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Construction BUSINESS HOTEL-class

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I see things that never were;

and I say "Why not? "

George Bernard Shaw


This project involves the construction of the hotel and the presentation of a completely new and unique corporate travel and business center on the kyrgyzskom market. Combining the highest quality services at affordable prices is the main objective of the project. That goal will be achieved with the implementation of business projects of the company "APMS International Future Generation Trading Ltd ".

? The project consists of construction of business class hotel in Bishkek. It is planned that the hotel will be the only business hotel in Kyrgyzstan specializing in hotel services mainly for VIP-persons, business representatives, as well as for ordinary customers. It will be equipped with the latest business technologies, such as wireless internet access and facilities global telecommunications, international satellite TV, web TV, fax, PC, phone, audio recorder, etc. in each room.

? One of the main aspects of the project is to provide VIP-high-quality services for VIP-persons - businessmen, business, international organizations government officials who come to Kyrgyzstan. On the basis of the hotel will operate such important service departments like customs, handling and cargo transportation, language translation, secretarial, courier, delivery driver and tourist services.The main objective of this aspect - to save client from accidental circumstances, and other formalities, give him the opportunity to concentrate on his business, is symbiosis BZNESA and hotels.

? Staffing hotel the newest technologies will allow the client to be able to, regardless of the distance yourself via video online, and book rooms view booked number, service departments, conference rooms, a restaurant in the On-line mode while in any country.

? Meeting room equipped with video On-line conferences and meetings, will allow visitors to conduct activities with any of its office anywhere in the world. Having our own fleet of vehicles from car to bus and well trained staff will cater for any category of VIP - persons at the appropriate high quality service.

Large existing experience in these areas of the company "APMS INTERNATIONAL FUTURE GENERATION TRADING LTD " for more than 17 years, will allow a professional at a qualitative level to implement these services on the basis BUSINESS HOTEL. Thus, summarizing the above facts, the company "APMS INTERNATIONAL FUTURE GENERATION TRADING LTD " plans to create a unique business complex, including the prestigious business hotel, a modern conference center, an extensive network of business units to provide services in the center of Bishkek, the capital of the Republic of Kyrgyzskoy.

The company has already launched the program, invested 300,000 U.S. dollars for the rights to the land, preparation of project documentation, obtaining building permits, site preparation and other related construction and preparation work for construction as well as started stroitelsvu frame of the building.

It is planned to get a loan for 5-7 years with an annual interest rate of 10% and a grace period - 1-2 years.


The project is highly profitable (30%), competitively viable and achievable during the term of the loan. The number of staff and allocation of labor Staff BUSINESS HOTEL will be balanced in such a way as to preclude unnecessary personnel in order to avoid additional operating costs and increase productivity workflow. Each position, starting from the ordinary clerk to the highest manager, will be occupied by hard-working professional with a high level of motivation. Because of the compactness of the hotel and the small number of rooms, the hotel staff will consist of the following categories of employees:

Director - provides goals and objectives and the leading cause fluid local hotel; Administrator - responsible for staff and his work including the control and operation of service departments;

Manager - in charge of external communication, promotion and work with the international market, to build partnerships.

Accountant - responsible for financial matters;

Staff - performing work itself.

Given the high level of unemployment in the republic, and Bishkek, and quite attractive salaries, there is no doubt that the necessary staff will be hired without difficulty. In addition, the majority of new staff positions do not require special skills because of already existing experience earlier in other international hotels such as Hyatt, Mariort, Sheraton. The company "APMS " is an excellent opportunity to attract professionals from other world-famous hotels, the period of its development, staff training, exchange of expertise and other production necessities, which has partnered in the direction of tourism at present.

Brief Description of Project

The hotel will be built in the center of Bishkek at the intersection of Koenkozova-Ryskulova.

There will be 48 double rooms and 8 suites, 8 Suites, 32 business class rooms.

The restaurant with 150 seats, two conference rooms, a small 45 seats and a big 150, one of which will be equipped with modern equipment for video conferencing mode On-line.

The observation deck on the roof of a defined and fixed binocular telescopes and a number of service departments, as a department of language translation, delivery, secretarial services, tour operators.

