Construction and operation of hotel and akvaparkovogo complex "Azure Harbour"


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Construction and operation of hotel and akvaparkovogo complex "Azure Harbour"

The purpose of the project:

Minimum program - providing more than 1.5 million travelers in the southern resort of Odessa region from active and interesting way to spend your free time.

The program maximum - the creation of Mecca activities on the basis of the water park, but in an atmosphere of hospitality and superior comfort for vacationers who are, by both residents and non-residents of Ukraine.

The essence of the project: to provide visitors a chance to rest the water park in a comfortable, welcoming and dynamic environment, allowing for every age find entertainment for every choice and interest. All visitors to the water park "Azure Harbour" will automatically become participants in a carefully planned and thought out presentation, which has no analogues in other similar places of leisure.

DESTINATION: Resort Sergeevka Belgorod - Dniester region, Odesa region.

The parameters of the project:

Building area entertainment and hotel complex - 105000 m 2

Maximum single occupancy water park - 5000.

Water surface area of the large pool, which is generated by surfing a wave height of 3 meters wide, 45 meters - 12,000 m 2.

Spa - Hotel Class *** 250 double rooms.

Boiler room of 14 megawatts.

The required amount of investments - € 120 million

Financial performance:

- Profitability index (PI) = 1,05

- Coefficients. return on sales (ROS) = 83,2%

- Internal rate of return on investment (IRR) = 12,36%

- The average annual return on investment (ARR) = 67.44%

Current project status:

- Develop a detailed business plan for the construction and operation of the water park "Azure";

- Set aside the land area of 7.5 hectares for the construction of the water park (long term lease);

- Conceptual design created by the construction of the water park;

- The project was the primary conciliation and permits.7

Payback period (PBP)

6th year (from the start of construction)  


Break-even point person / day







Break-even point person / month







Break-even point person / year







Indicators calculated taking into account the cost of capital - 10.00%


Net income (NPV), thousand euros.

-86 751.27

-63 420.55  

-32 179,35  

6 515.64

52 598.41


Profitability index, (PI)








Initiator of the project: The company "Garant" in the form of Company

Certificate of ISO 9001:2000 № S2006.6350/01 on 14.09.2006

Registered address: 65117, Odessa, etc. Dobrovolsky, 102, kv.164

Actual address: 65082, Odessa, st. Goldeneye 14, office 5

Tel. / Fax (+38 048) 777-6311, 777-04-74

mob. (+ 38 067) 484 97 40

E-mail: pk2003@ukr.net; terafarm@ukr.net

Contact: Phillip Kleiner Arnoldovich

Section 1

Brief justification of motivation building

Water Park "Azure Harbour"

Currently in the construction of the water park destination "Azure Harbour" is not declared any statement on the organization of the business with such services as are provided for in our project. Water park "Azure Harbour" will meet the current requirements of leisure time almost 5 thousand visitors.

For the successful implementation of the investment project to create a water park has the objective conditions, namely:

  • The current cost of delivering services;
  • stable and sufficient flow of tourists;
  • excellent climatic conditions;
  • availability of low-cost but skilled labor;
  • adequate and well-developed transport infrastructure;
  • the need to reduce the level of unemployment among young people;
  • the need to improve the demographic situation in Sergeevka;
  • The willingness of consumers to pay the cost of service delivery;
  • convenient and advantageous from the point of view of business, the location of the water park;
  • in the absence of any region is not only competitors but also such services;
  • the demand for this kind of leisure is much greater than supply for this type of recreation, even in times of economic crisis in Ukraine;
  • a sufficient number of hotel rooms within a radius of 25 km from the location of the water park for the reception organized by the visitors;
  • commissioning of the water park will mark the emergence of a dominant "player" in the entertainment and recreation business in the South of Odessa region, far superior to his opponents on all counts;
  • availability of a sufficient number of well-developed private sector, aiming to work with the "unorganized" by visitors;
  • overall excellence of the project water park "Cerulean Harbor" over any previously built in the Ukraine, a water park;
  • significant distance water park "Azure Harbour" from the cities in which the functioning water parks;
  • the need for a recreation center, which will allow the younger generation more efficient to spend their own money and parent for the benefit of yourself, family and society;
  • Surrounding the availability of necessary utilities and free limits for energy;
  • the need for a recreation center, in which, as parents with children, and children with parents would be equally interesting to spend their leisure time;
  • facility is designed in such a way as to be attractive to film and photo sessions;
  • political tolerance in the region in comparison with the Crimea and Western Ukraine.


