Construction and operation of a tourist complex in the Altai Mountains


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Construction and operation of a tourist complex in the Altai Mountains

The direction of the selected investment real estate development and tourism in one of the most promising tourist regions of Russia - Altai Mountains. The region is actively growing, and even in the crisis years 2009-2010 the number of incoming tourists increased, and in 2010 was variously estimated from 1.1 to 1.5 million.
The investment project envisages the construction and operation of a tourist complex with a capacity 216 people in a picturesque location in the mountains of the Altai region of Altai.
Acquired in the property section of the total area of ??more than 22 hectares in a convenient location and is promising for the development, including - For year-round operation of the facility, which significantly improves the financial performance of the project.
Marketing and economic analysis leads us to expect a stable competitive performance of the project, even without taking into account the growth trends in the tourism market of Altai and planned improvements of infrastructure situation in the tourist complex (federal highway construction Biisk-Altai-Cherga, summing up the gas pipeline, etc.).

The project has passed the primary stage of investment, ready for immediate implementation and will require further investment.
The initiators of the project will not have their own funds, the necessary and sufficient for the project in its entirety in the planned schedule.

In the object of sale (in case of total purchases of the project) includes:

• land area of ??22.67 hectares (owned)
• project documentation set (conceptual master plan, etc.)
• The financial model of the project,
• feasibility of the project,
• building baths (6 * 4.5) with veranda and attic (8 * 3)
• Post Guard - an army of kung insulated,
• Major pedestrian bridge across the creek,
• Warehouse - a metal container (20 feet)
• a set of work performed and their results (well 23 m, fence rabitsy - 1,5 km running, "facade" fence - concrete slate finish with 0.12 line km)
• connection of electrical power (13.5 kW),
• transformer substations for the self (100 kW),
• domain names http://arbanak.ru (for a tourist complex) and http://sarasa.ru (for cottage village).

The value of property sales 12.9 million (end 2011)

Forms of investment: Share capital, share holding, Other
Use of funds: The investment will be used for construction, equipment and running of a tourist complex
Payback period: 4.2 years
Financing terms: Full repayment of the project in its current shareholders or the acquisition of shares in the project.
Funding for the project is carried out within 2 years, according to the plan of building and running complex.
The investor,%: from 70% to 100%
Total project costs, $: 2.35 million
Profitability of the project: 29%
Production profitability,% 152 (at the output of its planned capacity of the project)
Annual turnover $: 2.153 million (at the output of its planned capacity of the project)
The cost of fixed assets, $: 8.46 million (the cost of business after 7 years on the model of Gordon)
Investment guarantees and risks: In a more detailed acquaintance with the project
Other indicators: • The proportion of already made investments in the project - 20%.
• ROI index - 1.3.
• Internal Rate of Return - 29% per annum.
• The payback period is easy - 4.2 years.
• Payback period is discounted - 5.6 years (discount rate 20%).
• Profit after tax (after the third year of the project) - 39.1 million rubles / year.
• The total value of the business on the basis of the forecast period (7 years) - 237.1 million rubles (calculated by the model with pessimistic estimates of Gordon - the growth rate of 2% of cash flows, discount rate 20%).
€ 2.000.000


Алтайский край, Алтайский район


Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: StartPayback: 4 year

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