The hotel will be equipped with brand new Hi-tec video surveillance systems, fire protection and security. The investor, in its discretion, may visit and inspect the company's existing capabilities, as well as the implementation of the project. All equipment, materials and construction products expected to acquire from the world's leading manufacturers and local and / or suppliers directly. Some of the equipment, materials and construction work, such as the construction of the hotel building, substation installation, telephone infrastructure, security systems, fire protection, video surveillance will be purchased directly from the local well-known companies, and the other part - through competitive bidding. To perform the above mentioned challenges, the company "APMS " has proven a skilled staff and trusted sub-contractors with extensive experience in construction. It is planned that during the construction and commissioning will not exceed 12 months from the date of commencement of funding. It is assumed that a short period to achieve the rated output capacity BUSINESS HOTEL (85% load) will be within 3 months from the date of entry into force of the object.The main positive aspects of the project and its impact on the economy of Kyrgyzstan

? This project is most relevant now and will be in demand in the market due to the lack of compact small hotels;

? The project will create more jobs and reduce unemployment;

? The project will increase competition in the hospitality and tourism sector in Kyrgyzstan, will improve the level of such services in Kyrgyzstan, while attracting more tourists and businessmen;

? feature design hotel will be included in the list of sites of architectural structures;

? The overall project is large enough for the development of certain prospects, and is based on real opportunities and market conjuncture;

? Complete hotel high-tech equipment, thematic, non-standard accommodation and additional services, will be an example of a new form of doing business in Kyrgyzstan;

? The project has already begun and is fully consistent with the policy kyrgyzskogo Government and the President on development of tourism in the country.



Overview of the market rates of the hotel market in Bishkek largest number of hotels was in 1998 after 1999-2000. the number of officially registered hotels dropped significantly. This may be due to low incomes in the tourism industry. However, as we noted in recent years the level of services was higher, since only the best survive hotels and has recently been a gradual increase in the number of hotels. Capacity of hotel is also slightly increased. These modern hotels as "Pinara ", "Hyatt ", "Silk Road " replaced the weak hotels. Today, official statistics show that the average load of the hotel is about 35%. According to unofficial information, load average hotel "an elite group of " (see specifications below) is about 35% -40%. However, these small hotels as "Silk Road " (only 36 rooms) have a large load of up to 80%.The structure of the hotel market currently Bishkek hotel market has about 30 hotels with a variety of features, capacity, types of ownership, value and range of services (not including private apartments). Most of the hotels, such as "Dostuk ", "Bishkek ", "Issyk-Kul, " "Sary-Chelek ", "Sayakat " have existed since the Soviet era, while others have been reconstructed, such as "Kyrgyzstan " on the basis of which the hotel was built "Hyatt, " as the other "Pinara ", "Silk Road " have been built recently. The growth of the hospitality industry in Kyrgyzstan after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the so-called "iron curtain " between the Soviet republics and other capitalist countries, is obvious. This factor has allowed many foreign tourists and businessmen to freely travel to Kyrgyzstan. Another important factor is that the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan there are many beautiful natural places, as well as opportunities for mountaineering, hunting, the availability of ski lodges, Lake Issyk-Kul, natural walnut forests Arslanbob, etc. These areas have long been well known as a resort. Active development of the mining industry, energy and other industries, and manufacturing ensure a certain stream of customers for the hotel. The development of banking and construction. Active development of democratic processes in the country, attracting the attention of many international organizations, missions, etc. All of the above is indirectly related to an increase in the flow of customers for the hotel. Taking into account the level of service, production capacity and the prospect of future growth, all hotels in Bishkek can be divided into four groups, namely:

1) "elite group " is characterized by a hotel with a modern, high-quality service, complete infrastructure, strong management, a stable market position and good growth prospects. "Hyatt, " "Pinara " and "Silk Road " to a greater extent, may fall under this category. In our case, they are strong competitors.

2) "advance team " - a hotel with a complete infrastructure, it is a stable market position, good service, but having one or more of the reasons that prevent significant future growth. This is such hotels as the "Dostuk ", "Issyk-Kul, " "P & Co " (Korean center). In any case, this group is quite a serious competitor.