Section 2

Brief justification of motivation building

hotel "Azure Harbour"

In the resort town "Sergeevka" successfully operates 34 resort and recreation complex. The total number of beds of the spa facilities is 8.2 thousand beds, placing a season of at least 100-110 thousand people. Construction landmark destinations that can take a large number of tourists, clearly require increasing the number of beds directly in the Sergeevka. Regardless of the fact that in resort areas such as "Carolino Bugaz" and "Inflow" is located almost 300 different hotels, lodges , motels and other similar institutions that are able to take a little more than 47 thousand people. at the same time, the introduction into service of such a class as a set of "Azure Harbour" will require a significant increase in the number of beds in Sergeevka and in Zatoke.

Operation of the water park "Cerulean Harbor" itself creates the need for hotel rooms in an amount of not less than 32 thousand people. Therefore, the construction of wellness - hotel at the water park is more than reasonable solution to solve the following problems:

- Regularly receive a stable and steady income;

- Interesting and fun to hold corporate parties;

- And take place in the holiday season a water park;

- To become a major employer in the resort town area of 630 hectares, with all the features of this provision (reconstruction and construction of hotels, resorts luxury homes and apartments, etc.);

- To take place in the off-season and people who have the need to obtain treatment of the estuary water and mud, which has a high mineral content and efficient energy properties;

Proceeding from the above, we can conclude that the construction of wellness - hotel together with the construction of the water park is more than justified.

Section 3

Potential competitors.

Since 2003, Ukraine has already opened and successfully operated 16 water parks. In Crimea, is this: "Blue Bay" (Yalta), "Water World" (Sudak), "Almond Grove" (Alushta), "Banana Republic" (Evpatoria), "Zurbagan" (city Sevastopol), "Koktebel" (city Koktebel). On the Azov Sea - the "Cape of Good Hope" (Berdyansk) and "Treasure Island" (p. Kyrylivka). And in the Mykolaiv region "Koblevo" (village Koblevo). Just in Ukraine are seven water parks all season - in Odessa, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kharkiv, Lviv and Kiev Brovary.

None of the existing water parks will not have a negative impact on the potential flow of tourists to the water park "Azure Harbour", primarily because of its remoteness of the location of the water park "Azure Harbour." Moreover, the evidence shows the opposite - poor quality of service provision in the above water parks has generated among vacationers migratory movement in search of water park with a better rest. The first wave of excitement is gone, and the potential customer wants their money to get a better product. In this case, a water park, "Azure harbor" for market acceptance of price in a position to provide not only a lot more services, but also to present them in a better "packing". This step alone is able to attract significant flows of tourists. If we add to this that the water park "Azure Harbour" is located next to one of the most important highways of the country, for tourists using the road, it is not economically profitable to go to the Crimea for recreation. For example, in Kiev. And this is - an additional potential flow, consisting of more than one million people.

Taking into account that the water park "Azure Harbour" is not built like a model, but as an individual, and signed, with a pre-laid down in the draft elements of prestige, interest and hospitality - the impact of competition on the job Waterpark "Azure Harbour", given their remote location and lack of training lead competition for the visitor - can be considered futile and baseless.

Talk about any competition SPA - hotel "Azure Bay" does not have to. All sleeping facilities operating in "Sergeevka" built before 1990 and require a large and constructive reconstruction. If we talk about the places to stay located in the territory of such resorts as "Carolino Bugaz" or "Inflow" that they, despite their large number in the same can not be competitive in the following circumstances:

- Remoteness;

- Seasonal work (100 days);

- No spa - infrastructure.

Section 4

District build a water park and hotels

Place designated for the construction of the water park "Azure Harbour", is located in the resort town of Sergeevka - Ukraine, Odessa Region, Belgorod-Dniester region. Urban infrastructure. The population of 6500 people. Spa resort on the Black Sea for rest and treatment of tourists.

