Coal strip mine.


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Coal strip mine.

All shares are repurchased and owned. There are two conclusions from 2 Geological Mining Institutes. A high-voltage power line is located nearby the spot.

There are also access communications.

The land area - 153 hectares.

The land is put up for auction what will facilitate obtaining of a license for subsoil usage.

Purchase of the plot will consist in the founders replacement.

The plot is ready for open way development.

License and registration as soon as possible.

Once completed its cost will be not less than 3 billion of rubles and annual net profit - at least 1 billion of rubles.

NPV = 9.13 billion of rubles (at a discount rate equal to the refinancing rate of Central Bank of Russia - 8.25%).

IRR = 66.35%.

Payback period - 2.5 years.

If you are interested we'd provide all documents

(legal documents, coal certificates, the Mining Institute's conclusion concerning the plot, scans of maps of the plot and adjacent areas)..

€ 24.067.389

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: Business ideaThe partner: The representative of state body and establishmentsPayback: 30 month

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Бунгурский Южный - вид 3.JPG
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26 June 2013
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