3) "Obsolete Group " - a group of older hotels with the standards for more than a decade ago, a weak market position and prospects for future growth.

4) "Hotels under construction " - it is the hotels that are currently under construction.


Regarding ownership, there are basic forms:

1) The government (state, municipal) - "Issyk-Kul lake "

2) Joint Ventures - "Pinara ", "Silk Road ", "Hyatt "

3) Joint stock companies - "Dostuk "

4) Departmental - "Sayakat ", "Kyrgyzenergo ", "Kyrgyzaltyn ", "Defense ", "This hotel is under the administration of President '

Target Markets

The main target market for the hotel / business center / restaurant can be described as follows:

1) Representatives of business and other businesses, representatives of state and other delegations coming to Kyrgyzstan for businesses to participate in various conferences, exhibitions, presentations, visitors, tourists, sightseers, holidaymakers from Kyrgyzstan, the local population, etc.

2) Visitors to the restaurant, casino and other services provided by the hotel;

3) International and local companies, corporate and network companies, conducting conferences and seminars in Bishkek;

4) Clients of tourist services (companies and individuals)

Key Market Trends and Prospects

Development of the Kyrgyz Republic as an independent state creates favorable conditions for tourism and business. Tourism, in turn, is one of the main ways of integrating Kyrgyzstan into the world community. The experience of other countries shows that the travel industry is one of the most effective ways to get a big profit.Therefore, the purpose of Kyrgyzstan - to make tourism one of the leading sectors in the structure of the national economy of Kyrgyzstan. In Kyrgyzstan, there are conditions in all their diversity, including natural, historical and cultural attractions. Info: Of all the natural conditions for tourism development are the most promising mountains, canyons and glaciers. 90% of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is at a level higher than 1,000 meters above sea level. Peaks, such as the Peak (7439) and Lenin Peak (7134) are among the highest after the Himalayas and the Pamirs. Inylchek - one of the longest glaciers of global significance. In Kyrgyzstan, about 2,000 alpine lakes. The pearl of the Tien Shan - Lake Issyk-Kul, which is the second largest alpine lake after Titicaca in America. The bathing season lasts for 3.5 months. The water temperature in summer is 24 ° C in winter - +4 ° C. The crystal clear water, mineral springs, combined with mountain and sea air creates a unique environment for recreation at the resort with mud and thermal treatment. Historical preconditions for tourism development include: geographical location of Kyrgyzstan due to the fact that the country was in a developed area of ??the Central Asian civilization, was the busiest crossroads in the way of international trade and caravan links between East and West. Today, the development of tourism on the Silk Road, which is a historical and cultural archeological museum "Sulayman, " Uzgen Historic Site, pictures on the rocks of the natural boundaries Saimaly Tash, Manas tomb. This is not only a tribute to their history, eventful, but also a means of intensifying economic and cultural ties between the countries in this Silk Road.

Taking into account the principle of continuity, the traditional trend of tourism in Kyrgyzstan in the new environment, infrastructure and tourist facilities, the most promising may be the following types of tourism:

• resort and recreational tourism;

• Adventure and mountaineering (climbing, white water rafting (rafting), alpine skiing, eco-tourism, etc.);

• International tourism along the Silk Road.

In accordance with the general reforms in the economy, for the above mentioned types of tourism, small and medium enterprises play an important role in tourism. If prior to 1991 in Kyrgyzstan was only three structures working in the field of tourism ( "Intourist ", "Restursovet ", "satellite "), at the present time there are about 1,200 companies with private ownership, including firms with partners from England, Holland, Turkey, Russia, USA and Germany. To date, stat. data only Issyk-Kul area for a year, visits more than one million tourists. State Tourism Development Agency since 2010, organized a presentation of tourist potential of Kyrgyzstan in 20 countries. Travel companies have become regular participants in international tourism exhibitions and fairs in London, Berlin, Holland and other countries. The State Agency has signed a Cooperation Agreement with the State administrative bodies for tourism from 16 countries worldwide. All are very well aware that the successful development of these types of tourism can not be without a good tourist infrastructure, advanced communication links and reliable air and ground main transport routes. The first major investment was directed to these sectors of the economy. However, Kyrgyzstan is still in need of investment in the tourism industry because the industry is growing rapidly and has great prospects in the future. Info: History of the Great Silk Road thing of the past. Despite this, the main branch of the caravan routes crossing the Kyrgyz Republic, did not change over time. Repaired the roads are completely consistent with the major historical branches of the Silk Road. Organization of trips to historic sites, construction camps, small hotels and motels, auto service facilities - all of this relates to the problems of tourism development. And an important role in this is the small and medium businesses.