Sergeevka (15 km from the city of Belgorod-Dniester, 18 km from Zatoka) - a well-known resort, thanks to the mud Shabolatskogo estuary, similar to, and in some respects, superior Kuyalnitskogo therapeutic mud. The resort is located on the north bank of the plain Shabolatskogo estuary. The property extends over 631 hectares, of which 82 hectares - green belt. Shabolatskogo salty estuary is a body of water separated from the Black Sea, a narrow strip of sand, of a width of 120-150 m, which is connected to the resort bridge. On a sand spit unspoiled natural environment with a magnificent beach. For tourists the holiday rental equipment, water skis, motorcycles, etc. The climate resort due to the influence of the Black Sea, park area and the vast steppes, stepped up to the resort from the north.

Sergeevka - developed urban village. The complete absence of "bad" plants in a radius of 100 km, the purity and abundance of parks did resort an ideal place for recreation and relaxation many tourists.

Currently, the resort Sergeevka are 12 hotels, 8 health centers, tourist complex, more than 10 lodges and camps for children who are able to simultaneously take up to 10,000 visitors and up to 4,000 people at a time can be accommodated in the private sector of the settlement. Sergeevka village is in close proximity to another traditional venue for summer vacation many tourists - the resort Inflow and Carolina - Bugaz.

Inflow Resort - Carolino Bugaz - (60 km south-west of Odessa) - fast-growing tourism and wellness center in Ukraine, located on the picturesque sand spit between the Black Sea, the Dniester estuary and salt lakes. This strip of sand that stretches for two dozen miles away, has always been considered an elite vacation spot: the open, warm sea, bright sun, the microclimate of the estuary, has absorbed all the smells of the southern steppe. Throughout braids - beaches, a width of 100 m with a clean fine sand. Flat bottom of the sea creates the perfect conditions for swimming.


The favorable geographic location, distance from industrial centers and a complete lack of industrial enterprises have allowed this area to become one of the cleanest places on the Black Sea coast.

The holiday season lasts from April to mid-October. The average daily temperature in summer is 28-33 degrees and the water temperature is 19-23 degrees. For accommodation, travelers are provided recreation, boarding houses, summer houses or cottages on the "suites", with all the amenities (room rate $ 60-90 per person per night) before placement with a simplified service (room rate of $ 15 per person per night ). According to the climate characteristics of Sergeevka resort is a resort area of Odessa, the characteristic features of which is dry air, refreshed by a light sea breeze, the duration of the warm season (April to October), the abundance of sunny days - more than 290 in a year. In the warm period of relative humidity in the range of 40-70%, which corresponds to a zone of comfort.

Section 5

The basis of payback

A detailed calculation of flows vacationers and pricing policies set out in the business plan of construction and operation of the water park "Cerulean Harbor" and the business plan for the construction and operation akvaparkovogo hotel "Azure Bay."

Pricing in the water park "Azure Harbour."

To calculate the pessimistic economic operation efficiency water park "Cerulean Harbor" used the price of admission is equal to 25 euros (full shift), slightly below the average level of prices of tickets in a variety of water parks in Ukraine during the season of 2011 and 2012. With the above price of admission payback hotel - akvaparkovogo complex will occur in the fourth year of operation.

Pricing in the hotel "Azure Bay."

For a pessimistic calculation of economic efficiency of operation of hotel "Azure Bay" took into account the price per night is 95 euros. This cost will be competitive enough on the basis of the quality of service and living conditions, which will be offered to guests of the establishment. The price does not include the cost of providing Spa - services and water park, but includes three meals a day.

With the above cost of hotel accommodation hotel and return akvaparkovogo complex will occur in the fourth year of operation.

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the pricing policy adopted for the calculation of cost-effectiveness hotel - akvaparkovogo complex is more than justified, though the level of quality of the proposals, we wish to provide consumers with a water park, "Azure Harbour" and the hotel "Azure Bay."


Brief justification flows.

