business outside of the Russian Federation, 50% margin.


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Генеральный директор компании. Профиль : добыча белого мрамора.

business outside of the Russian Federation, 50% margin.

Partnership Program.

I bear you my respect and propose to consider co-profitable business outside Russia.

The mission is to service blocks of marble from the field "Dashtak" on world markets stone Xiamen, with their subsequent sale on the stock exchange or (and) KAMNEOBRABOTKA for finished products made of marble (slabs, tiles, etc.) with the subsequent sale of finished products in the U.S., Gulf countries, the EU, Russia.

Ltd. "Pamir trading" has an exclusive distribution contract with the owner of the field of white marble "Dashtak" (Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan) for sale marble in Russia, CIS, EU, USA.

Marble deposits "Dashtak" is an analogue (for color and physicochemical properties) known varieties such as Italian marble "Bianco Carrara" Pure color homogeneous, fine-grained structure. In the USSR the quarry "Dashtak" (GOST 9779-84 marble) was the main supplier of marble on the most important and significant construction projects, including objects of the CPSU Central Committee, which required high-quality natural stone finish.

Competitive advantages of our offer:

A) Deposit "Dashtak" - near to the world stone g.Syamyn Exchange, China, alpine white marble mine. Delivery in marble blocks from the quarry to the place of storage and processing g.Syamyn is not more than 10 days by rail from the station. Urumqi, China. * Marble blocks competitors delivered by sea in Xiamen for 1 ... 3 months.

B) Price marble blocks "Dashtak" first group delivered to the exchange Xiamen stone not exceed $ 1000 per 1 m3 of marble. * Price competitors Exchange stone Xiamen averages $ 3000 per 1 m3 of marble.

B) Color marble deposit "Dashtak" has a homogeneous structure, which means that slabs, tiles, made from blocks produced in different parts of the quarry will be the same color and shades, which excludes claims of the buyer on the color and pattern of marble in the finished product.

D) Cost of production of finished products will be of marble Dashtak products below cost competitors by at least 50%, which will successfully sell its products in foreign markets.

Additional Information.

A) In the 90s, Yelena Baturina temporarily rented Dashtak quarry marble and supplied to the Russian Federation on the stone-processing plant in Moscow Dolgoprudnyi (geologist ICC can provide confirmation of quality marble Dashtak). In addition, twice came to quarry marble Italian producers who have had the intent to rent Dashtak careers, but they were denied.

B) On the field there Dashtak processing plant waste-free cycle (shortage of equipment about 30%). The plant was built during the Soviet era and marble delivered to Moscow especially valuable objects. In the case of resupply and plant start-up can supply plate and slabs in Russia at prices below domestic and foreign manufacturers and, with quality marble Dashtak consistent premium class.

B) Upon registration of the joint venture in the free economic zone Iskashim (GBAO Tajikistan) can be exempted from all taxes and duties, as well as a nominal fee for the lease of land (in the case of the organization of production on stone processing).

D) In ​​the case of a joint project we will provide understanding on the part of administrative and law enforcement agencies in the region on the highest level of government.

D) Additional calculations give costs, logistics, stone processing, certificates, geological information, photos and video career, samples of marble, a business plan for the reconstruction of marble processing factory and other required information and documents. Consider offers investors, partners in a joint project.

Sincerely, CEO



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