A car washing network.


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A car washing network.

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

A unique car washing project has been created according to market analysis. It's not a secret that car washing is a highly profitable business but it is poorly developed in Russia unfortunately because there exists a lack of attention to the service quality. Our company intends to change the perception about this business in Russia. It requires not much time because we have got basis under European standards in order to provide this kind of service.


Profitability according to the business plan - 170%. The latest super fast equipment with bandwidth from 3 to 12 min / unit is used.

The required investment amount for launch of the first set - 17 million of rubles. Terms of cooperation with an investor - are open for discussion. The maximum period for the project start since funding - 6 months. A car washing network according to the first complex prototype will be built in Moscow and Moscow Region.


At this stage only one network (consisting of 6 car-washing complexes) is competing in this kind of service. The rest of the market is also competitive but represents quite a low threat because the market is introduced with know-how.

The required investment amount - 17 million of rubles. Payback Period - 2 years. Interest rate and terms of cooperation with an investor - are open for discussion. The project is in a start-up stage so we can offer best conditions of cooperation to an investor: 1) Return of considerable interest with the initial investment amount. 2) Business share up to 40%. 3) Receiving of fixed interest throughout the whole business existence.

Sincerely yours, Viatcheslav Pochtakov

89099382444 po4ta_mso@mail.ru


If you are interested in our project, please send a request for additional information to my mailbox.

Thank you.

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Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Extra financingProject status: The business plan, the feasibility reportThe partner: The distributor, the dealer, the distributor,resellerPayback: 3 yearBusiness competition: минимальнаяAudience: 95 000 000
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26 June 2013
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