Summarizing the above information, the following key positive aspects.

  • In Kyrgyzstan, due to the favorable geographical position and a huge number of natural and historic sites, there are good opportunities for the development of the tourism industry.
  • Placement of the Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan, ensures the relative stability and security of the country and can provide a large influx of business, the discovery of numerous international organizations, tourists, experts and other leaders.
  • Active development of mining and exploration areas containing minerals
  • construction of the railway, China _ Asia - Europe
  • Membership in the WTO and Kyrgyzstan in the occurrence in the future Common Economic postranstvo with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
  • The planned construction of the largest hydroelectric power station cascade, involving Russia, Kazakhstan and other states, as well as the development of mining and gold mining industry, the active development of construction in the city, residential and commercial background, roads, contributes to strong demand in the hospitality industry.
  • Active development of the banking system for small and medium-sized businesses, increase jobs and solvency of the population.
  • The presence of river sources

Kyrgyzstan needs more tourist infrastructure and reconstruction of existing infrastructure to ensure a high level of service at competitive prices.


As noted above, is currently on the market in Bishkek hotels can be divided into four main groups - Elite, Advanced, outdated, under construction. Our BUSINESS HOTEL can be attributed to the latter group - "Hotels under construction ". However, upon completion of construction, it is planned that will include a business hotel in the "elite group ". The following is a description of potential competing hotels.

Hyatt Regency Kyrgyzskaya Republic, 720011, Bishkek, ul. Soviet, 191 Tel. 996 312 66 996 1234 Fax 312 66 5744 Email: hyatt_bishkek@elcat.kg "Hyatt Regency Bishkek " is the only five-star hotel in Kyrgyzstan, located in the heart of the business and administrative district and the central cultural area of ??Bishkek.In addition to the 186 guest rooms and suites at the disposal of the hotel has a business center, fitness club, outdoor swimming pool of any shape and adjacent offices. Comfortable bedrooms, attentive staff and excellent location in the heart of the city's business district is doing "Hyatt Regency Bishkek " is quite attractive for a person who knows a good judge. "Hyatt Regency Bishkek " offers 186 guest rooms including one presidential suite and five VIP rooms, suites and exclusive Regency Club. There is also a non-smoking and disabled facilities. The hotel offers 84 rooms with very large beds, 84 rooms with "king " beds and 12 double rooms. "Hyatt Regency Bishkek " offers six rooms for meetings, banquets and conferences, with an area of ??633 m2 and 1250 m2 and offers office space, divided into 33 separate sections for delivery of long-term lease.

Pinar Bishkek "Pinara " is one of the newest hotels in Bishkek. This is also the first four-star hotel in Kyrgyzstan. At present, "Pinara " is one of the leading places in the hotel market in Kyrgyzstan. The hotel is ready to accept 400 guests at a time. Each of the 200-room hotel meets modern requirements. Room service is available round the clock. 200 rooms "luxury " are equipped with double glazed windows for sound insulation, air conditioning and heating system, international telephone access, cable TV, refrigerator and minibar, hair dryer and other convenient and modern facilities. 16 spacious and comfortable suites and 4 presidential suites, single, double, twin. "Pinar Bishkek " provides the following capabilities for conferences, meetings and presentations: lounge, banquet, theater, classroom, conference room. The hotel has a business center with Internet access, a fax machine, scanner, computer and print equipment. Wellness hotel complex "Pinara " includes a sauna, two outdoor pools and tennis courts.