According to our research, as well as according to the Institute of Market Problems and Environmental-Economic Research (Southern Branch of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), which coincides with the assessment of major local (working in Zatoke and Sergeevka) operators of hotel and tourism business for the period from 2004 to 2011 on resorts Carolino Bugaz, Inflow and Sergeevka rested on average from 1.4 to 1.65 million. per season (May-September), which is about 3 times greater than that required for a full load water park "Azure Harbour." For profitable operation waterpark "Cerulean Harbor" need no more than 4,000 people during the first shift and 2,000 thousand for 2 shifts. At 110 days of the water park will need only 540 thousand people. In order to stay within the pessimistic calculation, they do not lay the number of potential users of the following:

- Living in the Odessa region;

- Kiev, who annually increase its presence through the highway;

- Living in Moldova (to the border with Moldova, a total of 60 km);

- Live in other areas located near the construction site of the water park "Azure Harbour." Taken together, this is more than 10 million people.

Based on the above, it is safe to say that the construction of a hotel - akvaparkovogo complex will be more cost-effective than what the reviews say the world leading companies in the field of economy.

In the water park "Azure Harbour" is present that can never be within their own water parks MAKE THEIR OWNERS - TERRITORY enhance the comfort and other interesting ZONES, such as a swimming pool with ocean waves.

Section 6

The attractive part of the project water park

"Azure Harbour"


Attractive margins.

High motivation of the site visit.

Credibility of events.

Having a lot of special effects.

Relatively short period of construction.

Unusually high resistance proekta.Akvapark "Azure Harbour" - a highly liquid property.

Facility operation will not affect the environment.

The lowest risk compared with any other kind of construction.

The presence of diverse and attractive living plant environment.

Easy control of the construction and operation of the facility from the investor.

Low levels of human factor influence on the operation of the facility.

Tasty, original, versatile and affordable Mediterranean food.

"Cerulean Harbor" will be an attractive location for film and photo shoots.

"Cerulean Harbor" fits perfectly into the existing natural landscape.

Facility operation is absolutely harmless to the flora and fauna of the Odessa region.

With additional funding for the object can be in 3-4 years to turn into an elite club and a place for certain categories of travelers.

First amusement is something that has always been a secondary water parks water, food, sound, light, color, smell, informativnost.Proekt extremely competitive over time.

After its implementation will be difficult to create anything like that in the next 8-10 years.

Motivation visit the water park "Cerulean Harbor" will be much higher and more stable than any other water park, which was built in the Ukraine

The facility, designed by "Azure Harbour", is perfect for organizing and conducting corporate events.

Water park "Cerulean Harbor" is the perfect venue for any competitions, including beauty contests.

Operational, political, economic, investment, market, production ¸ institutional, commercial and external risks to the water park "Azure Harbour", is extremely low, which only increases the interest of investors to invest in this project.

Attractive economic efficiency indicators of operating period of time the water park "Azure Harbour."

There is a company which operates professionally capable to manage construction of the objects in the interests of its owner.

In the water park "Azure Harbour" will operate what is not in any water park built in Ukraine - increased comfort zone, which would give him the exclusivity and individuality.

Clean water in the pools is a special motivation for visiting the water park "Azure Harbour."

The philosophy of the rest in the water park "Azure Harbour" is very different from any other existing in any previously built water park in Ukraine.

Financial and economic indicators



Years of the project







Indicators calculated without taking into account the cost of capital


Cash flow (CF)

30 287.15

40 328,82

59 402.90

80 933.35

106 023.94


Cash flow (CF) (after tax)

27 030.96

31 053.19

45 740,23

62 318,68

81 638.44


Net profit (NP)

-96 678.90

-65 625.71  

-19 885.47  

42 433.21

124 071.64


Return on investment (ARR)







The internal rate of return, (IRR)






Odds. Return on sales (ROS)







€ 120.000.000



Project specialization


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Extra financingProject status: Business ideaThe partner: The sponsorPayback: 7 year

Files project


Azure Bay -view to the sea.jpg
panorama 1.jpg
Лазурная Гавань - Генплан.jpg
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Dear sir/madam, Thank you for your comments and your interest in our project. My name is Phillip Kleiner. We are an established private company situated in seaside Ukrainian city of Odessa. We have a vast experience in projecting, developing and operating commercial projects from Greenhouse to Oil terminals. At present we are looking for investors for our new project - Construction and Operation Spa hotel - Aqua park complex «Azure Bay». Should you be interested in cooperating with us, please do not hesitate to contact the writer. Kind regards, Phillip Kleiner project manager tel: + 38 048 777 6311 mob + 38 067 484 9740 E-mail pk2003@ukr.net
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