tampere and the first ring road. In the vicinity of the land plot has all the necessary utilities. Constant demand and rise in house prices of its kind in the metropolitan area guarantees the stability of the project.

Initiator of the project: AO Yuan Holding, has long experience in the construction industry and has the resources and construction technology that maximizes the efficiency of investment. Plot of land for construction of the complex is owned by a partner of the initiator of the project, which makes it impossible to carry out all the necessary procedures and harmonization at the initial stage of the project and reduce the risks to the distribution of land ownership rights.

€ 760.000


Финляндия, Хельсинки

Project specialization


Type of investment(s): Financial partnerProject status: StartPayback: 1 year

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