Dostuk Street, Bishkek. Frunze, 429-B Tel.: 284 251 Fax: 284 466 Dostuk hotel is a 10-year history.Several years ago he was one of the most prestigious and modern hotel in Bishkek. At the present time, when Pinara and Hyatt began its operations in Bishkek, Dostuk is good, but not a leading position in the field of hotel services. Some time ago, got a bit Dostuk three-star hotel. Dostuk has the same range of services, and its competitors, as well as competitive prices. No Non-central air conditioning rooms. The room has a refrigerator, satellite TV, telephone for local and long distance calls. There is a business center. Other Services In addition to the Dostuk has a laundry, two restaurants, bar, banquet hall, three meeting rooms, baggage storage, beauty salon, medical center with pharmacy and gift shop. Wellness hotel complex offers two saunas Dostuk with a swimming pool, fitness club, facial treatments, circular showers and billiard room. In Dostuk also has a casino.

Issyk-Kul Kyrgyzskaya Republic, Bishkek Manas Prospect 301 Tel.: 996 (312) 550 746, 550 763 Fax: 996 (312) 550 485, 458 347 E-mail: issyk_kul@netmail.kg Hotel "Issyk-Kul" is located on the outskirts of the capital Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek at the foot of the great Tien Shan mountains. From here begins one of the most beautiful avenues leading to the residence of the president. Near the hotel Issyk-Kul are the architectural complex "Manas Ail", an entertainment recreation center "Flamingo", and the zoo. In addition to the Issyk-Kul, you can reserve a single room, double room or junior suite and presidential suites of the class. All the decoration and furniture is quite comfortable, but old-fashioned compared with the above hotels. Each room has cable TV with 40 channels, air conditioner, refrigerator, mini bar and telephone. There is a restaurant and bar with European, Oriental and local cuisine and drinks in the range. The restaurant has a round hall for 200 people, a small banquet hall for 50 persons and a summer cafe for various activities, presentations, banquets and celebrations. The Business Center has a computer, modem, fax, copier, etc.

Silk Road of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, ul.Abdymomunova 229 Phone (996 312) 66 11 29 Facsimile (996 312) 66 16 55 E-mail: silkroad@infotel.kg Rooms All rooms have bathrooms with tub combinations and heated floors, hair dryers, air conditioning / heater, coffee makers and kettles , color satellite TV, mini-fridge, clock radio, standard connectors for modems and fax machines. Business center and internal travel agency: computer, fax, modem, and photocopier. The Hotel Silk Road has two saunas, a restaurant-bar with an assortment of international and Kyrgyzskoy kitchen, heated pool and a gym, an outdoor summer garden, a lift to all floors, laundry services, including weekend and emergency services, baggage handling services. Specialised areas of toiletries, drinks, books, maps, souvenirs, snack bar, etc. The area of ??the conference room on the top floor is approximately 78 square meters. pm in the conference hall are devices with high-resolution video and audio equipment.

The hotel business - Center Street, Bishkek. Panfilov 237 Tel.: 222 585 It is more a departmental hotel than private. Belongs to the Academy of Management under the President. It does not have such modern conveniences as in the above hotels, and it is rather well-equipped hostel. The other hotels opisnye above does not currently conduct their direct functional activity of the individuals put every floor for rent. Part of the hotels built in the casino and have a minimum number of numbers less than 5 -10.

Main comparative advantages of Hotel / Tourism / BUSINESS CENTER «APMS» THE FOLLOWING:

a) All suites and business rooms are equipped with all necessary business equipment such as a computer with high speed Internet access, fax, satellite TV, audiovideopereferiya, wireless communication, to ensure maximum comfort for business people at work.

b) The advanced design and excellent interior room thanks to the use of modern materials for the construction of high-tech security monitoring, sauna and swimming pool.

c) in the hotel restaurant for 150 persons offers a huge selection of delicious European, Oriental, national dishes and drinks in the range. It can also be used for banquets, presentations and social events. The main feature of the restaurant will be e-menu which will allow any visitor to order a meal at a computer in your room.

d) The hotel has 2 beautiful APMS-equipped bar and restaurant at 45 and 150 persons, suitable for organizing meetings and conferences with a total area of ??350 square meters. It also offers 500 square meters working area divided by different types of services, shops, showrooms, etc.. These rooms, offices can be designed to accommodate the service departments APMS. It is also possible long-term lease the above premises.

e) A wide range of business services within the hotel allows foreign businessmen to forget about the formalities of the visit and all the unforeseen business problems by transferring their employees APMS.

e) Very high level of hospitality and business services at competitive prices. Special promotion strategy in the market, using existing partnerships APMS with other companies and organizations. 0.15% of total sales volume of services will be allocated to the cost of marketing.

