Business-center “Voroncov”


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Geography: Odessa,UKRAINE
Registered since: 2010-08-30 17:03:38

Business-center “Voroncov”

Project initiator: PE "ECO-NIK" - The "Budprofi" Corporation;
Odessa, Ukraine. EDRPOU code 32405269

Object Function: 4 - 6F office building with underground parking

Facility location: crossing of Primorskaja St. and Voennyj Spusk St. Odessa, Ukraine

Land Area: 5163 m2

Planned floor area:

  • Total floor area - 17 540 m2
  • Office space - 9278 m2
  • Underground parking - 3600 m2

Planned expenses:

  • 1st stage - Development and coordination - $ 820,000
  • 2nd stage - Construction - $ 17,580,000
  • Total - $ 18.6 million

Estimated project receipts:

  • Appraised sale value on July 2011 - $ 25 million
  • Appraised rent value on July 2011 (annual) - $ 3 million

Project construction period: 30 months

Project construction period: 48 months

Project stage: Development

Required funding:

  • 1st stage - Development and coordination of the project
  • 2nd stage - Construction

Terms of financing:

  • Loan secured by the project;
  • Investor - financial partner;
  • Project buyer;

Бизнес-центр Воронцовский


Construction involves multi-functional complex 4-6F in height with its own infrastructure: premises of administrative and banking purposes, consumer services and trade, restaurant, cafe, underground parking. Contemporary facade will become a complement to the downtown traditional architecture. Free planning premises and transparent facade will make offices bright and easy to work in.

High profitability factors of the project:

• The property is located close to the historical city center next to the Odessa Commercial Sea Port.

• There are all necessary utilities in the immediate vicinity of the land.

• Object location has a convenient transportation.

The plot for construction of the business center is used by PE "EKO-NIK" under the long-term lease for 49 years.

Business center "Vorontsov" is located in Odessa together with the largest seaport of Ukraine. 2/3 of turnover is oil and its products. Odessa - the biggest economic center in the south of Ukraine. Transport and foreign trade are the main national economic functions which are performed by the city within the international division of labor.

The city is located at the crossroads of major international routes from Europe to Asia, Central and Northern Europe to the Middle East. Via Odessa is an international transport corridor, linking Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

Location of business center "Vorontsov" has convenient transportation.

The upper floors of the business center will open a unique view of the sea and the historical monuments r. Odessa ( "Teschin bridge ", "Shah Palace ", "Vorontsov Palace " Colonnade at the Promenade), a marina and port.

€ 14.000.000




Project type: Creation of the a enterprise, start-upType of investment(s): Join in the capital Project status: The business plan, the feasibility reportPayback: 48 month

Files project


Инвестиционный проект 1 - Воро


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