Clinic cosmetic laser


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Clinic cosmetic laser

I suggest you cooperate with the establishment of a joint venture - the clinic of laser cosmetology. In a joint venture, each party (partner and clinic Linline) come in equal proportions (50:50). The size of investments in equity capital up to 7 million rubles. on each side (to open a clinic). The minimum investment amount required by a partner - 35 mln.

Term return on investment for participants up to 3 years.

Premises for the clinic will be leased from the owner a joint venture for a period of not less than 5 years with a mandatory registration of the lease. If you are the owner of the premises, you will receive the rent as if it was in your place of any other owner of the premises.

The opening of clinics may in the near and far abroad to obtain residence permit investor.

Required minimum amount of investment from the investor - 1 million euro. The optimal size - 10 million euros.

More investment is also possible.

Regards, Oleg Usoltsev. Tel.: 8-904-38-90-770

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23 June 2013
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