Marketing campaign will include the following major programs:

1) Advertising on the Internet includes the development of corporate web site BUSINESS - HOTEL with associated service (in development now), which will be information about the hotel, company, complete list of services, etc.

2) Road advertising will cover the main transport artery, Bishkek (roads, railways, airlines). Advertising will be placed on posters and billboards.

3) Advertising in the media will largely promote the full range of services provided in BUSINESS HOTEL.

4) Release of information booklets and brief essays about the company.Brief sketches of the information will be distributed to travel agencies, international organizations, embassies, airlines and other transportation agencies, various ministries, chamber of commerce and governmental agencies.

5) Development of a flexible tariff policy of discount to be provided by regular visitors, youth, children, newlyweds, etc.

6) Implementation of various advertising campaigns for some of the common and private celebrations such as "New Year", "Christmas", "8 March", "Valentine's Day," "Honeymoon," and so the wedding festivities with flexible rates and discounts.

Price policy

Prices for the hotel and related services are planned in accordance with market conditions, Bishkek.

The company plans to provide the following tourist programs on the basis of a specific hotel:

• Acceptance of tourist groups, individuals and businesses in the U.S., Europe, Japan, Asia and Russia. Accommodation and tours with a guide can be arranged on request.

• The organization of international forums, conferences, seminars, banquets, business lunches, etc.

• Visa support, meeting with further support.

• Provide interpreters guides, selection of transport and rent

• The organization of rest on Issyk-Kul

• Travel along the ancient route.

• Hunting (in the mountains and other places), and fishing.

• Sightseeing in the mountain area of ??Bishkek

A new business hotel and business center, will play the role of the nucleus of a new infrastructure.

The company launched the project last year. Currently, APMS implemented investments and construction works worth $ 300,000 U.S.. The overall project is construction of a hotel by the National Architectural Office has. Produced approval of engineering and technical measures related to water supply, electrification with different services. Under this plan, construction and other work for the commissioning of the hotel on the estimated amount of $ 4.1 million U.S..At this point, the project required additional investment in equipment and additional materials and expenses for the final completion and commissioning of the hotel.

The required investment: 4.1 million USD include the full readiness for operation of the hotel and service departments to prospective customers, together with the technical equipment (equipment, vehicles, etc.)


Rooms will be the "face" of the new hotel. Unlike other hotels in Bishkek, the hotel will be APMS three main categories of rooms - "luxury " Suites "Vanguard" and business suites.

Each category will be equipped according to modern standards to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure to visitors.

In each of the 48 rooms are amenities such as:

? E-mini safes

? Minibar

? Refrigerator

? Phone

? Fax

? internet connection at a speed of 2 GB / sec. Internal traffic and 1 GB / sec. the external traffic

? PC (P-5 or higher grade) with a printer and other peripherals


? Wi Fi System

? Color LCD TV

? e-menu which allows you to book all hotel services on your PC without leaving the room or anywhere in the world

? Universal Socket 110/220

Individual climate control ?

? Satellite TV with more than 500 channels

? King-size bed

? 2 chairs

? code locking system

? sensor fire / smoke alarms

? sensor security

? shower and bathroom

? Wardrobe

Non 'SUITE "will be an increased area and classical decoration style LUXURY PLUS, the highest priority on the Internet and maintain. In addition, the rooms "luxury " will be very large bed and a leather sofa. The rooms 'Vanguard' Suites will be an improved design, including the rounded corners and balconies. It is possible to orient themed design. These numbers will be for young people, newlyweds, customers with an extraordinary taste in design, or the true connoisseurs of hotels in its class.

