Cilovoy unit with new consumer qualities


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Cilovoy unit with new consumer qualities

Currently, all the car companies tend to have in his lineup hybrids or electric cars. Major consumer of fuel and recovery - the internal combustion engine, is losing credibility among customers.

It requires upgrading in order to compete with new power plants. Need a more comprehensive, efficient combustion process. Need to improve environmental friendliness of existing engines.

1. The objectives of the project. Summary of the main objectives of the project.

The main objective: to make a competitive powerplant with a new consumer qualities by upgrading basic standard design without any material cost. Apply new patented progressive <> on all common types of engines.

2. Expected scientific and technological results. Description of the main expected results as outcome of the project indicating the alleged scheme to commercialization. This will increase fuel efficiency and raise the prestige of and trade in conventional internal combustion engines. With the advent of a new progressive type of engine and increase sales of fuel to it. Fully immediately abandon the standard design is impossible. Therefore, we must contest for the most friendly to nature <> eco-friendly and economical engine, for the most <> cycle.

Therefore, I propose <>. Initially, the results need to protect intellectual work and the conditions of secrecy at all stages of development. Possible sale of know-how and licenses. The outcome of the first stage should be an international patent, and then a few working models that are protected by the claims. --- A patent is the first product ready for commercialization.

3. Rationale. Details about the prospects of the developed product / technology. Analysis of the existing product market emerging technologies, identifying the main players. Description of the development showing the benefits of the expected results over the existing domestic and foreign counterparts.

The estimated results of demand. Key features in favor of developing technology.

At present, little attention is paid to improving the efficiency of combustion of fuel. Four valves per cylinder increases the cost of construction and discourage the average buyer. Inhibit demand. There are better ways to conduct gas exchange processes in the engine.

You can improve the process and simultaneously reduce the cost of construction. This will increase the sale of new engines and the number of necessary fuel for them. Only reduce the cost of the engine has to raise it to compete with hybrids. But the prestige of the new technologies for efficient gas exchange to attract medium-sized customers who can not afford a hybrid technology. The cost of developing a new mechanism for gas exchange is minimal. Technologically simple to manufacture and reliable in operation.

4. Opportunities for promotion. Assessing the possibility of winning a particular market segment developed product / technology. Change is possible in almost all engine designs. Licenses can buy many engine-building company. The existing mechanism of gas exchange is imperfect. Application of a new method of recycling fuel will extend the life of the traditional structures of power units. Therefore, sales of fuels will remain the same. Reduction in the cost of engines increase their sales.

5. Competitive advantage. Technological and economic benefits from the emerging technologies / products developed technology. On a new type of engine to pay attention environmentalists. There are three options for how the new technology.

1.Uvelichenie power and environmental performance at the same volume of fuel consumption.

2. The increase in efficiency and environmental performance in one-the same power.

3.Uvelichenie capacity and efficiency at the same time at a constant working volume.

6. The main sources of profit from the project. Assessing the possibility of access to the business at different stages of the project, forecast to exit the project at the level of sustainability. Alterations basic engine design small and inexpensive. The transition to self-sufficiency at once, after filing an international patent. Those who wish to acquire the know-how once there. R & D spending or R & D minor. Less than the maintenance of the patent.

7. Project schedule. Execution of a patent a month. There is an experience. Manufacture, testing and refinement to a competitive model for 2-3 months (depending on finances). Maximum of six months.

8. Project budget.

The use of progressive changes to existing engines are cheaper and faster. Possible mass tuning engines. Only to reputable aftermarket companies with registration. Piracy is punishable. On R & D of about 100,000. The use of patents around the world will give substantial economic and environmental benefits. Since the reduced cost of motor vehicle and increase the availability of fuel consumers.

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Project status: Business idea
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25 June 2013
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