CONFERENCE ROOMS APMS hotel offers 2 great rooms on the 45 and 150 persons, suitable for meetings and conferences, an area of ??350 square meters. m and 500 sq. m. m working area, divided into separate sections. These offices are primarily intended for use by departments serving APMS but, nevertheless, long-term lease will also be available. The main equipment of conference rooms include:

? internet connection at a speed of 2 GB / sec. Internal traffic and 1GB/sek. the external traffic

? PC (P-4 or higher grade)

? system presentation (VCD, DVD / AV) including VHR, color plasma TV with a wide-screen 210 cm or more, the audio system is Dolby Surround, projection screen, video cameras and other equipment. ? A special lighting system

? Cabs and systems for simultaneous translation

? Retractable Wall widescreen

? ? Tribune Comfortable chairs one of the personal meeting rooms for 45 persons, located on the first floor of the presentation will be an audience for small events, equipped with brand new equipment that will not only hold general meetings, but also video conference connecting you with one or more points on the around the world. Large conference room for 150 persons, located on the roof with wonderful views over the city and mountains, will be used for general conferences and is equipped with standard conferencing equipment such as wall-mounted screen, projection screen, podium for speakers, as well as PCs and the Internet.

Near the conference room, directly on the roof will be constructed summer playground for banquets, coffee breaks and lunches. Area for sightseeing through binoculars, a telescope will also be placed side by side, on a special for this observation decks.

RESTAURANT The restaurant for 150 persons with a bar, will be located on two levels. The restaurant will offer you a wide selection of European, Oriental, national gourmet food and drinks in the range. It can also be used for banquets, presentations and celebrations.The main feature of the restaurant will be e-menu which will allow any visitor to order a meal directly from rooms on the PC.

Below is a restaurant equipment:

? stylish tables and chairs

? Perfect Cookware

? The current design

? bar with a wide choice of drinks

? large plasma TV and audio-center to create a friendly and romantic atmosphere

? The Perfect Speaker

? a variety of fine cuisine, including European, national, Asian, characterized by culinary traditions especially for foodies. The restaurant will not only serve visitors to the hotel, but also operate as a separate entity that accepts a variety of clients, banquets and other events.

Other Features In addition to the above excellent service hotel, the hotel will be a few other additional units. Laundry will be equipped with a brand new laundry equipment providing a quick and proper washing or dry cleaning. It will be connected both with the hotel itself, and will operate as an independent unit of the market with service delivery, "DOOR TO DOOR." Modern fire protection systems / CCTV / security guarantee an immediate response in case of emergency. Each room will be equipped with fire protection, as well as sensors "anti-theft ". The immediate area outside, internal corridors and spaces will be monitored by video cameras in order to avoid security problems. The whole security system will be organized into a unified network with a central hub of security in one of the rooms on the ground floor.

Implementation plan

a) At the beginning of the project, the company "APMS " fenced area and prepared the project documentation for construction, commissioned by the State Department for Architecture. Future Hotel is erected in the center, an attractive part of town.Land hotel is centrally located near major shops, business centers, banks, home governments, UN House, a supermarket and cultural parks for recreation, where currently there are no more land for construction in general and in the future. Today it is the business center of Bishkek. The central area of ??the site the hotel in the city, is the most safe and secure area, a rather isolated area of ??the noise from the main roads of the city, a well-protected area.

• The company "APMS " entered into an agreement with the subcontractor "Celebi Ltd. " to perform all construction work.

• "Celebi Ltd. " started with the preparation of construction excavation for the foundation and the base of the foundation.

• After the foundation of the framework, the elements were built in the basement under the plan of construction.

Note: Today, the company has completed all preparations and labor-intensive design work, construction of foundations for 65% and the supporting elements of the ground floor.

The company is currently "APMS " planning the second phase of construction of the hotel.

• Construction of the remaining 6 floors of the hotel. It takes 6 to 8 months.

• Supply of electricity, hot water, telephone and sewage. It takes 20 days.

• Internal and external cladding and trim. Equipped with fire protection systems, video surveillance and security. Equipment, conference rooms and restaurant. It takes 1 to 3 months.

• Work on completion and commissioning. About 1 month. The total period of commissioning is designed for about 12 months.


To manage the hotel will be recruited new staff. The hotel management will consist of a Director, responsible for all management, marketing manager, responsible for activities in the field of marketing and promotion, and the restaurant manager, responsible for the work of the restaurant. There will also be two admin hotel maids and janitors who work in three shifts around the clock.Their duties will include reception of new guests, the provision of hotel services and performing all daily activities. Since the hotel and business center will be several service departments, such as translation, courier, customs offices, they also plan to all personnel. This is - translators, lawyer, courier and travel agents. To provide proper security the hotel, will involve the appropriate equipment and personnel. To provide power at the 2 chefs and 2 kitchen worker, waiter and 5 of which two will be working in a restaurant around the clock.

New buildings / industrial infrastructure

As noted above, the bulk of investment will be directed to pay for construction and the construction itself. Available architectural project by the National Architectural Department. Coordination of engineering networks. Completed the bulk of the building as a pre-construction preparation, excavation, foundation of basic units, the erection of the supporting pillars, foundation walls on the perimeter. Most of the main suppliers of suppliers and partners of the company "APMS " has already been identified. This is a local leading companies in the field of civil engineering (Celebi Ltd.), telecommunications (Kyrgyztelecom) Internet (Totel, Elcat, Saima Telecom, Sapatkom), cable television (TV-Ala), energy (Orem, Kyrgyzenergo). This choice is due, mainly, the ability not only to achieve good quality, but also to support kyrgyzskih suppliers and contractors. Other equipment and materials imported from the leading Russian and European companies that provide the best quality mainly through the bidding process. The environment during the construction process and working the hotel there is no danger of pollution.

Financial analysis

The cost of the project Total project cost: 4.1 million USD include the full readiness for operation of the hotel and service departments to prospective customers, together with the technical equipment (equipment, cars, buses, etc.)

Capital expenditure

Currently, capital costs, the company invested in the project "APMS ", estimated at U.S. $ 300 000 - Registration of land records, preparatory work, the project and its approval to allow construction of the foundations and the underground part of buildings, structures, foundation walls, support racks. Upon completion of the project capital cost is 4.1 million U.S. dollars.

Working capital requirements

Project costs include a mandatory amount of working capital, given the daily turnover. The calculation of working capital is calculated as the difference between the estimated turnover of working capital and the anticipated short-term obligations. The amount of the required working capital for the project is 50,000 USD. Production capacity of total production capacity of the company designed to meet the 35% capacity utilization of the existing hotel and statistical capacity. This load corresponds to the current market conditions. The planned operating level is reached within 3 months from the date of enactment of this project.

The working period

The hotel will operate round the clock every day, that is, 365 days a year. Service departments will be working six days a week from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Number of Personnel costs of staff needed to ensure that it works without the service department is 15 people.

Administrative expenses

Administrative costs include salaries, according to "staffing, " the cost of office supplies, marketing expenses. General and administrative expenses will amount to 50,000 dollars a year. Marketing expenditures are planned to amount to 0.15% of sales. Depreciation Calculations made subject to the provisions of the amortization of the Tax Code, the Art. 91, § 3, Group 2, 4, 5. The annual depreciation rate of equipment - 20%, buildings and structures - 5%.

Features of the project APMS International Future Generation Trading Ltd


• Fast return on investment, and min. risk (3 to 5 years)

• low cost of the project (4.1 million U.S. dollars)

• prospects and a central location,

• its high efficiency (over 38%),

• urgency and relevance,

• High liquidity of the hotel

• opportunities,

• initiated a project

€ 3.200.000


Кыргызстан Бишкек

Project specialization


Project type: Expansion of the operating manufactureType of investment(s): Loan secured by the projectProject status: StartThe partner: The sponsorPayback: 5 year
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05 May 2012
Инвестиционная группа "Сибирь", рассмотрит девелоперские проекты по следующим направлениям: 1 . Покупка готового арендного бизнеса (ТЦ, бизнес-центры) площадью от 10 000 м2 2. Инвестирование строительства коттеджных поселков 3. Инвестирование строительства объектов туристической сферы Проекты рассматриваются только от действующих компаний, работающих в данной сфере, имеющие активы и все разрешительные документы.
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